Dhaulagiri Circuit TrekDhaulagiri Circuit Trek

Dhaulagiri Circuit Trek

  • Duration17 Days
  • DestinationNepal
  • Difficulty Level Strenuous
  • Max Altitude 5360m
  • Group Size 2-10+
  • Starts Kathmandu
  • Ends Kathmandu
  • Activity Trekking, Climbing, Day Tour
  • Best Season Autumn/Spring

Dhaulagiri Circuit Trek is a heart-pumping form of trekking adventure Situated at the heart of the Annapurna Himalayas led by the Dhaulagiri Circuit Trek Itinerary. The amazing thrill of Dhaulagiri Circuit Trek 2024-2025 is certain to mesmerize you while introducing you to the amazing views of the glorious Himalayas like the Tukuche Peak 6,920m, Dhaulagiri I 8,167m, Dhaulagiri V 7,618m, Dhaulagiri III 7,715mand some other magnificent mountain peaks. The Dhaulagiri Circuit Trek Package takes you all the way to the Dhaulagiri Base Camp at the Dhaulagiri Circuit Trek Altitude of 4,750m which is a spot for some of the most incredible views whether it be of sunrise over snowcapped mountain peaks or the Himalayas themselves. You can have a similar experience in another great adventure package which is the Great Himalayan Trail trekking.

Set your footsteps on one of the least visited areas with the finest settings of the massif Dhaulagiri Mountain through a high altitude tented trek which is physically influential.

  • Enjoy trekking in the most amazing trails; the off-beaten trails of the Himalayas.
  • Feel the thrill of crossing the French Pass
  • Explore the gracious and mysterious Hidden Valley
  • The spectacular sight of the Annapurna and Dhaulagiri range
  • Encounter and learn through the remote challenges of the remote region

Dhaulagiri Circuit High Pass Trek

The 17 Days Dhaulagiri Circuit Trek will refill your soul with nature’s refreshment and energy through various encounters of jaw-dropping scenarios and scented wilderness. Since Dhaulagiri Round Trekking is quite a difficult hike, it takes approximately about 3 weeks. With the high passes, waterfalls, and the abundance of the waterfall with stunning scenery, the verdant valley is sure to stun you as you undertake its exploration with Dhaulagiri Circuit High Pass Trek. Then as we hike through the Dhaulagiri Circuit Trek Route, all your tiredness will be swept away through the peaceful walks in the forests of the rhododendron, alpine, and meadows. This amazing Dhaulagiri Circuit Trek Trip will leave you feeling satisfied yet thirsty for more adventures. This amazing trekking experience with encounters with tiny villages, wildlife, waterfalls, icefalls, glaciers, river streams, and some other wonders will reward you with glorious memories. A similar adventure is followed by the Dhampus Peak Climbing Route.

Dhaulagiri French Col Pass Trek

Following the Dhaulagiri Circuit Trek Route Map can be challenging accordingly as the path averts the main trail. The immense peak of the Dhaulagiri is gorgeous and is included as one of the eighth highest peaks in the world which are explored through the Dhaulagiri Expedition. In the middle of the marches of the high peaks, the Dhaulagiri peak itself with an altitude of 8,176m gives you a surreal scenario of its beauty. Most of the path in the area is covered with glaciers and snow as it passes the French Col Pass which is at the altitude of about 5240m in the Dhaulagiri French Col Pass Trek. Following the first few days at the MyagdiKhola River, we head towards Chhonbarda Glacier, which sits proudly at the bottom of Dhaulagiri.

Dhaulagiri Circuit Hiking 2024-2025

The Dhaulagiri Circuit Hike passes over the high passes of the Dhaulagiri and the river of Kali Gandaki River which leads our way to Marpha. Marpha is regarded as the best viewpoint of the Annapurna and it is indeed famous for its production of apples. Likewise, the setting alternates from the farmland to a barren area that is always covered in snow along with the unsteady mountain peaks and the gorgeous sight of Dhaulagiri and other Himalayan giants in the forefront. The Dhaulagiri Circuit Hiking 2024 is much more admirable than the incredible sights of the Glaciers and the Ice Falls as this is something every adventurer dreams of. There are fewer choices of routes but each path offers an interesting and splendid sight of the majestic Himalayas. By joining us on this incredible Dhaulagiri High Pass Trek Journey, you can definitely gather an experience lasting for a lifetime. Similarly, if our trekking days are filled with luck, we can get surprising encounters with the incredible wildlife living in the region like Musk deer, Ghoral, and some other wild animals. The unique scent of wilderness is certain to consume your soul with refreshment from within.

Dhaulagiri Circuit Trek Difficulty Level

This amazing High Pass Trek in Dhaulagiri belongs to the extraordinary High Passes Trekking Venture. In comparison to other trekking adventures, High pass trekking is tougher. So, the Dhaulagiri Circuit Trek Difficulty Level is challenging with a maximum number of days in the itinerary and the requirement of proper preparation. However, you are not required to have any previous experience to enjoy the Dhaulagiri Trek but the utmost level of preparation and planning is required for its successful attainment. You can check adventures with similar challenges like the Sherpani Col Pass Trekking or the incredible Lumba Sumba Pass Trekking or also the Kanchenjunga Base Camp Trekking.

Best Dhaulagiri Circuit Trek Season

When planning and preparing for the undertaking of this absolutely thrilling trek, the biggest aspect to consider and choose is the Best Dhaulagiri Circuit Trekking Season. So, the best seasons are usually those which expect less rainfall and don’t challenge us with harsh coldness. In that context, spring and autumn are the best seasons to undertake this adventurous trek in Dhaulagiri. They experience very little rainfall and create a comfortable route in comparison to that of monsoon. Likewise, backpacking won’t be troublesome like in the winter season as light clothes will help you throughout the journey. But still, it’s up to you to choose and you can choose any season you like for undertaking this trek.

Why Choose Nepal Nomad for Dhaulagiri Circuit Trek Adventure

Nepal Nomad has been striving excellently in the field of travel for more than fourteen years and has the best experience in the country for providing the best travel services. Our team members are well-trained in map-reading, emergency evacuation, and first-aid service training. We take bookings for solo as well as group travels and are ever ready to serve you. Nepal Nomad team can help you get the best prepared Dhaulagiri Circuit Departure Date to help you with the undertaking of this amazing trek. Contact us at any time you feel reasonable. We would be truly happy to assist you in any way we can regarding the trekking adventure.


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    Day one takes us to catch a flight in the morning time, usually early which will take us to Pokhara. We relax there for some time and head for Beni which is about five or fewer hours drive away from Pokhara at 671 meters.

    • Max. Altitude:671m
    • Accommodation:Lodge
    • Time:6 hours
    • Meals:Breakfast, Lunch and dinner with coffee/tea

    Today is day two as we head to the Babi Chaur from Beni at the 853m and then take about 5-6 hrs of the walk. We begin our hike from the Myagdi Khola bank after crossing the Kali Gandaki River. We then pass the Singa Chaur marketplace where we stay there for lunch. We stay at the local accommodation at the night.

    • Max. Altitude:853m
    • Accommodation:Lodge
    • Time:5-6 hrs
    • Meals:Breakfast, Lunch and dinner with coffee/tea

    On day three, we walk through the valley which becomes steeper as the vegetation starts changing to pine forests as well as the rhododendron. Nestled amongst fields of wheat, barley, and potatoes, the valley widens out the reveal of the village of Tal, we find our way through that path. Then after some hours of walking, we get welcomed to the beautiful district Manang where we will have our lunch at fine hotels. Then we stay at Dharapani at 1400 meters for the night.

    • Max. Altitude:1400m
    • Accommodation:Lodge
    • Time:5 -6 hrs
    • Meals:Breakfast, Lunch and dinner with coffee/tea

    Ascending up to the crest of the Dharapani we then arrive at the broad Hillside of the fertile lands and then with the beautiful sight of the Myagdi Khola we pass the DharaKhola and then ultimately arrive at the Muri which shows great sight for the Dhaulagiri and the GurjaHimal. We can see this place inhabited by the Magars.

    • Max. Altitude:1850m
    • Accommodation:Lodge
    • Time:5-6 hrs
    • Meals:Breakfast, Lunch and dinner with coffee/tea

    A beautiful day gets started out from the Muri as we descend to the Dudh Khola passing steadily the Gorban Hillside. We then descend to the Myagdi and reach the Bagar where we will stay for an overnight. It takes about 5-6 hrs of walking.

    • Max. Altitude:2080m
    • Accommodation:Lodge
    • Time:5-6 hrs
    • Meals:Breakfast, Lunch and dinner with coffee/tea

    We hike up to the Darbang as we pass through some of the splendid forests and then take our steps further to the rough path as we see come to reach the theatrical settlement of the Darbang village after 5-6 hrs of the walk and then we can see some of the colorful forests at spring where every variety of the flower makes the path wonderful. We stay overnight there.

    • Max. Altitude:2500m
    • Accommodation:Lodge
    • Time:5-6 hrs
    • Meals:Breakfast, Lunch and dinner with coffee/tea

    On day 7, today is significant for the acclimatization as the altitude is about 3660m and then we are set to explore and learn about our surroundings. We spend our overnight here and then have our meals.

    • Max. Altitude:2500m
    • Accommodation:Lodge
    • Meals:Breakfast, Lunch and dinner with coffee/tea

    Out from the Italian Base Camp, we head towards the Dhaulagiri Base Camp as the walk can take up to 6-7 hrs of trek we come passing the Dhaulagiri West Icefall moraines to arrive at the Dhaulagiri Base Camp which is at the altitude of about 4748m where we arrive for the time of lunch we then come to this amazing place where we set our camp as this enclosed by the Himalayan peaks.

    • Max. Altitude:4750m
    • Accommodation:Lodge
    • Time:6-7 hrs
    • Meals:Breakfast, Lunch and dinner with coffee/tea

    Today we head to the French Col Camp after passing the glacier of the two terraced hills then we run along the glacier and the pass the flank mountain then ascend gently up to the slope to the French Pass which is at the altitude of about 5360m after 5-6 hours of trekking.

    • Max. Altitude:5360m
    • Accommodation:Lodge
    • Time:5-6 hrs
    • Meals:Breakfast, Lunch and dinner with coffee/tea

    Today we stay at the French Col camp for the proper acclimatization as we will be able to see the great vistas of the Tashi Kang (6386m), Mukut Himal (6328m), and the Sita Chuchura which is at the altitude of about 6611 meters. We then explore the surroundings and get to know more about the place, its beauty, and get properly acclimatized.

    • Max. Altitude:5050m
    • Accommodation:Lodge
    • Meals:Breakfast, Lunch and dinner with coffee/tea

    We trek downhill to the Dhampus Pass hidden valley and then walk to the Yak Kharka where we will enjoy the campsite where we then will stay for an overnight at the tented camp with meals included.

    • Max. Altitude:5230m
    • Accommodation:Lodge
    • Time:6-7 hrs
    • Meals:Breakfast, Lunch and dinner with coffee/tea

    From the Yak Kharka, we head to the Tukuche which is at the altitude of about 2550 and takes about 5 hrs of the walk. After passing through the straight path and then descending towards the hill we reach the Tukuche Village where we stay for an overnight. Tukuche lies on the Kali Gandaki River banks and is the Thakkali village where the garden of apples can be found. We stay overnight at the trek.

    • Max. Altitude:2550m
    • Accommodation:Lodge
    • Time:5 hrs
    • Meals:Breakfast, Lunch and dinner with coffee/tea

    On day thirteen we move away from the Tukuche as we head for Ghasa at an altitude of about 2120m which takes about 4-5 hours of walk. With the gorgeous sights of the Mountain scenery and then following the stream up to the river of Kali Gandaki which lies near the Dhaulagiri and the Tukuche Peak we will continue our trek to the Kalopani village for lunch which has amazing tea houses after 2 hrs more we reach there and stay for an overnight.

    • Max. Altitude:2120m
    • Accommodation:Lodge
    • Time:4-5 hrs
    • Meals:Breakfast, Lunch and dinner with coffee/tea

    From the Ghasa we head toward the Tatopani which is at an altitude of about 1200m and takes about 4-5 hrs walk. At the Ghasa, the place is filled with the Thakali people. We then take the amazing path to the surrounding of the terraced paddy fields and on to the village of the Tatopani which passes through the Rupse waterfall and then we descend to the Dana village and then stay at Lunch, later we then discover the surroundings and then stay there for an overnight.

    • Max. Altitude:1200m
    • Accommodation:Lodge
    • Time:4-5 hrs
    • Meals:Breakfast, Lunch and dinner with coffee/tea

    Today we continue our drive to the Beni Bazaar and explore the city for a while and then relax at the hotel. Our trip is certainly coming to its near end, so we shall make the most out of the remaining days. we leave Beni and connect to Pokhara through a drive where we will spend a peaceful night after enjoying the remaining time of us being there.

    • Accommodation:Lodge
    • Meals:Breakfast, Lunch and dinner with coffee/tea

    On day sixteen, we head to catch our scheduled flight or even the bus, if you are comfortable which will be taking us to the capital of the country, Kathmandu. After arriving there, we rest ourselves and enjoy the day.

    • Max. Altitude:1300m
    • Accommodation:Hotel
    • Meals:Breakfast, Lunch and dinner with coffee/tea
    What's Included
    • Meals as specified for trek (breakfast, lunch, dinner).
    • All internal local transport as per the itinerary.
    • Local flights from Kathmandu- Pokhara- Kathmandu.
    • National park entrance fees, trekking permits accommodation in twin sharing local basis lodges and tents or best available places, guide and porters-salary, insurance, food, accommodations.
    • Basic first aid kit carried by your guide.
    • None of the single supplements is required in Kathmandu or in the mountain.
    • Arrival Airport picks up and departure drops.
    What's not Included
    • Food (Kathmandu) - lunch and dinner, International flights from your home to home.
    • Airport taxes, car, taxi or van, visa fees.
    • Medical examination (if required) and vaccination costs.
    • Own expenditure (personal), .all bar bills, laundry, telephone calls, hot shower in the mountain, mineral water, sweet deserts, we recommend bringing .water purifier and neutralizer tabulates to reduce your cost of traveling and to become a responsible traveler.
    • Drinks or meals except for 3 meals or not specified in the itinerary, personal clothing, and equipment, travel insurance, optional trips. Tipping in general for trek crew (driver, Trek leader and porter-tipping is not mandatory but expected).
    • Charges were sustained as a result of delays beyond Nepal Nomad's control. Anything not specified in the cost includes section.
    Good to Know

    Experience and Insurance Required for Dhaulagiri Round Trek

    We don’t have any specific experience required for joining the trek. It’s however better to be a little known for hiking and trekking. For joining Dhaulagiri Circuit trekking, we make it a ‘must’ for you to be insured on the aspect of medical grounds, trip cancellation, and emergency evacuation.

    Pre-Trip Meeting before Dhaulagiri circuit trekking

    Dhaulagiri Circuit trekking preparation somehow requires the presence of the team members and a meeting which will be conducted before we set off for the Circuit trek.

    A typical day in the Dhaulagiri Circuit Trek Itinerary

    Normally, you wake up, get fresh, have your breakfast, pack your bags and leave for the next venture. Then few hours of walking and you have lunch at a point. Again another few hours of walking and you reach the particular destination you had aimed for where you sleep and wat for the night.

    Accommodation and meals in Dhaulagiri Circuit Trekking Trip

    They have limited facilities regarding accommodations in Dhaulagiri Circuit trekking, so we have to manage as per the available foods and other offers. Dhaulagiri Circuit trekking includes three meals of Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner which are served daily at three different times of the day.

    Altitude Sickness in the Dhaulagiri Circuit Hiking

    The itinerary of the Dhaulagiri Circuit trek involves days for acclimatization for being safe from altitude sickness which can take form in three stages; Acute Mountain Sickness (AMS), High Altitude Pulmonary Edema (HAPE), and High Altitude Cerebral Edema (HACE). In case of severity, we will make use of first-aid and even conduct the emergency evacuation.

    Responsible Travel and means of transportation in the Dhaulagiri High Pass Trekking

    We conduct responsible travel in Dhaulagiri by not hampering the environment in any way with our presence in the region. The modes of transportation used in the Dhaulagiri High Pass trekking are Airplane, Private Vehicles, and Helicopters for emergencies.

    Dhaulagiri Circuit Trek FAQs

    • The permits that are needed for Dhaulagiri Circuit Trekking are; Trekker’s Information Management System Card (TIMS), Annapurna Conservation Area Permit and also the Local government’s permit.

    • Nepal nomad with the help of its well-trained team members having years of experience in tackling emergencies uses first-aid and evacuation measures to keep you safe in the circumstance of emergencies.

    • The situation of toilet facilities in the Dhaulagiri Round Trek Route is of basic level and requires to be shared with other nomads in the Dhaulagiri Trek Route. Luxury can only be expected in the city area.

    • Nepal Nomad team totally assures your safety if you are a solo traveler in the Dhaulagiri Circuit Trekking no matter your gender.

    • The top-level expensive, as well as professional trekking gears for Dhaulagiri Circuit Trek, can be found on rent.

    • Communication services can get unpredictable in the higher Himalayan trekking areas including the Dhaulagiri Circuit Trek Route and thus we need to maintain our flexibility.