Trip Highlights
  • Splendid view old great mountains
  • The glorious scenic attractiveness
  • The Langtang National Parks and its preservations
  • Settlements of the distinct ethnic group
  • Astonishing sights of the peaks like Yala Peak, Naya Kanga, Mt. Langtang, and Mt. Lirung, Ganesh Himal, LakpaDorje and Mt. Gaurishankar

Langtang Helicopter tour, 3,870m brings an excited individual, closer tothe panoramic sight of the mystifying Langtang range where the spellbinding geographical landscapes and the combined scenic beauty is certain to captivate your complete attention. Frequently organized within Nepal, Langtang Helicopter tour package involves another brief and breathe taking trip to the renowned Langtang region. One will be surrounded by the astonishing sights of the peaks like Yala Peak5,520m, Mt. LantangLirung7,234m, Ganesh Himal7,422m, Mt. Gaurishankar 7,134m andLakpaDorje6,166mas well as the Annapurna Himalayan range through the Langtang Heli tour in Nepal. TheLangtang valley helitourwill give you a short yet memorable glimpse of the distinct people and the nature of the valley while giving you the opportunity to visit the local village and cheese factory. This tour is also known as the Helambu valley Helicopter tour.

“A short yet profound tour, confirming the panoramic glimpse of the whole Langtangrange including the splendid landscapes with terrificmidair sight”

More about the mesmerizing Heli tour over the Langtang Valley:

Unmarred by the crowded modern world, the Langtang valley’s pristine beauty stays intact. This flighttakes its course from the Tribhuvan International Airport and later at Ghore Tabla and, the flight soaring high up above villages like Langtang village. The village mainly has the resident of the Sherpas. Supplementing to the fact, the main object of the attraction of this area has to be the Langtang National Park where the park comprises of the Gosaikunda as well as the Langtang covers up the beauty of the alpine and the subtropical zone. One will be able to witness the Sherpa Settlement that stays within the monastery itself and lies in tranquil and fragile environment.

Langtang region is located in the North of the Kathmandu where the region of Langtang covers the distinct mountains spread across the Tibet. The Langtang Heli trip sets an excellent insertion of the astonishing setting of backdrop scenarios that melts the entire area. This Heli flight over Langtang Valley doesn’t lag anywhere behind in providing one of the most extraordinary bird view perspective of the amazing existence below the clouds as well as above with all the saving of your precious time and energy. The journey shall come to an end with style as a flawless trip a waits for you. This trip is without any stretchable doubt, one of the classic touring experiences high up in the air through a Luxurious Helicopter ride.

One can see the splendid views all from floras and faunas to the landscapes which supplement the mesmerizing view of this area. The pleasant sight of the spectacular lakes and many small villages can be seen across the country. This is definitely one of the fun and adventurous ride that provides you with an uplifting view via the helicopter. This is a brief tour which is filled with the adventure and excitement as this comes with the cultural values, bio diversity and the natural beauty. One can get the beauty of the rare wildlife, mesmerizing landscapes with the supplements of the ancient temples and monasteries within a limited time barrier.

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