About Us

Nepal Nomad began with the steps of an enthusiastic adventurer who took his interest and passion for traveling towards the nook and corners of the various trekking, touring, and adventuring destinations of Nepal.

The man who once walked on to fulfill his individualistic adventurous dreams finally was hit with the idea of letting others fulfill similar visions of adventures with a lot less confusion and trouble. As he could sense that, the profound glory that he had seen and felt while on his various adventures needed to be felt by much more people. Sarbajit Thapa Magar indeed strived to bring his vision into an ultimate reality.

He felt that the Himalayas were a bit lonely and their vast glory demanded wide attention and the company of nomads from all around the world. No matter whether someone is passionate about traveling or not, life demands it in one way or another.

Thus, then came the rise of the Nepal Nomad.

A company created with the sole purpose of delivering the best adventuring experiences to any nomads who come seeking to fulfill their hunger for thrills, peace, new discoveries, and explorations. After all, life is all about living such stories which feel like just ‘stories’ when told.

As a company of local Nomads, Nepal nomad saw a dream to provide all the thrills of adventure to those, whose endless love for traveling is their foremost reason for happiness and their source of ultimate joy in the opposite case, the Nepal nomad team strives to make you fall in love with traveling and adventures if you do not already.

Over the last 15 years, Nepal Nomad has extended to an unbeatable range of hiking, climbing, mountain biking, and conducting family, and adventurous holidays. The Nepal Nomad Team, most members of which are born and bred in the majestic Himalayas, assures you to provide the deepest insight into any of the incredible designations which you decide to undertake.

Though Nepal Nomad was brought into existence single-handedly by a man of immense passion for adventure, it was brought to this level of 13 years of excellence by its dedicated team who have strived endlessly. Both the members of the team inside the four walls of our office as well as those working in the field are the reason for the Nepal Nomad’s pride and achievements. The qualified and dedicated individuals working for Nepal Nomad have definitely helped in bringing Sarbajit Thapa Magar’s dream into a beautiful reality by escorting nomads from all around the world into the vast glory of Nepal and its Himalayas. And Nepal Nomad takes an oath to always be working towards the betterment of the nomadic experiences of travelers, no matter their nature or background. Nepal Nomad heartily welcomes all passionate nomads.

Who we are

Nepal Nomad Team is a group of nomads with intense interest and passion for adventurous ventures, striving to create a memorable adventure for any nomad seeking us for turning their dream travel into a reality.

Our Journey

The overall trekking journey starts with a morning wake-up call around 6:30 am followed by a wonderful breakfast. But before that, we leave with our Sherpas for repacking our duffel bags.

At 8 am, we start our trail and trek at our own pace. You will be guided along the hike as we move to encounter the amazing flora, and fauna along the way. While on the trek, you can use toilet facilities and shop for souvenirs.

Afterward, we will have a lunch break between 11:30 am to 12:30 pm.

Our day trek or hike usually ends around 3:30 pm to 4 pm.

After dinner is served, it is time to relax and reflect on all the beautiful moments of the day.

  • Nepal Nomad Trekking Pvt. Ltd. is a fully Government authorized company, -a well-known and established agency in Nepal. You can see our legal documents here
  •  Nepal Nomad is a highly practical tour operator: Our founder and Managing Director, SarbaJit Thapa Magar, and the entire team have over a decade of experience as a guide on the trails and is composed of well-known Climbers who have been through all the mountain trails of Nepal, giving the company deep insights into what it takes to plan well-detailed itineraries that are highly useful when trekking in the Himalayas.

    All of our porters and guides are hired in accordance to meet superior standards. Nepal Nomad was founded upon well-experienced guides who are content with sensitive knowledge of the nation’s culture, religion, history, and terrain.
  • Well-tailored tours to suit your needs: At Nepal Nomad, we use our in-depth experience picked up over the years of travel to organize tours that truly match your needs. Whether you are looking for a budget tour, luxury tour treks in the mountains, as a group, or individual; we have the expertise to offer you the best.
  • We treat our guides and support staff like family: Unlike the majority of trekking companies in Nepal, employees of Nepal Nomad receive fixed, monthly salaries. Freelance employees are also paid a decent wage. More importantly, we provide constant training. Every employee gets the opportunity for personal development, delivered via courses in English, about nature, history, and ongoing training as a mountain guide with techniques and safety precautions ... along with this; we provide a full insurance policy for all our trekking guides, climbers, and porters. This unique insurance covers the cost of health care if injured or sick and serves as a gratuity fund if any employee is physically disabled. We treat our employees as valuable assets.
  • We Love and Respect the local folks and the Environment: Nepal Nomad is truly conscious of the importance of preserving the natural beauty and culture of Nepal, so that future generations can also explore the wonders of this fragile environment. We are therefore committed to responsible travel with minimum impact on the environment and local communities.
  • Communicate with us at your pace: Professional service requires that we serve you according to your precise requirements. Nepal Nomad provides all the necessary services so that your travel dreams come true and you are always free to keep in touch with us by phone, email, or even instant messenger if you desire so.
  • We never compromise on giving you the cream of the best: We never hesitate to go the extra mile when it comes to providing elite services right from the time we meet you at the airport and even when you are out with us in the wild on some of the roughest territories on earth. We ensure that you interact with the local folks on the trails so that you get upfront knowledge about the cultures & lifestyles of how people live their lives on some of the most remote corners of the planet.

In pursuing our mission, Nepal Nomad seeks to fulfill the following objectives

  • Sustainability & Responsibility - to create a model business with an ongoing commitment to the principles of sustainable and responsible tourism. Through this model, we aim to make a positive and lasting contribution to the communities and wilderness environments in which we conduct our business activities.
  • Knowledge and Passion - to provide clients with an unforgettable experience of wilderness and wild places, applying our knowledge, expertise, and passion.
  • Excellence in customer service - to provide clients with an outstanding level of service from start to finish. In addition to knowledge and passion, our services will be defined by expertise and attention to detail throughout your holidays when booked with us.
  • High quality and added value - to deliver high quality and added value service through partnership working, with particular regard to community-based tourism.
  • Innovation - to provide clients with a wide and varied holiday experience in wild places and wilderness locations. To seek continuous innovation in product, service, and business practice that is clearly differentiated.
  • Performance - to foster a progressive, entrepreneurial, professional, and team-based work environment and achieve sustainable business growth to the benefit of all stakeholders in the business. Some Great reasons why you should travel with us. Learn how ‘NEPAL NOMAD uniquely cares for its clients.