Bhutan Highlights
  • The Kingdom of Bhutan is a South Asian Kingdom which is land locked and is situated in the eastern end of the Himalayas.
  • Thimpu is the highlight of the country being its gorgeous capital
  • Bhutan is surrounded in border by its neighbors; India and China
  • Hinduism stands as the second most followed religion in Bhutan after the greatly worshipped religion of Buddhism
  • Bhutan is highly focused on the quality of living and happiness rather than the materialistic aspects

Bhutan is a wondrous country of Himalayas which remains a little isolated from the world, keeping its treasures unaltered and as pure as ever. Like Nepal, Bhutan is also a landlocked country and indeed a country decorated with Himalayan landscape. Bhutan is fully referred as the Kingdom of Bhutan which is led ahead in this world by monarchy. The Language of Bhutan is known as Dzongkha whereas the people of Bhutan are commonly known as Bhutanese. Bhutan is its own world within a word filled with mysteriously glorious aspects to explore.

“Explore the beauty of this Kingdom in its purest existence”

More description of the exceptional world of Bhutan:

Likewise, Bhutan opened itself to the world in 1974 and has been carefully taking care of travelers from all around the world which being cautious about their safe and fun stay as well as the protection of its own heritages. Similar to that, Bhutan tourism is more focused on the quality of travel in the country than the quantity, thus fixing the level of visitors in their own way while focusing on the motto, ‘high value, low impact’. Similarly, being the capital of Bhutan, Thimphu upholds the greater amount of tourist attractions as well as proper facilities which is then followed by another beautiful place of Bhutan known as Paro.Likely to that, Bhutan is well known for the beauty of its monasteries and Dzongs and thus, its major attractions includes Dzongs like Punakha Dzong, TrashiChhoeDzong, TaktshangGoemba and others. People of Bhutan are more focused on happiness rather than other materialistic aspects, that’s why festivals and celebrations have been a major part of Bhutanese lifestyle. Some amazing and colorful Bhutanese Festivals celebrated include ThimphuTshechu Festival, Jambay Lhakhang Drup Festival, Punakha Tshechu and Drubchen Festival, Paro Tshechu Festival, Jomolhari Mountain Festival, Nimalung Festival and many others. Bhutan’s way of life maybe different but surely magical in the same way. Not just the festivals, Bhutan focuses on treating the natural environment with respect and thus, is a leading country in South Asia for Environmental protection, having about 72% of its land belonging to forest area.

Similarly, the major travelling plans offered by the Bhutan Travel Package includes Shangri-La Highlight Tour, Bhutan LayaGasa Trek, Dagala Thousand Lakes Trek, Druk Path Trek, Jumolhari Trek, Bumathang flight and Bhutan Cultural Tour. While traveling in Bhutan, you will get to experience a different form of natural heritages like the Himalayas as Mt. Jumolhari 7,326m, Mt. Gangkgar Puensum 7,570m, Mt. Kulakangri 7,538m, and many others. For explorers, Bhutan is indeed a remarkable treasure where one can even get to know in depth about their unique Buddhist culture influenced by many aspects.

Bhutan in a specified outlook:

Bhutan is a first-hand treasure to explore:

It hasn’t been much since Bhutan opened its arms to foreign nomads. Thus, the beauty of its heritages remains untouched and unaltered in many aspects, so you can definitely have a first-hand travel experience in Bhutan.

Get to know the most pure forms of Buddhist norms and values:

Bhutan is a country which widely follows Buddhism and its lifestyle is regulated around the wisdom laid down by Buddhism. However, it is not just a surface level existence of a religion but goes far deeper than that which you can explore when you travel Bhutan.

See the extraordinary architecture of Bhutan for yourself:

Bhutan’s buildings have a unique art to them which is reflected greatly in its Dzongs and Monasteries. However, even normal places of residents might look different and extraordinary to the outsiders.

Celebrate the happiest and most colorful festivals:

Bhutan is a kingdom which believes in happiness and celebrations and thus it offers a handful of festivals one can enjoy while they are in Bhutan where they dance, sing, prepare delicious food and do other amazing things. Festivals like ThimphuTshechu,PunakhaTshechu, TaloTsechu and others are the glory of Bhutan.

The refreshing Himalayan air with Himalayan scenes will leave you speechless:

Bhutan is indeed a glorious land of Himalayas filled with mountains some of which are higher than 7000 meters of height. The mountains hold their own beauty and glory which has to be explored by a true nomad to find the true delight in traveling.

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