Trip Highlights
  • Exciting trip flying from the capital city of Kathmandu to the Gosaikunda
  • Surrounded by the nine frozen lakes including the SaraswatiKunda, BhairabKunda, Ganesh Kundaand others
  • Discover the mighty Himalayan Gosaikunda Lake in the region of Langtang
  • The Helicopter tour to Gosaikunda has one of the mesmerizing geological views around the Gosaikunda Lake
  • View the spectacular sights of the lakes.

Gosaikunda Helicopter Tour gives us a thrilling yet mesmerizing encounter with Gosaikunda lying close to the Tibetan border, explored in Gosaikunda Helicopter Tour in Nepal. There lies the large rock in the center of the lake which is said to be the remains of the Shiva Shrine. The Gosaikunda Helicopter Tour Package offers you the exploration in a comfy environment, of this beautiful place of the Gosaikunda surrounded by nine frozen lakes including the SaraswatiKunda, BhairabKunda, Ganesh Kundaand others. Gosaikunda Helicopter Trip 2023-2024 takes an hour to initiate from Kathmandu. Exploring the Gosaikunda Heli Tour Itinerary is one of the awesome ways of luxury travel and adventure which needs to be experienced at least once in life.

Enjoy the surreal aerial view of the glorious nine frozen lakes, with Gosaikunda Helicopter Tour

The incredible Gosaikunda Aerial Tour

To gain the overall perspective of the gorgeous wonders upheld by the Gosaikunda region within a short time, one can truly depend upon the Gosaikunda Aerial Tour. The Gosaikunda Helicopter tour and travel offer possibly the best geological views around Gosaikunda Lake. The lake of Gosaikunda is located at an altitude of 4360m where it is believed that the water of the lake heads towards the pond of the Khumbeshwar Temple in the Patan Durbar Square and reaches that height through a helicopter indeed feels like a dream turned into reality. The Langtang Gosaikunda Heli Flight Tour heads above and beyond the Himalayan range of the Langtang region.

GodaikundaHeli Ride in Langtang

This wondrous natural world is equally rich in the aspects of cultural and natural heritage. Offering the best sights of the Himalayan ranges from the Shisha Panama 8,013m, Ganesh Himal 7,422m, and Manaslu8,156m as well as the other mesmerizing peaks, Gosaikunda Heli Ride in Langtang is truly great. During August, a great fair is held during the Janai Purnima where one of the ritual celebrations is celebrated in Gosaikunda. Devotees from Buddhists to Hindus bathe on the Gosaikunda Lake Heli Tour and make their pilgrimage on the GosaikundaHeli Tour Route. One simply cannot have a better way than this to make the most out of their limited time in the gorgeous region of Langtang with all its glorious peaks, landscapes, lakes, pastures, villages, and other great surroundings

Gosaikunda Helicopter Journey

The Heli trip begins with flying from the capital city of Kathmandu to Gosaikunda very early in the morning around 6:30 AM and then the tour happens around 7 AM – 9 AM where we pass the lake on the foot to discover other heritages like its temple. The landing time takes about 30 minutes and after the exploration, we fly back to Kathmandu Airport. The total time is for about an hour and 10 minutes for the round trip. Nepal Nomad offers and designs the package of the finest panoramic view of the Gosaikunda Lake. Gosaikunda Helicopter Journey is taken both as the tourist areas to visit for an adventurous purposes as well as for the religious purpose as the Holy religion for various pilgrims all around the world.No regrets shall follow after you attain the trip a comfortable ride in the Helicopter over the wonders of Langtang.

GosaikundaHeli Tour Difficulty Level

Gosaikunda Heli Tour Difficulty Level is not high, but rather easy since it doesn’t involve a great level of physical endeavor or highly heavy backpacks. This tour lasts a couple of hours and you are directly landed near the lake of Gosaikunda where you can take your time to explore. Altitude can be a little challenging but we have proper procedures to tackle it including oxygen cylinders in the helicopter. You need not be too worried about any requirement of experience to enjoy this surreal Helicopter Ride in Gosaikunda.

Godaikunda Heli Tour Season

In the case of Helicopter rides, weather, as well as season, plays a great role in safe flight. So, it’s better to choose the season wisely as the challenges differ in accordance with the season. Likewise, the best Gosaikunda Heli Tour Seasons to enjoy the amazing helicopter ride in Gosaikunda over Langtang are especially in spring and autumn. However, winter is also fine for enjoying the Gosaikunda Helicopter Tour Holiday in comparison to monsoon soon where heavy rainfall, fog, and an unclear environment, create great difficulty.

Gosaikunda Heli Tour Helicopter Model

The helicopter that comes into action in the Gosaikunda Heli Tour is selected with proper analysis of technical character. The GosaikundaHeli Tour Helicopter Model which we use is AS 350B3e Airbus Helicopter H125 with the capacity to hold or carry 5+1 seats. Your journey is safeguarded by experienced and professional pilot training for higher altitude flights.

Why choose Nepal Nomad for Gosaikunda Heli Tour Adventure

The Nepal Nomadteam is here to make sure of your safety and adventure in a way to matches your expectation. With the experience of more than fourteen years on the field, Nepal nomad is here to ensure your best Gosaikunda Heli Tour experience in the company of our team members with amazing map-reading, rescue, and first-aid training. If you want any elaboration on the topic or want to conduct the tour, feel no burden to dial and contact us or reach us through our mail or other mediums of contact. We can also help you with the Gosaikunda Heli Tour Departure Date.

What's Included

  • Airport transfer as per itinerary (picks up and drop facility)
  • Life Insurance for all crews members and their salary
  • Passenger Insurance
  • Helicopter flight over Gosainkunda Lake for 4.5 hours
  • Domestic airport departure tax
  • Service charge
  • Tea/coffee and breakfast (only on private charter)
  • Necessary permits and entrance fees (only on private charter)
  • Nepal entry visa fee
  • Personal nature expenses
  • Accommodation at Kathmandu


Experience and Insurance required for GosaikundaHeli Tour

There is no form of experience demanded to enjoy the amazing GosaikundaHeli Tour in the region of Langtang. The insurance required for the Heli Tour over Gosaikunda is Medical, Trip cancellation, and evacuation insurance.

Pre-trip meeting before the Langtang Gosaikunda Heli Tour

Before going for the Langtang Gosaikunda Heli Tour, we arrange a meeting among members of the Helicopter ride journey over Gosaikunda for clarity of planning and proper communication.

Accommodation and meals in the Gosaikunda Heli Tour Package

We arrange the best of accommodation for you to enjoy the Heli Touring Trip at its best. Similarly, three timely meals will be provided which include breakfast, lunch, and dinner in the Gosaikunda Heli Tour Package.

Responsible Travel and modes of Transport in the Gosaikunda Helicopter Trip

We shall conduct the journey in such a way that our presence won’t hamper the environment that surrounds us in the Gosaikunda Helicopter Trip. The modes of Transport in the Gosaikunda Helicopter Trip are private vehicles and helicopters.

Altitude Sickness in the Gosaikunda Helicopter Journey

Oxygen cylinders will be carried in the helicopter to tackle with the higher altitude in the Gosaikunda Helicopter Journey. You will be made clear about the three types of altitude sickness that might occur in higher altitudes like Acute Mountain Sickness (AMS), High Altitude Pulmonary Edema (HAPE), and High Altitude Cerebral Edema (HACE).

Backpacking for the Gosaikunda Heli Tour

It is suggested to keep the weight minimum with the packing of only the needed gears. The following list of gears should help you in having a wonderful Heli trip:

UV Protection Sunglasses

Cameras and other recorders

Sun protection cream and necessary moisturizer

Water bottle

full sleeves shirt

windproof jacket and trousers


Lip balms

comfortable walking boots

Regarding safety in the Helicopter Tour in Nepal

Oxygen cylinders will be carried in the helicopter which will be used when the need arises with the guidance of professionals on the Heli Tour to higher altitudes. There will be first-aid backups and immediate evacuation service in case of severity to any passengers.


The permits required for traveling the GosaikundaHeli Tour are Langtang National Park Permit and Gosaikunda Heli Tour permit.

Nepal nomad prepares professionally to tackle any circumstance of emergency and uses the received training of first-aid care and emergency evacuation services. There will be professionals on the tour to ensure your safety on the trip.

You will be able to enjoy the luxurious services of the toilet in the city but while in the Gosaikunda area, you will need to adjust yourself to the basic level environment.

Only basic level gears are used in the Gosaikunda Helicopter Ride and that’s why the gears might not be available on rent.

Since it’s a short trip, you do not need to worry about communication problems as you will be spending more time in the city.