Trip Highlights
  • Splendid view of old great mountains
  • The glorious scenic attractiveness
  • The Langtang National Parks and its preservations
  • Settlements of the distinct ethnic group
  • Astonishing sights of the peaks like Yala Peak, Naya Kanga, Mt. Langtang, Mt. Lirung, Ganesh Himal, LakpaDorje, and Mt. Gaurishankar

Langtang Helicopter Tour 2023-2024 brings a nomad closer togloriousLangtang range, the scenic beauty of which is sure to lure you on the Langtang Helicopter Touring Trip. Frequently organized within Nepal, the Langtang Helicopter Tour Package involves another brief and breathtaking trip to the renowned Langtang region. One will be surrounded by the astonishing sights of peaks like Yala Peak 5,520m known for the Yala Peak Climbing venture, Mt. Lantang Lirung 7,234m explored through Langtang Lirung Peak Climbing, Ganesh Himal7,422m, Mt. Gaurishankar7,134m andLakpa Dorje6,166mas well as the Annapurna Himalayan range through the Langtang Heli Tour 2023 in Nepal. The Langtang Helicopter Tour Itinerary will give you a short yet memorable glimpse of the distinct people and the nature of the valley while giving you the opportunity to visit the local village and cheese factory. This tour is also known as the Helambu valley Helicopter tour.

A short yet profound tour, confirming the panoramic glimpse of the whole Langtang range including the splendid landscapes with terrific midair sight

Mesmerizing Langtang Valley Heli Tour

Unmarred by the crowded modern world, the Langtang valley’s pristine beauty stays intact and we explore that through the amazing Langtang Valley Heli Tour. This flight takes its course from the Tribhuvan International Airport and later at GhoreTablala, the flight soaring high up above villages like Langtang village. The village mainly has the residents Sherpas. Supplementing the fact, the main object of the attraction of this area has to be the Langtang National Park where the park comprises the Gosaikundawhich can be especially explored through the Gosaikunda Heli Tour as well as the Langtang covers up the beauty of the alpine and the subtropical zone. One will be able to witness the Sherpa Settlement which stays within the monastery itself and lies in a tranquil and fragile environment.

Langtang Heli Tour and Travel

Langtang region is located in the North of Kathmandu where the region of Langtang covers the distinct mountains spread across Tibet. The Langtang Heli Trip sets an excellent insertion of the astonishing setting of backdrop scenarios that melts the entire area. This Langtang Heli Tour and Travel don't lag anywhere behind in providing one of the most extraordinary bird-view perspectives of the amazing existence below the clouds as well as above with all the saving of your precious time and energy. The Langtang Heli Tour journey shall come to an end with style as a flawless trip awaits you. This trip is without any stretchable doubt, one of the classic touring experiences high up in the air through a luxurious Helicopter Ride in Langtang.

The beauty of the Lantang Heli Tour Route

One can see the splendid views, all from floras and faunas to the landscapes which supplement the mesmerizing view of this area. The pleasant sight of the spectacular lakes and many small villages can be seen across the country as the Helicopter follows the Langtang Heli Tour Route. This is definitely one of the fun and adventurous ride that provides you with an uplifting view via the helicopter. Langtang Helicopter Tour Holiday is a brief tour that is filled with adventure and excitement as this comes with cultural values, biodiversity, and natural beauty. One can get the beauty of the rare wildlife, and mesmerizing landscapes with the supplements of the ancient temples and monasteries within a limited time barrier.

The Langtang Heli Tour Helicopter Model

The helicopter used in the Langtang Helicopter Tour is selected with a lot of research and proper analysis of the technical aspect. The Helicopter Model we will be choosing for the Langtang Helicopter Adventure is safe for higher altitudes and is light in regards to weight. The Langtang Heli Tour Helicopter Model we will be using is AS 350B3e Airbus Helicopter H125 which has the capacity to hold or carry 5+1 seats and is conducted by a professional Pilot.

Langtang Heli Tour Difficulty Level

LangtangHeli Tour Difficulty Level is considered as easy since there aren’t any challenging aspects involved except for the altitude. One does not have to physically strive to enjoy the journey, since a luxurious trip is what a Helicopter ride in Langtang Valley is all about. So, that’s why there is no reason to worry about difficulty in this absolutely phenomenal adventure in the Langtang region.

Langtang Helicopter Touring Season

This tour can be conducted in any of the four seasons. However, monsoon can be a little tough than other seasons with cloudy skies and unclear views, as well as the risk of flying, which can be high due to such conditions. The best Langtang Helicopter Touring Season is Spring and Autumn which keep the Langtang region in its best conditions for explorers to enjoy any form of scenic view including the aerial one.

Why choose Nepal Nomad for Langtang Helicopter Tour Adventure

Nepal Nomad is a dedicated and passionate team of guides, porters, and mountaineers who have been working for more than fourteen years to provide the best travel services in the country. Nepal Nomad is well known for its trip management skills as well as for its members having training in map-reading, emergency evacuation, and first-aid care. Nepal nomad can even help you in selecting the best Langtang Helicopter Tour Departure Date. Contact us for the best professional guidance to help you make this tour a worthy one as well as if you need help with any further details. We at Nepal nomad are always here to make sure that your adventure doesn’t get rusted in any form.

What's Included

  • Airport transfer as per itinerary (picks up and drop facility)
  • Life Insurance for all crews members and their salary
  • Passenger Insurance
  • Helicopter flight over Langtang Valley for 4.5 hours
  • Domestic airport departure tax
  • Service charge
  • Tea/coffee and breakfast (only on private charter)
  • Necessary permits and entrance fees (only on private charter)
  • Nepal entry visa fee
  • Personal nature expenses
  • Accommodation at Kathmandu


Experience and Insurance Required

There is no requirement of any form of experience since this trip is all about Helicopter adventure over Langtang. You will need to be insured on a trip-cancellation, medical, and emergency evacuation basis which covers the altitude we are targeting which is 3800m.

Pre-Trip Meeting for the LangtangHeli Tour

There is a short mandatory meeting conducted before the trip to make every member of the trip well aware of all the planning and procedures of the trip’s undertaking which is known as the pre-trip meeting.

Accommodation and Meals in the Trip

A proper accommodation in the city will be arranged with the level of luxury you want while you are preparing for the Heli Trip over Langtang. Likewise, for meals, there will be breakfast, lunch, and Dinner.

Responsible Travel and modes of Transportation in Langtang Valley Heli Tour

We will make sure to travel in an environmentally friendly manner and make our presence almost unnoticeable to the surrounding natural world. The modes of Transportation used in the Tour are Helicopter and Private vehicles.

Altitude sickness in the Everest Base Camp Heli Trekking Trip

Since we are targeting an altitude of about 3800m, the risk of altitude sickness should be kept in the back of our minds as we are directly approaching the Height. There are three levels of altitude sickness that one needs to be wary of; Acute Mountain Sickness (AMS), High Altitude Pulmonary Edema (HAPE), and High Altitude Cerebral Edema (HACE). In case of severity, we will take the required medications or conduct the evacuation.


The permits required for Langtang Helicopter Tour are the Langtang National Park permit and Langtang Heli Tour Permit.

Nepal nomad team shall wisely use the training of emergency evacuation and first-aid care in case of Langtang Heli Tour emergencies and put your safety in the first place.

Since we won’t be landing at many spots, wherever we land will have a basic level of toilet facilities. However, in Katmandu city, you can enjoy luxurious toilet facilities.

In the company of Nepal nomads, any trip including the Langtang Heli Tour trip is safe for different gender solo travelers.

No, the gears for Langtang Heli Tour are not available on rent because the gears that come of use in the tour are basic ones.

It highly depends upon altitude but since it’s a short adventure, communication won’t be that great of a problem in the Langtang Heli Tour.