Adventure activities in Nepal Highlights
  • Enjoy Biking in the bending trails of Nepal while enjoying the changing landscape scenarios
  • Get thrilled with rafting in the rapidly flowing waters
  • Enjoy soaring to great heights through paragliding
  • Venture your foot to the most rewarding routes through trekking
  • Climb the most glorious mountains offered by Nepal’s Himalayas
  • Jump and know how it feels to be at the edge of your life through bungee jumping

Are you in search of some excitingly soul shaking adventures to undertake? Nepal Adventure Activities offers you exactly such kind of thrilling experiences through adventures like Rock Climbing, Ice Climbing, Paragliding, Bungee Jumping, Rafting, Peak Climbing, Touring, Jungle Safari in Nepal and many more. Nepal is the perfect destination for you to discover the new heights of your adventurous spirit. Withholding the highest peak in the world; Mt. Everest 8,848m, Nepal also has a lot of naturally gifted surroundings at extreme heights as well as depths which make up as the perfect spot for adventure activities.

“Get away from the tiring routine of life and refresh your spirit from with through the adventure activities in Nepal”

Why choose Nepal for undertaking a journey of adventure?

Nomads from all over the world have been choosing Nepal to relish their adventurous dreams and live to the fullest while in the vacation. Bungee Jumping in Nepal is one of the very popular adventures that is sought after by many adrenaline junkies who are always searching for new ways to feel the thrill of life. Adventure activities in Nepal lures wanderers from everywhere with its thrilling ways of building up excitement and nerve wrecking ventures. Once you taste Nepal’s adventures, you will keep wanting for more and even keep coming back to feel it again and again. Set amongst the wilderness with marvelous scenarios and relaxing climatic conditions, your time in Nepal will be made unforgettable by the adventures like Rock climbing in Nepal. Biking in Nepal is another unique form of adventure on the bending trails of Nepal that bend along with the hilly formations giving the refreshing company of astounding landscapes and valley views. Nepal assists all kind of nomads to bring their dreams into reality whether the nomad be someone highly interested in wildlife or someone who loves the thrill brought by extreme heights. Chitwan National Park brings Jungle Safari in Nepal into a mesmerizing reality giving a very safe yet fun filled exposure of the greatest wildlife existing in the country which cannot be found anywhere else such as Gharial crocodile, Red Panda and many other species of animals as well as plants. For the ones thrilled by the heights, Nepal offers paragliding while soaring high up in the sky which will give you a remarkable taste of Nepal adventures.

Hilly regions or flat lands or Mountainous landscapes; you can choose where you want to expand your adventurous boundaries. Nepal has varieties of landscapes and weather patterns within a short distance which will offer you numerous ways to relish your inner energy. You are sure to be stunned with what this small area of land can offer you with its limitless possibilities of adventure. Nepal brings you the offers of flight tours as well as other short adventures in the land as well.

A detailed outlook on adventure activities in Nepal:

Climb the naturally formed huge spectacular Rocks:

Rock climbing is one of those adventures known to test your limits in a very exciting way. Nepal offers the adventure in a very natural setting which will give you our desired feeling of gratification along with some inevitable yet rewarding tiredness.

Enjoy scenic flights in the Everest;

Nepal is a perfect country for experiencing the magical Himalayan landscapes and their diversity within a short area. So the adventure activities in Nepal include scenic flights to the most popular region of Everest.

Jungle Safaris in Chitwan National Park;

For the lovers of wilderness, nothing could be more refreshing than the touring of the forest through jeep or even on the back of big gorgeous elephants in the Chitwan National Park. The Park provides you with the opportunities to encounter rare species of both plants and animals.

Paragliding, Rafting and Bungee Jumping in Nepal;

These three adventures are most suited for extreme nomads who love to feel life to its edge through nerve wrecking experiences. Nepal has the perfect spots and rivers for living the beauty of these adventures to the fullest of one’s potential.

To expand your horizon of knowledge on the adventure activities of Nepal, contact us at Nepal Nomad, we will be more than excited to help you with your adventurous journey.