• Explore the exceptionally beautiful existence of Lhasa
  • Enjoy your time in the second largest city of Tibet known as Shighasta
  • Fill up your adventurous void with the expeditions of mountains like Cho-Oyu, Shisapangma and others
  • Let the treks to Everest Base Camp, Kailash Parvat and Mt. Mansarovar excite you
  • Enjoy visiting the historically significant places like the Potala Palace

Places to Visit in Tibet includes such wondrous destinations for those who wish to target the most extraordinary ventures in the company of great Himalayan landscapes. One who chooses to Travel Tibet chooses an adventure of a lifetime to the greatest plateau of the world because of which the region is given the recognition of “the roof of the world”. Tibetan Plateau is indeed an absolute highlight of the Tibetan Existence. The Tibet Map will definitely be your leading light to the journey along with the very energetic and kind Tibetan Guides. It is certain to become an unforgettable travel experience for passionate nomads.

“Memorable Tibetan destinations which will bring you the experience of a lifetime and memories lasting for eternity”

Why choose Tibet instead of other destinations?

Tibet sightseeing is a way of relishing from within through the co-existing condition of the divinely built monasteries, the graceful world standing upon a dry land, unique heritages of Tibetan culture, tradition and customs, Mountain shadows and a lots of soul purifying aspects. Likewise, the top tourist attractions of Tibet comes lighting up among various other destinations within Tibet. Tibet’s nook and corners are filled with graceful art and Tibetan beauty but even among them, there are some such Tibet Tourist attractions which will blow your heart away with their surreal and gleaming glory. Relish the places of interest in Tibet, an image of sovereignty and opulence, during this splendid visit. See what is resembled to live in Tibet, as an expert guide drives the way.

So what are the places one can aim for to have a great Tibetan travel experience?

Top Tourist attractions in Tibet includes the extraordinary destinations like the amazing Lhasa, the north Face of Everest led through the Tibetan side of Everest base camp, the greatly religious and beautifully phenomenal mountain Kailash, the gorgeous Mountain and Lake Mansarovar, the absolutely wonderful Shighatse and many others which are certain to stun you in every way possible. Likely to that, Shigatse of Tibet is a very popular attraction after Lhasa, recognized as the second largest Tibetan City falling in the Tsang Province. One cannot simply ignore Mansarovar when it comes to the beauty of Tibet. Both the Mountain and the Lake remain popular among the Tibet Visitors in which the Lake is often termed as the Invincible Lake by the Tibetan People. Tibet is truly filled with heartwarming surreal glories. Similarly, it is hard to put within words, all the beauty that Lhasa holds whether it be in the form of Potala Palace or the Jokhang Locale. Tibet is truly a holder of wonders and surprises. One of the Life’s greatest gratifications would be going to Tibet.

Descriptive look upon the most attractive Tibetan Wonders: Dissolve yourself into the tasteful beauty of Lhasa:

Arranged in a wide, mountain-bordered valley at 3700m on the north bank of the Kyichu River, Lhasa is a rambling present day city with a populace of around 200,000. A significant settlement for well over a thousand years, it was not until the seventeenth century, with the establishment of the Fifth Dalai Lama as ruler by Mongolian head Gushri Khan that Lhasa turned into the seat of government. It proceeds with now as the capital of the TAR, however with its wide lanes, strip malls, and the solid and-glass tall structures spreading south and west along the valley, There are sufficient sights in and around Lhasa to keep guests involved for at any rate seven days (regardless of whether most visits pack them into a few days): the Potala Palace, Jokhang and the Barkhor locale are not to be missed, and in any event one excursion to a peripheral cloister is an unquestionable requirement. It's likewise worth requiring some investment to see a portion of the littler, less pompous sanctuaries and essentially to ingest the climate of the "Prohibited City", which huge quantities of voyagers passed on futile endeavors to arrive at a little more than a hundred years back.

Feel the essence of the amazing Shighatse:

Shighatse is known as the second largest city of Tibet and traditional capital of Tsang province. Shighatse is a rambling city, with wide lanes murmuring with traffic. As you drive in over the fields, seeing the Potala-look alike ShigatseDzong, high on a peak sitting above the town, will likely fire your creative mind, however the fortification is unfilled and the vast majority of what you see dates from a 2007 remaking. It is Tashilhunpo Monastery that is the genuine draw here. Since the Mongol sponsorship of the Gelugpa request in the seventeenth century, Tashilhunpo has been the seat of the Panchen Lama, the second most significant profound figure in Tibetan Buddhism after the Dalai Lama. Tashilhunpo is the world's biggest metal statue of Maitreya Buddha, which is more than 80 feet tall and has incredibly sensitive highlights. We'll likewise visit the entrancing nearby advertise here, where you should deal hard with the Tibetan slow down attendants. The Dzong is a stronghold going back to the fourteenth century and the perspectives on both Gyantse itself and the encompassing Nyang Chu Valley. It was here that the Tibetans intrepidly battled the British intrusion by Colonel Younghusband in 1904, at the tallness of British frontier goals in Asia. The Mandala-molded Kumbum is a huge gold-domed stupa and its numerous little sanctuaries house a noteworthy cluster of Tibetan Buddhist wall paintings. The Kumbum is a veritable labyrinth of dull rooms, stately covers and canvases.

Reach to the base of the greatest peaks like the Mountain Everest and Kailash Parvat:

Along with Kailash yatra as well as the Mt. Mansarovar endeavor, Everest base camp trekking is prevalent visit goal in Tibet. Everest base camp trekking visit offers all-encompassing Himalayan perspectives including the Mount Everest and other more mountains. The great mountain endeavor in Tibet is an adventure of lifetime which will support you to investigate and encounter the Tibetan magnificent culture, dark colored moving slopes, destroyed fortresses, creative fancy religious communities, hundreds of years old band trails, stunning landscape and so forth. Lhasa Everest base camp trekking and the Tibet Kailash Yatra visit offers many energizing essential experience en route that you can't express or clarify except if you are a piece of it.

The beauty of the Three Holy Lakes:

Among the world’s highest fresh water lake, Mansarovar 4,583m is one of them and belongs to the holy lake category along with Namtso and Yamdrok. Lake Mansaovar standing as an invincible lake exists to thrill you and make you feel wonderful in the Tibetan region. Each late spring or autumn time, Buddhists at home and abroad go to the blessed lake for journey. They circumambulate the lake for a hover to get incomprehensible benefits and significant learning, and dispose of bad habit and torment.

Similar to that Lake Namtso and Lake Yamdrok carry great significant value in the holy terms for which many pilgrims set out a journey to devour themselves in their holiness. 

Experience being among the wonders of Yarlung and Tsedang:

Yarlung valley is where Tsedang city is found and the Yarlung valley is otherwise called the support of Tibetan human advancement. Like Lhasa, the old Tibetan town is presently fixed in by an enormous urban Chinese managerial area. Tsedang is a decent base for making day outings to Samye religious community, Yarlung and Chongye just as locales further east along the Tsangpa. Tsedang is additionally the focal authoritative city of the southern Tibet, and it is based on the eastern bank of the Yarlung Tsangpo River. It settles at the base of the Gongpo RI, one of the four holy mountains in Central Tibet. Thus, you can comfortably contact us at Nepal Nomad for the clearance of any doubt or the elaboration on any information on the Tibet Trip.