Visa Procedures

Except if you are involved or employed in Bhutan or you are a nearby relative of an individual utilized in Bhutan or you are a Royal invitee, all outsiders aside from Indians must process their Bhutan visa through a Tour Operator. Book an excursion with Nepal Nomad Tours and supply us with your identification data, occupation, and personal residence subtleties and leave the rest to our master hands. Bhutan visa handling is a piece of the visit plan. You should bear an international ID with the legitimacy of a half year or more at the hour of movement and ensure that there are sufficient clear pages for the section and leave stamps.

Visa of Bhutan is applied at the Department of Tourism at Thimphu and must be endorsed by Foreign Ministry. A last issue is a freedom number which is required while checking in Druk Air flights. The Bhutan Department of Tourism has made it compulsory to create a proof of full pre-installment of your visit so as to apply visa for you. A Visa freedom letter is issued a couple of days in front of your landing in Bhutan. All Druk Air Stations, Paro migration, and different parts of the section are faxed a duplicate of the letter and we will likewise give you a duplicate of the visa letter by fax or filtered duplicate by email. Having the visa duplicate or reference number convenient helps in fast checking in flight and clearing movement. Your identification is stepped with a real visa upon landing in Paro air terminal or Phuntsholing (in the event that you are entering Bhutan overland). The Visa charge is paid ahead of time by us. Photos are not required anymore.

Bhutan visa will be substantial for the time of booked visit as it were. It's conceivable to stretch out a visa yet you need to purchase the bundle visit paying the standard rate set by the legislature. With your outing application, you should supply us with a duplicate of your international ID, occupation, and street number.