Trip Highlights
  • Feel the energizing, heart pumping yet joyful thrills of one of the most adventurous free falls in the world
  • Let the thrills of standing on the top and at the edge of the Bhote Koshi Bridge sway you away
  • Enjoy the scenic fast flowing river and the surrounding vegetations and hills
  • Feel the excitement of an once in a lifetime adventure

The finest first ever opened site for Bungee Jumping in Nepal is arranged in 160m over the wild Bhote Koshi River, near the Nepal-Tibet border which is just a three-hour transport ride from Kathmandu. The spot is clearly very well-orchestrated and safely conducted with safety being the foremost priority, which is certain to leave you with thousands of different feelings at the same time while you encounter the Bhote KoshiBungee Jump. The Bungee Jump in Nepal is currently being regulated by a single authority and organization whereas the jump was structured and put in practicality by one of bungee specialists from New Zealand and it has probably been one of the greatest adventures Nepal has offered to its seekers.

“Get ready to undertake a challenge of free-fall with joyous and thrilling jump from the highest of elevations in Nepal settled beautifully for the Bungee Jumping Adventure”

Bungee Jump in Nepal in a detailed elaborated outlook:

Nepal Bungee Jumping is indeed a newly found adventure in the country but certainly doesn’t lag anywhere farther from any other spots in the world offering similar adventure. A definitive rush of a bungee jump can be completely enjoyed as one of the best adventurous experiences in Nepal located at one of the most jaw dropping locations. The country currently has only two particular spots for the jumping adventure, one being the last resort in Bhote Koshi and another is the Bungee Jump in Pokhara. Both of the settings are close to the capital with the last resort being closer and more famous for conducting the adventure of Bungee. However, the settings are so beautiful that it lets one enjoy in a serene environment while appreciating the harmony and isolation in the midst of other magnificent beauties. You will be more than thrilled and happy to have undertaken the adventure that takes some love and guts for conducting a challenge. Bungee Jump is the adventure made for the true nomads who seek to have a new taste of life through thrills like this. So do you accept the challenge of Bungee Jump adventure?

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What's Included

To cite you with a definite or approximate price, we need the quantity of people in your gathering, the class of inn, the method of transportation (via plane or by transport or by jeep and so forth) and any rotation in your schedule. If it's not too much trouble get in touch with us with these significant subtleties first so we can hit you up on the expense.

  • Air terminal grabs and drops by private vehicle concurring your gathering.
  • Standard settlement at inn in Kathmandu.
  • Packed lunch.
  • Every one of your charges for Bungee Jumping.
  • Transportation from and to Bungee point.
  • All our administration charges.
  • Your dinners and beverages while in Kathmandu.
  • Your travelinsurance.
  • Tips for staff and driver- - Tipping is normal.
  • Any others costs which are not referenced on Price Includes segment.