Trip Highlights
  • Voyaging in Kathmandu - Pashupatinath (a major Hindu shrine) and the giant Buddhist Stupa.
  • The spectacular sight of Rolwaling valley over Tashi laptsa pass and Everest Region
  • Get to know the Sherpa Culture and their lifestyle
  • Fully supported camping based trek including 3 hearty meals per day prepared by our cooks
  • Ample acclimatization days built

Rolwaling Tashi Lapcha Pass Trek gives an outlook to the spectacular ice-fluted mountains in the Rolwaling valley through Rolwaling Tashi Lapcha Trek Itinerary. Rolwaling valley is physically situated in the west of the Everest region which makes it closely connected with the Khumbu valley. This Tashi Lapcha Pass Trek 2023-2024 is filled with beautiful natural wonders and wondrous scenarios of the astounding Himalayas like Mt. Gauri Shankar, Mt. DorgeLakpa, Mt. Everest, and some other splendid snowcapped mountain peaks. The path to this trek goes through the Gauri Shankar Conservation area and also the wondrous Sagarmatha Nationa Park area. It also brings us to the magnificent exploration of Tsho Rolpa Lake 4,580m, making it an amazing Tsho Rolpa Tashi Lapcha Trek. The panoramas are breathtaking with picturesque scenarios with steep-sided basins, and stunning ice peaks that are created like flutes on each side. You are surely going to witness heavenly wonders if you choose to undertake the Rolwaling Tashi Lapcha Trek Package.

Arrange all the tiny pieces of adventure puzzles through the amazing experience of Rolwaling Tashi Lapcha Pass Trekking.

Rolwaling Tashi Lapcha High Pass Trek

18 Days Rolwaling Tashi Lapcha Pass Trek is an exciting and energizing trek that passes through two different Himalayan regions: the Rolwaling and the Khumbu which are two great twin valleys possessing similar gorgeousness. We also get a chance to make a passage for the short climb to the high point of the Parchamo at an elevation of 6,273 meters which can also be termed Parchamo Peak Climbing in other words. Through this adventure, we cross the Tashi Lapcha Pass which stands proudly at the Tashi Lapcha Pass Trek Altitude of 5,755m, and then descend to the Khumbu Valley by visiting Thame which is the hometown of the famous mountain climbing idol, Tenzing Norgay. We will certainly be encountered the mesmerizing existence of scented wilderness and wildlife like the Himalayan Thar, Musk deer, and some other wild animals. The Rolwaling Tashi Lapcha Trek Route through the forest decorated with rhododendrons, pines, and oaks will wash all your tiredness away. Thus, this experience of trekking will definitely prove to become one’s memory of a lifetime as we gather experience by following the Tashi Lapcha Pass Trek Map.

Parchamo Tashi Lapcha Trek

The Tashi-Lapcha High Pass Trekking is one of those treks that demands your physical strength and expedition-like training along with camping and full logistic support. Similarly, the Tashi Lapcha Trek 2023 moves through high Himalayan glaciers and reaches over elevations of 5700m, facing strong temperatures which can reach up to -10 to 20 degrees. The Parchamo Tashi Lapcha Trek also has the options for climbing the amazingParchamo Peak for which crampons, ice ax, and rope are included in the gear list. It might come of use or it might not, depending upon the given circumstance. You can have a taste of this amazing adventure of Tashi Lapcha Pass Trekking through Great Himalayan Trails Trekking as well.

The Rolwaling Tashi Lapcha Trek Journey

We begin our adventurous Rolwaling Tashi Lapcha Trek Journey with a beautiful drive-by road from Kathmandu to the very old trading city of Dolakha. We then hike through numerous beautiful villages and amazing cultivated terraced farmlands as a part of the Rolwaling Tashi Lapcha Hike followed by a turn towards the east and climb into the hidden Rolwaling valley, well-known as one of the hidden valleys of the Himalayas, transitory through beautiful Sherpa and Tamang villages on the way. Our Tashi Lapcha Pass Hiking is beautifully designed and perfectly executed. Rolwaling is the gorgeous and wondrous east-west valley below the Gauri Shankar 7,135m near the Tibetan border. Bedding and Na are more or less the last Sherpa villages of the Rolwaling Valley.

Rolwaling Tashi Lapcha Trek Difficulty Level

Tashi Lapcha High Pass Trip is indeed a challenging form of trekking adventure which requires utmost dedication and interest for undertaking challenges. But apart from the hardships, there will be profound rewards as well. Prior to the hiking experience, logistics are a necessity since hiking is pretty much strenuous. Thus, the Rolwaling Tashi Lapcha Trek Difficulty Level can be graded as challenging like other high-pass adventures. If you are someone who loves challenges like this trek, you can also check our packages like Everest Three Peaks Three Passes Trekking or the amazing Manaslu Circuit Trekking or the popular Tilman Pass Trekking, or also the Lumba Sumba Pass Trekking.

Rolwaling Tashi Lapcha Trek Season

Amongst the four seasons, the best season for trekking adventure are spring and autumn and the same goes for this amazing Everest Tashi Lapcha Trekking. The best Rolwaling Tashi Lapcha Trek Season is not monsoon and winter, rather they are spring and autumn which bring fewer challenges. The season of spring and autumn support clear views and less harsh conditions for trekking. However, it is still possible to trek in other seasons as well. So, the best months for the undertaking of the Tashi Lapcha Trek are Feb-may and Sep-Dec.

Why choose Nepal Nomad for Rolwaling Tashi Lapcha Trek

Experienced team members are needed for the trekkers as the Rolwaling Tashi Lapcha Pass Trek is not well accommodated and marked. Our guides from Nepal Nomads are well-trained in evacuation, first-aid and map-reading training. The experience of over fourteen years has built us as one of the top travel companies in the country and we assure you of providing you with the best traveling services in the country. We can also choose a perfect Tashi Lapcha Pass Trek Departure Date for you. So feel free to contact or join us for this surreal adventure of thrills.


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Today, we take an early jeep drive from Kathmandu to Sigate. We bypass the picturesque inexperienced hill and the view of the splendid mountain will continue you busy all alongside the way.. After an hour’s bumpy path drive, we arrive at our campground on the bank of the Tama Kosi River.

  • Meals: Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner with coffee/Tea
  • Accommodation: Tented Camp.
  • Place: Sigate
  • Altitude: 950m

On our day forth go after profound keen on the Bhote Kosi’s valley. We leave behind a horizontal river throughout terrace fields, rural communities, and pleasing villages. We strive throughout an intense rhododendron tree plant and traverse a suspension overpass to Jagat. The view of the Gaurishanker, 7145m along the way all the way through the jungle is astonishing. We can witness the area ornamented with craving flags and chortens.

  • Meals: Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner with coffee/Tea
  • Accommodation: Tented Camp.
  • Place: Jagat
  • Altitude: 1440m

Today is day five and we will continue the same valley for the first half and then we move towards the east part of the trek route map. The road makes a vertical climb to Simigaon, a Sherpa and Tamang township. We go by diverse terrace fields all along with the rural community. Local monastery floating over the house on the pinnacle of the mount in obverse of Gaurishanker symbols the Buddhist way of life of the vicinity.

  • Meals: Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner with coffee/Tea
  • Accommodation: Tented Camp
  • Place: Simigaon
  • Altitude: 1,990m

Today, we overtake throughout a rhododendron-bamboo jungle and go into the Rolwaling valley by vertical stone steps. The pathway progressively climbs towards Gyalche and finally descends back down to the river viewing Mount Gaurishankar, 7134m. Lead climbing turn over the trail becomes horizontal and flat to arrive at Daldung-La

  • Meals: Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner with coffee/Tea
  • Accommodation: Tented Camp
  • Place: Daldung-La
  • Altitude: 3976m

Today, the path follows throughout thriving rhododendron tree-plant with ascent and descent until accomplishment Nyamare settlement. After that with a panoramic view of Mount Gaurishankar, 7134m, we toddle to Beding, the major Sherpa parish of Rolwaling vastness. There is a Gompa at the entrance of the village and the saintly Gaurishankar place of worship a tiny on top of the town.

  • Meals: Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner with coffee/Tea
  • Accommodation: Tented Camp
  • Place: Beding
  • Altitude: 3690m

Today is a day of the week located secluded for acclimatization. We are able to go for the short pleasure trip. We ramble awake to Menlung La pass, 5616m on foot on the moraines. Beginning the peak of Menlung La, an extraordinary view of the snow-white mountain together with the sacred Mount Gaurishankar, 7134 glaciers, and the verdant forest in the Beding gorge can be seen.

  • Meals: Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner with coffee/Tea
  • Accommodation: Tented Camp
  • Place: Beding
  • Altitude: 3690m

After, breakfast, we initiate a sluggish climb going on the bank of Rolwaling River waiting for us to arrive at Dhogre. Following on foot assisting, the valley gradually opens to an enormous Mani rock wrapped with prayer flags and a bulky rock with an illustration of Bodhisattva decorated on top of it. Finally, we arrive at Na Gaon located on the store of the Rolwaling River.

  • Meals: Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner with coffee/Tea
  • Accommodation: Tented Camp
  • Place: Na
  • Altitude: 4180m

We, obtain an additional day for familiarization toddles during the freezing and greasy follow of Yalung Glacier and afterward Ramdung Glacier to accomplish Ramdung Go, 5930m which is an outstanding preparation peak for peak climbing. A remarkable sight of Tsho Rolpa Lake and the nearby glaciers, the same as a mountain, is able to be seen from the summit of Ramdung Go after that ramble reverse to Na Gaon.

  • Meals: Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner with coffee/Tea
  • Accommodation: Tented Camp
  • Place: Na
  • Altitude: 4180m

After breakfast, we depart Na Gaon and traverse the wooden connection above the Rolwaling River. We move about on rather a vertical path climbing. We ramble on top of the moraines of Rolwaling Glacier to accomplish the splendid glacial lake; Tsho Rolpa which is the most popular lake in Nepal with the intention of being located at an elevation of 4540m. The bottomless navy lake hosts a remarkable expression of the neighboring hill and snowy peaks as it envelops the

  • Meals: Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner with coffee/Tea
  • Accommodation: Tented Camp
  • Place: Tsho Rolpa Lake
  • Altitude: 4540m

Even though short, in distance today, the ramble resolve be rough in our day while we are requisite to amble throughout the freezing and demanding path of Trakarding Glacier during the calendar day. In the company of an outlook of more than a few mountains resembling Rolwaling Kang, 6664m, Takargo, 6671m and Jabou Ri, 6166m amongst others, we scale going on an unsteady topography to attain Trakarding.

  • Meals: Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner with coffee/Tea
  • Accommodation: Tented Camp
  • Place: Trakarding Glacier
  • Altitude: 4800m

Today, the path goes ascending from end to end moves up and down rock climbing all along among a leisurely stride on top of the glacier. We at this instant ascend the track of Trakarding Glacier and stroll throughout Drolambau Glacier. This spirit is a complex day of the week since we amble on the icy trail. The charming gorgeousness will be remarkable to experience while we will exist considering snow all around us as we stroll on Drolambau Glacier; we get there in Tashi Labcha Phedi.

  • Meals: Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner with coffee/Tea
  • Accommodation: Tented Camp
  • Place: Tashi Labcha Phedi
  • Altitude: 5755m

vertical ascend starting Tashi Labcha Phedi toward Tashi Lapcha Pass, 5755m, force escort us toward Tashi Labcha Camp, 5665m, which is in addition recognized as Tashi Labcha Phuk. Following a tough ascend, we attain the summit of Tashi Labcha Pass, 5755m, which separates the Rolwaling expanse from the Khumbu area. We at present go through Sagarmatha National Park and tumble down for a short time to reach Tashi Lapcha Camp.

  • Meals: Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner with coffee/Tea
  • Accommodation: Tented Camp
  • Place: Tashi Camp
  • Altitude: 5200m

Today, we will be occurrence comparatively easier glacier trek because the track is easy and downward. Effortless commencing Tashi Labcha Camp, we get there in Ngole, whose path is occupied by snow and frost. After that, we move down on the extension to attain Parchemuche Tsho, a hostile lake within the Khumbu section of road to Thyangbo. With an outlook of Pasang Lhamu Chuli, 7350m, and Cho Oyu, 8201m, we reach your destination in Thyangbo.

  • Meals: Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner with coffee/Tea
  • Accommodation: Tented Camp
  • Place: Thyangbo
  • Altitude: 4350m

Today, Early morning, we amble during yak pastureland plus get there at the yak herder's momentary hut. The trail is rough and gradually goes straightforward. We resolve to go after a small flow all over the way as we appreciate the gorgeousness and calmness of the surroundings. We reach your destination at the Power House previous to inflowing the village of Thame. In the sunset, we resolve excursion to the Thame Monastery and take pleasure in the striking outlook of the neighboring mountain.

  • Meals: Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner with coffee/Tea
  • Accommodation: Lodge
  • Place: Thame
  • Altitude: 3820m

Today is the day we trek to the famous heart of the Khumbu and the capital of the Sherpa. You will acclimatize with the locals as we walk across the mani, yaks, stones, chorten, and spin prayer wheels for good luck and have fun exploring the bustle and hustle of the hiking and everyday life that exist in the Khumbu. We will slowly progress towards the uphill of Namche. As said in Nepali”bistarai” which refers to slowly is the key to adjusting the norm of the trek. For about 2 or 3 hrs walk from Phakding, a walk to Monjo the path follows the Dudh Koshi with valley north. Then you will again see the great view of Thamserku. Moreover, we reach the entrance of Sagarmatha National Park and fill the entry formalities then we ascend Hilary Bridge. With the zigzags of forest and as we catch our breaths with the beautiful views surrounding us, we ascend upward. As we reach halfway up to the viewpoint we can catch the first glimpse of Mount Everest behind the crest of Nuptse-Lhotse. After we pass the entry point, the first view of the capital of the Khumbu Namche Bazaar can be seen which is designed on a steep side of an incline mountain bowl. It is a grand sight of pretty houses and lodges, with Buddhist prayer flags. Namche is a flourishing, busy, and vibrant Sherpa Village as most treks pass through this place.

  • Meals: Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner with coffee/Tea
  • Accommodation: Lodge
  • Place: Namche Bazaar
  • Altitude: 3440m

For the appropriate amendment to the altitude, we stay at Namche for the second early evening. Namche is a genuinely amazing and affluent little urban which is to be found in a bulky unoccupied. It attains its worth throughout the phase whilst valley small piece of Nepal was traded for the Tibetan salt. We will also go hiking to see the world's highest placed Inn, Hotel Everest View. We also suggest you see first light and the end of the day commencing the National Park Headquarters as you can distinguish a remarkable approaching. The picture is a mouthful of air captivating with the astonishing landscape of the Khumbu peaks and the beauty of the mighty Everest. After an early breakfast, you are given a number of-choice similar to a wander to Everest View Hotel and visit the National Park Headquarters to see the mesmerizing demonstration of Sherpa culture and standard of living. Incredible information of the park’s flora and fauna as well as the enormous mountain climbing demonstrates can also be seen.

  • Meals: Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner with coffee/Tea
  • Accommodation: Lodge
  • Place: Namche Bazaar Hike
  • Altitude: 3440m

It is day 19 and the last day of the trek, we take a brief walk along the valley before the ultimate climb to the flight at the Lukla. Then we will have our meal and in the afternoon you are free to explore around or relax or stay cozy. Later, we will have a farewell dinner and a few drinks or perhaps try some ‘chhang’ {mountain beer brewed from fermented rice, it's healthy enough. Then we dance to Sherpa's steps with our crew over the weeks. Altogether we accomplish our merry trip with a great meal and sleep under the moonlit.

  • Meals: Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner with coffee/Tea
  • Accommodation: Lodge
  • Place: Lukla
  • Altitude: 2840m

You can unwind until your departure or can initiate any additional trips that you might have booked. If you are departing, then you will be moved to the international airport for your return flight home.

  • Meals: Breakfast with coffee/Tea
  • Accommodation: Hotel
  • Place: Kathmandu, 1300m
  • Altitude: 1300m

What's Included

  • Meals as specified for trek (breakfast, lunch, dinner).
  • All internal local transport as per the itinerary.
  • Local flights from Lukla- Kathmandu.
  • National park entrance fees, trekking permits accommodation in twin sharing local basis lodges or best available places, guide and porters-salary, insurance, food, accommodations.
  • Basic first aid kit carried by your guide.
  • None of the single supplements is required in Kathmandu or in the mountain.
  • Arrival Airport picks up and departure drops.
  • Food and accommodation (Kathmandu) - lunch and dinner, International flights from your home to home.
  • Airport taxes, car, taxi or van, visa fees.
  • Medical examination (if required) and vaccination costs.
  • Own expenditure (personal), .all bar bills, laundry, telephone calls, hot shower in the mountain, mineral water, sweet deserts, we recommend bringing .water purifier and neutralizer tabulates to reduce your cost of traveling and to become a responsible traveler.
  • Drinks or meals except for 3 meals or not specified in the itinerary, personal clothing, and equipment, travel insurance, optional trips. Tipping in general for trek crew (driver, trek leader and porter-tipping is not mandatory but expected).
  • Charges were sustained as a result of delays beyond Nepal Nomad's control. Anything not specified in the cost includes section.


Experience and Insurance Required for RolwalingTashi Lapcha Pass Trek

High pass trekking is regarded as a challenging and difficult form of trekking adventure. So, it is beneficial to have some level of hiking or trekking experience for the undertaking of this trek. The Insurance required for Rolwaling Tashi Lapcha Trek is medical insurance, emergency rescue insurance and trip cancellation insurance.

Pre-Trip Meeting for RolwalingTashiLapcha Hike

Prior to setting off to Rolwaling Tashi Lapcha Pass treks, we join a pre-trip meeting set by the team for proper communication and introduction with the team members.

An ordinary day in Tashi Lapcha Trekking

The day starts in the early morning with a delightful set of fresh breakfast. We then head for packing and leave the accommodation for a new destination. We enjoy lunch on the way to that destination. And finally, we reach our overnight accommodation.

Accommodation and meals in the Tashi Lapcha Trek Journey

The accommodation in the Tashi Lapcha Trek is designed to give basic level services with toilet facilities that need to be shared. Luxurious aspects are very rare in the Himalayan part of the country and it is better to keep our expectations limites. We will be given three-time meals in the TashiLapcha Trip which are Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner.

Altitude Sickness in the RolwalingTashiLapcha Hike

The itinerary of the RolwalingTashiLapcha Pass Hike is designed with proper acclimatization time. There is the involvement of risk of three stages of altitude sickness which are; Acute Mountain Sickness (AMS), High Altitude Pulmonary Edema (HAPE), and High Altitude Cerebral Edema (HACE). However, with our proper exercise, medication, and resting process, we shall overcome any challenge of altitude sickness.

Responsible Travel and modes of transportation in Rolwaling Tashi Lapcha Pass Trek Adventure

We shall travel responsibly by being careful towards the environment we are approaching and by not being involved in any activity which might harm our surroundings in any way. The modes of transportation used in the Rolwaling Tashi Lapcha Pass Trek Adventure are Airplanes, private vehicles, and helicopters for emergency evacuation.


The permits asked for Rolwaling Tashi Lapcha Pass Trekking are; Trekker’s Information Management System Card (TIMS), Sagarmatha National Park Permit, Gauri Shankar Conservation area permit and also the Local government’s permit.

Nepal nomad team handles Emergencies of Tashi Lapcha High Pass Trek by using first-aid or rescue measures depending upon the given situation in a professional way. Your safety shall always remain the first priority in any situation.

The toilet conditions in the Tashi Lapcha Pass Trek Route are of basic level. They need to be shared with other fellow travelers. You can only experience the luxury in city areas.

Any form of adventure with our Nepal Nomad team including the Tashi Lapcha Pass trek is safe for solo travelers of any gender.

Only high-level gears which are used by professionals are available for rent.

As we go deeper into the trekking region, communication services along with weather get more and more unpredictable. So we need to be flexible regarding communication service in Rolwaling Tashi Lapcha Pass Trek Journey.

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