Langtang Helicopter TourLangtang Helicopter Tour

Langtang Helicopter Tour

  • Duration1 Days
  • Difficulty Level Easy
  • Max Altitude 3800m
  • Group Size 2 - 5
  • Starts kathmandu
  • Ends kathmandu
  • Activity Sightseeing

Langtang Helicopter Tour offers a unique and convenient way to experience the beauty of the Langtang Valley and the Himalayas from a different perspective. During the Langtang Helicopter Tour, you will be treated to breathtaking panoramic views of the Langtang range and its majestic peaks. The helicopter flight allows you to witness the spectacular geographical features of the region, such as deep valleys, towering cliffs, and cascading waterfalls. The natural beauty of the Langtang Valley unfolds before your eyes, offering a serene and peaceful atmosphere that is perfect for experiencing tranquility and serenity.

As part of the Langtang Helicopter Tour, you will also have the opportunity to visit Langtang National Park, a major attraction in the area. The national park is home to diverse flora and fauna, including the elusive Himalayan Red Panda. With luck, you may catch a glimpse of this adorable creature as you explore the park from the air.

Combining the Langtang Helicopter Tour with paragliding, or para phase, would provide a truly immersive and thrilling experience. Imagine starting your adventure with a scenic helicopter flight, soaking in the stunning views of the Langtang Valley, and then transitioning to paragliding, where you can glide through the air and witness the beauty of the Himalayas up close.

To arrange this combined experience, you can work with local tour operators or adventure companies that specialize in helicopter tours and paragliding in the Langtang region. They will ensure your safety and provide expert guidance throughout the activities. Whether you choose to embark on the Langtang Helicopter Tour, indulge in paragliding, or combine the two, you are sure to create unforgettable memories and be enchanted by the natural wonders of the Langtang Valley and the Himalayas.

This exhilarating activity allows you to soar through the air, offering a midair sight of the splendid landscapes below. The experience is awe-inspiring, with breathtaking views that will leave you in awe.

  • It is a recreational adventure activity that involves flying a paraglider, a lightweight, foot-launched aircraft. Paragliding allows you to soar through the air and enjoy breathtaking aerial views of the surrounding landscapes. While it is not explicitly mentioned in your previous text, I can assume that you are interested in including paragliding as part of your experience in the Langtang region of the Himalayas. Paragliding can indeed be a thrilling addition to your itinerary, providing a unique perspective of the majestic mountains and the stunning natural beauty of the area.
  • The Langtang region offers suitable terrain and favorable weather conditions for paragliding. As you glide through the sky, you can enjoy panoramic vistas of the Himalayan peaks, including Mt. Langtang, Mt. Lirung, Ganesh Himal, Lakpa Dorje, Yala Peak, Naya Kanga, and Mt. Gaurishankar. The views of the Langtang Valley, with its lush greenery of oak, maple, and pine forests, as well as the vibrant red rhododendrons in bloom, are truly captivating from above.
  • Before embarking on a paragliding adventure, it is important to ensure your safety and well-being. Make sure to choose a reputable paragliding operator who adheres to safety standards and provides experienced pilots. They will guide you through the process, including necessary training, equipment preparation, and briefing on flight procedures.
  • Paragliding can be arranged as a separate activity or as part of a package that combines it with other attractions and experiences in the Langtang region. You can coordinate with local tour operators who specialize in adventure activities in the area to arrange a paragliding session that suits your preferences and schedule.
  • Remember that paragliding is a weather-dependent activity, and flight availability is subject to suitable conditions. It is advisable to check the weather forecast and consult with the paragliding operator before making final arrangements.
  • Soar through the skies during your paragliding experience in the Langtang region, and create lasting memories of the breathtaking Himalayan landscapes and the enchanting culture of the Sherpa people.

Overview of Langtang Valley Heli Tour

Langtang Helicopter Tour is an extraordinary experience that begins with a transfer to Tribhuvan International Airport in the morning. Once inside the helicopter, the pilot will provide the names of the mountain ranges that come into view as you ascend. The captivating landscapes of the Kathmandu Valley and the meandering rivers will astound you as you peer outside.

Gradually, the helicopter will fly over the mesmerizing Gosaikunda Lake, where you will land. The surrounding forest, part of the National Parks, is adorned with blooming rhododendrons, and in April, the vibrant colors of the pine trees create a magnificent sight. In August, you will witness the lively and attractive scene of Hindu and Buddhist pilgrims visiting Gosaikunda.

At higher elevations, the paths are frequented by herds of yaks and chauris (a type of domestic cattle). During the Langtang Helicopter Tour, you will have the opportunity to catch glimpses of Langtang itself, as well as its local people, communities, monasteries, and the magnificent Himalayas.

While the tour may be brief, you will still have some time to interact with the local people. This outstanding trip allows you to observe the customs and traditions in Langtang. You will witness the skillful craftsmanship of the locals in their agricultural professions, wood and stone carving, and daily activities.

The Langtang Helicopter Tour not only offers breathtaking aerial views but also provides insights into the rich cultural heritage and way of life in this region. It is a truly immersive and memorable experience that showcases the beauty of nature and the warmth of the local community.

Helicopter Model of Langtang Heli Tour

Langtang Helicopter Tour is indeed crucial for ensuring safety and optimal performance in higher altitudes. The helicopter model chosen for the Langtang Helicopter Adventure is the AS 350B3e Airbus Helicopter H125. This particular model is known for its reliability, safety, and suitability for mountainous terrains.

The AS 350B3e Airbus Helicopter H125 is designed to operate in challenging conditions, including high altitudes. It offers excellent performance and maneuverability, allowing for a smooth and enjoyable flight experience. The helicopter is also equipped with advanced technical features that enhance its safety and efficiency.

In terms of capacity, the AS 350B3e Airbus Helicopter H125 can accommodate 5+1 seats, ensuring that you and your fellow passengers have ample space to enjoy the tour comfortably. The seating arrangement is designed to provide excellent visibility, allowing everyone to fully appreciate the stunning vistas during the helicopter ride.

Safety is a top priority, and the Langtang Helicopter Tour is conducted by professional pilots who have extensive experience flying in mountainous regions. These pilots are trained to handle the specific challenges that come with operating helicopters in high-altitude environments, ensuring a safe and secure journey for all passengers. By selecting the AS 350B3e Airbus Helicopter H125 and employing skilled pilots, the Langtang Helicopter Tour aims to provide a remarkable and safe adventure that allows you to immerse yourself in the beauty of the Langtang region and the Himalayas.

Itinerary for Langtang Helicopter Tour

Sharing price: $1500 per person
Starting Point: Kathmandu Airport
Ending Point: Kathmandu Airport
Landing Point: Kyanjin Monastery, Langtang
Total Time Duration: 2.5 hours (including 30 minutes of landing in Kyanjin Gompa
06:00 AM: Pick-up from the hotel
06:30 AM: Check-in at Kathmandu Airport
07:00 AM: Fly to the Langtang Region
07:30 AM: Land at Kyanjin Gompa and explore the surroundings for 30 minutes
08:00 AM: Fly back to Kathmandu Airport
08:30 AM: Pick-up from the airport and transfer back to the hotel
Please note that the timings mentioned in the itinerary are approximate and can be subject to change based on weather conditions and other factors.

Essential Safety Measures 

Follow the pilot's instructions: Listen carefully to the pilot's instructions on how to enter and exit the helicopter. It is important to follow their guidance to ensure a smooth and safe boarding and disembarking process.

Stay seated during the flight: Once onboard the helicopter, it is essential to remain seated and not move around in-flight. Avoid exchanging seats with fellow travelers to maintain balance and stability within the aircraft.

Secure your personal belongings: Ensure that your personal belongings, such as cameras, mobile phones, and bags, are properly secured during the flight. This will prevent any items from falling or causing distractions during the journey.

Do not lean out of the window: For safety reasons, it is crucial to refrain from putting your hands or heads out of the helicopter window. This helps maintain a safe distance from the aircraft structure and prevents any potential hazards.

No smoking inside the helicopter: Smoking is strictly prohibited inside the helicopter at all times. This is important for the safety of all passengers and to prevent any fire-related risks.

Fasten your seat belt: Always ensure that your seat belt is properly fastened during the entire flight. This helps protect you in the event of turbulence or any unexpected maneuvers.
By following these safety measures, you can contribute to a safe and comfortable helicopter tour experience to Annapurna Base Camp. Additionally, it is advisable to listen to any specific safety instructions provided by the pilot or the tour operator before and during the flight

Best Season for Langtang Helicopter Tour

The best recommended time for the Langtang Helicopter Tour typically includes the months of February, March, April, May, mid-June, September, October, and December. These months generally offer favorable weather conditions, clear skies, and good visibility, allowing you to fully appreciate the stunning landscapes and mountain views during the helicopter tour.

In February and early March, you may encounter colder temperatures, especially at higher altitudes, but the skies are often clear, and the mountain views are spectacular. As the spring season progresses from March to April, the weather becomes milder, and the rhododendron forests start to bloom, adding vibrant colors to the landscape.

May is considered one of the best months for the Langtang Helicopter Tour, as the weather is generally stable and the skies are clear, providing exceptional visibility of the mountains and valleys. The temperatures are pleasant, making it a comfortable time to enjoy the tour.

Mid-June marks the onset of the monsoon season in Nepal, and while there can be intermittent rainfall, the Langtang region is relatively less affected compared to other areas. The skies may not be as clear, but the landscapes are lush and green, creating a different kind of beauty.

September and October are regarded as the post-monsoon months when the weather starts to clear up again. These months offer excellent visibility and stable weather conditions, making them popular choices for the Langtang Helicopter Tour. The autumn foliage adds a touch of golden hues to the scenery, enhancing the overall experience.

In December, you can expect colder temperatures, especially at higher elevations, but the skies are often clear, providing breathtaking views of the snow-capped mountains. It's important to note that winter conditions may require extra preparation and caution, as the weather can be more unpredictable. While these months are generally recommended, it's essential to keep in mind that weather patterns can vary, and it's always advisable to check the weather forecast and consult with local tour operators before finalizing your Langtang Helicopter Tour to ensure the best possible experience.

Route for Langtang Helicopter Tor

Kathmandu (TIA): The helicopter tour starts from Tribhuvan International Airport (TIA) in Kathmandu, the capital city of Nepal.

Langtang National Park: The helicopter will fly towards Langtang National Park, a beautiful protected area known for its rich biodiversity and stunning landscapes. You will get a chance to witness the lush forests, cascading waterfalls, and diverse wildlife of the park from the air.

Gosaikunda: The helicopter will continue its journey towards Gosaikunda, a sacred lake located at an altitude of about 4,380 meters. Gosaikunda is considered a significant pilgrimage site for both Hindus and Buddhists and offers breathtaking views of the surrounding mountains.

Langtang Mountain Range: The helicopter will provide a panoramic view of the Langtang Mountain Range, which is part of the Himalayas. You will be able to admire the majestic peaks, including Langtang Lirung, Langshisa Ri, Dorje Lakpa, and many others.

Kyanjin Gompa: The helicopter will make a stop at Kyanjin Gompa, a Buddhist monastery situated at an elevation of around 3,870 meters. Here, you can explore the monastery, interact with the local monks, and enjoy the serene mountain surroundings.

Back to Kathmandu (TIA): After spending some time at Kyanjin Gompa, the helicopter will take you back to Kathmandu, concluding the Langtang Helicopter Tour at Tribhuvan International Airport.

This route allows you to experience the natural beauty and cultural heritage of the Langtang region in a relatively short period of time. It offers stunning views of mountains, lakes, and monasteries, providing a memorable aerial perspective of this Himalayan region.

Why Nepal Nomad for Langtang Heli Tour

Nepal Nomad is a highly experienced and dedicated team of guides, porters, and mountaineers in Nepal. With over sixteen years of expertise, they are renowned for providing exceptional travel services in the country. The team at Nepal Nomad possesses essential skills such as trip management, map-reading, emergency evacuation, and first-aid care. We can assist you in selecting the best departure date for your Langtang Helicopter Tour and offer professional guidance to make your adventure truly memorable. For any further details or assistance, Nepal Nomad is always available to ensure that your tour is a remarkable and hassle-free experience.

What's Included
  • Transportation for arrival and departure: This includes transfers to and from Kathmandu Airport to your hotel.
  • Seating arrangement: The helicopter used for the tour will have a seating capacity for up to a maximum of 6 people, ensuring everyone has a comfortable seat during the flight.
  • Taxes and service charges: The package includes all applicable taxes and service charges related to the helicopter tour.
  • Medicinal kit: A medicinal kit is usually provided as part of the package, ensuring basic medical supplies are available during the tour.
  • Oxygen cylinders: Oxygen cylinders are often provided on board the helicopter, especially for tours in higher altitudes like the Langtang region, to ensure the well-being and comfort of the passengers.
  • Helicopter charge for the trip: The package covers the charges for the helicopter flight, including the pilot's fees and operating costs.
  • Applicable permit arrangement service: The package includes assistance with obtaining the necessary permits required for the Langtang Helicopter Tour, such as the Langtang National Park entry permit.
What's not Included
  • Personal expenses, drinks throughout the trip, and personal gear such as down jackets and other equipment are typically not included in the Langtang Helicopter Tour package.
  • Medical and life insurance is important for your own safety and well-being during the tour. It is advisable to have adequate insurance coverage that includes medical evacuation in case of emergencies.
  • Meals, accommodations, and personal expenses are usually the responsibility of the traveler. You will have the flexibility to choose your own meals and accommodations according to your preferences and budget.
  • Drinks throughout the trip, such as beverages or alcoholic drinks, are typically not included in the package. You would need to cover the cost of any drinks you consume during the tour.
  • Personal gear, including down jackets and other equipment, are generally not provided as part of the package. It is recommended to bring your own appropriate clothing and gear for the tour. However, some tour operators may offer gear rental services for an additional cost.
  • It is important to review the specific details and inclusions/exclusions provided by the tour operator or travel agency offering the Langtang Helicopter Tour package. This will help you understand what is covered and what additional expenses you may need to account for during your trip.
Good to Know

Experience and Insurance Required

There is no requirement of any form of experience since this trip is all about Helicopter adventure over Langtang. You will need to be insured on a trip-cancellation, medical, and emergency evacuation basis which covers the altitude we are targeting which is 3800m.

  • Gears:

Windproof down jacket: It is recommended to have a windproof down jacket, preferably waterproof, to protect yourself from the cold and wind during the helicopter tour.

Warm trousers: Wear warm trousers to keep yourself comfortable and insulated in the cold weather.

Sunhat and woolen cap: Carry a sunhat to protect yourself from the sun's rays and a woolen cap to keep your head warm.

Scarf: A scarf can provide additional warmth and protection for your neck and face.

Sunglasses/Goggles: Protect your eyes from the strong sunlight and glare with sunglasses or goggles.

Sunscreen: Apply sunscreen with SPF30+ or higher to protect your skin from sunburn at high altitudes.

A bottle of water: Stay hydrated throughout the tour by carrying a water bottle.

Toilet paper and other necessities: It's a good idea to carry toilet paper and any other personal necessities you may need during the tour.

Mobiles and cameras: Bring your mobile phone and a camera to capture the stunning views and memorable moments during the helicopter tour.

  • Documents:

Passport or passport copy: Carry your passport or a copy of it as identification during the helicopter tour.

These gears and documents will ensure your comfort, safety, and readiness for the Langtang Helicopter Tour.

Pre-Trip Meeting for the LangtangHeli Tour

Before the trip begins, a short mandatory meeting called the pre-trip meeting is conducted to ensure that every member of the trip is well-informed about the planning and procedures involved in the journey.

The pre-trip meeting serves as a crucial opportunity to provide participants with essential information and instructions regarding the trip. It covers important aspects such as the itinerary, safety measures, rules and regulations, equipment requirements, and any specific procedures or guidelines that need to be followed.

During this meeting, participants have the chance to ask questions, seek clarification, and address any concerns they may have. The meeting aims to ensure that everyone is on the same page and has a clear understanding of what to expect during the trip.

By conducting a pre-trip meeting, the organizers strive to promote a safe, well-prepared, and cohesive group dynamic among the participants. It helps establish effective communication, fosters a sense of community, and ensures that everyone is ready and informed for the upcoming adventure.

Food and Accommodation for Langtang Heli Tour

When preparing for the Heli Trip over Langtang, a suitable accommodation in the city will be arranged based on the level of luxury you desire. The organizers will make sure to select accommodations that meet your preferences and provide a comfortable and enjoyable stay.

In terms of meals, breakfast, lunch, and dinner will be provided during the trip. These meals will be arranged and prepared to cater to the dietary requirements and preferences of the participants. Whether you have specific dietary restrictions or preferences, the organizers will make sure to accommodate them to the best of their abilities.

Travel Responsibly for Langtang Valley Heli Tour

In the tour, utmost care is taken to travel in an environmentally friendly manner, ensuring minimal impact on the surrounding natural world. The organizers strive to make the presence of the group almost unnoticeable, prioritizing responsible and sustainable travel practices.

The modes of transportation used in the tour are helicopters and private vehicles. Helicopters are employed to provide an efficient and exciting means of transportation, allowing participants to enjoy aerial views of the scenic landscapes while minimizing ground disturbance. Private vehicles are chosen for their convenience and comfort, while efforts are made to minimize the overall number of vehicles and reduce the carbon footprint associated with transportation.

By utilizing helicopters and private vehicles responsibly, the tour aims to ensure sustainable travel practices that minimize the impact on the environment. The goal is to enjoy the journey while preserving the natural beauty and integrity of the surroundings, making every effort to leave the environment untouched and pristine.

Altitude sickness for Langtang Heli Tour

As we approach an altitude of approximately 3800m, it is important to be aware of the potential risk of altitude sickness. While enjoying the journey, it is crucial to keep the three levels of altitude sickness in mind: Acute Mountain Sickness (AMS), High Altitude Pulmonary Edema (HAPE), and High Altitude Cerebral Edema (HACE).

Acute Mountain Sickness (AMS) is the mildest form and can cause symptoms such as headache, nausea, dizziness, and fatigue. If symptoms are mild, resting, staying hydrated, and allowing the body to acclimatize can often alleviate discomfort. However, if symptoms worsen or persist, it may be necessary to take appropriate medications or consider descending to a lower altitude.

High Altitude Pulmonary Edema (HAPE) is a more severe condition that affects the lungs, resulting in symptoms such as severe shortness of breath, persistent cough, and chest congestion. If HAPE is suspected, immediate medical attention and evacuation to a lower altitude are necessary for proper treatment.

High Altitude Cerebral Edema (HACE) is the most severe form of altitude sickness and affects the brain. Symptoms may include severe headache, confusion, disorientation, and difficulty walking. HACE is a medical emergency, and prompt evacuation to a lower altitude is crucial to prevent further complications.

In the event of severe altitude sickness symptoms, the necessary medications and treatments will be administered as required. Additionally, if evacuation is deemed necessary for medical reasons, appropriate arrangements will be made to ensure the affected individual receives the necessary medical attention promptly.

It is important for all participants to be vigilant about any signs or symptoms of altitude sickness and promptly communicate them to the tour organizers or medical professionals accompanying the trip. This will enable timely interventions and appropriate measures to ensure the well-being and safety of all participants

Langtang Helicopter Tour FAQs

  • The permits required for Langtang Helicopter Tour are the Langtang National Park permit and Langtang Heli Tour Permit.

  • Nepal nomad team shall wisely use the training of emergency evacuation and first-aid care in case of Langtang Heli Tour emergencies and put your safety in the first place.

  • Since we won’t be landing at many spots, wherever we land will have a basic level of toilet facilities. However, in Katmandu city, you can enjoy luxurious toilet facilities.

  • In the company of Nepal nomads, any trip including the Langtang Heli Tour trip is safe for different gender solo travelers.

  • No, the gears for Langtang Heli Tour are not available on rent because the gears that come of use in the tour are basic ones.

  • It highly depends upon altitude but since it’s a short adventure, communication won’t be that great of a problem in the Langtang Heli Tour.