Trip Highlights
  • Visit Golden Gate, Siddi Laxi Stone sanctuary, Yeksheswor sanctuary in Bhaktapur
  • Explore Bhaktapur Durbar Square Museum
  • Explore Taumadhi Square: Nyatpolo Temple, Bhairab sanctuary and Tilmadhev sanctuary
  • Explore the Dattatraya temple, Bhimsen temple and pea-cocked window.
  • Explore the Potter Square: Various shape of clay made pots, old profession in the world
  • Visit Krishna Mandir, Mul Chowk, Sundari chowk and keshar Narayan Chowk in Patan.
  • ExplorePatan Durbar Square Museum.
  • Explore MahaBouddha, Minnath Temple, and Rudra Varna Mahavira etc.
  • Explore the rich cultural tradition, arts and architecture of durbar square

Bhaktapur and Patan durbar square can be your first decision to encounter. Bhaktapur is a mind boggling city of antiquated craftsmanship, religion and culture in the Kathmandu Valley where as Patan is also one of the wonderful city and popularly known for its rich culture, traditions and architecture.This Bhaktapur and Patan full day visits offer little gathering excursions into an amazing city with a sentiment of having an individual guide. The whole city is an UNESCO World Heritage Site which highlights old sanctuaries, royal residences and incredible workmanship. This half day visit takes you to and from your lodging in Kathmandu to this most antiquated and wonderful city. Investigate its 24 conventional neighborhoods, each with its one of a kind culture and history.

In search mystery within the history of medieval Newari Town.

Are you searching for wonderful spot for day tour in Kathmandu valley?

Bhaktapur has known as Khwapa in neighborhood Newari tongue, which means city of lovers, most intriguing and social capital of Nepal, Bhapurpur's history returns to eighth century. The city of home of transcending old strict sanctuaries, best design durbars, a mix of northern craftsmanship and southern folklore, the matured expressions, engineering and societies are legacy of Bhaktapur. The Pagoda and Shikara style sanctuaries, Vihars Vahis, Traditional Buddhist religious communities, stone water gushes, lakes, pati, math and sattal (open havens), stupas, city doors, royal residences, imaginative private houses and other social and recorded legacies are significant landmarks and 'Living Heritage' of the antiquated city. This loftiness is set against shockingly rustic scenery. Numerous nearby still bring home the bacon cultivating the fields around Bhaktapur and the roads are brimming with drying crops ranchers windowing rice and wheat utilizing wicker bushels and electric fans and lots of dry garlics are hang in windows. From a guest perspective; this city is to meander capriciously absorbing the air. The Bhaktapur Durbar Square was enrolled in World Heritage Site in 1979 AD.

Another fascination in this visit is Changunarayan Temple the most seasoned and notable sanctuary is living exhibition hall of cutting from Lichhavi administration during fourth to ninth century. The sanctuary is recorded in World Heritage Site and pulls in hundreds f visitor consistently.

Patan is situated on the high zone of land in the Kathmandu Valley toward the southern side of the Bagmati Riverand known as Yela in neighborhood Newari tongue. Patan additionally known as Lalitpur is the city of magnificence. It is in fact a city of excellence and beauty. Brimming with Hindu sanctuaries with fine portals, gatekeeper divinities, and great carvings. What’s more, Buddhist landmarks, this city are the most great and wonderful city of Kathmandu valley. Patan is an extraordinary spot to find out about the workmanship and engineering. The spot has the thriving for its custom of expressions and artworks; this city is best known for its rich social legacy andis best known as the city of celebrations and dining experiences, fine antiquated craftsmanship, creation of metallic and stone carvings. It is arranged in the core of the city and is the point of convergence for some sightseers. The square is loaded with old castles, sanctuaries, and places of worship, additionally for their superb longings. The Patan Durbar Square comprises of three principle chowk or patios, the focal Mul Chowk, Sundari Chowk and Keshar Narayan Chowk. The Sundari Chowk holds in its middle a perfect work of art of stone design. The engineering and the plans are stunned to glance through.
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What's Included

  • Tour guide with knowledge of Culture.
  • Private transportation, driver
  • Water bottle
  • Guide, and Driver compensation, remittance
  • Extra charges to enter the landmarks.
  • Tips for guide and driver.
  • Tidbits, bar bills and so forth.
  • Lunch.