People and Custom

Highlights of Custom and People of Nepal:

  • Nepalese Custom is based on religious values which are more inclined toward peace
  • The people of Nepal are welcoming and always ready to help
  • Nepal is formed of a diverse group of people from different ethnicities and cultures
  • Nepal is rich in art, literature, music, and dance derived from various ethnical communities
  • Unity in diversity is the most attractive aspect of Nepalese and their Custom.

People and Customs appear to be different in different parts of the world in the light of the surroundings and the type of society they are a part of. Different surroundings create different characteristics of people whether it be physical, emotional, or social and so is the case with the People and Customs of Nepal. Nepalese people also have unique features which separate them from the rest of the world. People of Nepal come from different ethnical, cultural, and traditional backgrounds but the pure identity of being a Nepali unites them to the core. The majority in the country happen to be followers of Hinduism whereas other religious groups with a wider reach of followers include Christianity, Buddhism, and Islam. Similarly, great importance is given to social norms and traditions. Refraining from killing cows is a part of Nepal customs as a cow is considered the country’s national animal, as well as something, worshipped as a goddess.

Beautifully let lose your explorer spirit to get the knowledge of the unique existence of Nepalese and their wonderfully carried custom.

A little more diving into Nepalese and their Custom

Nepal's Population believes in peace and unity which is the reason why Nepalese are living well-adjusted with each other despite the differences in beliefs and way of life. Nepalese Customs and People are the core of its society and its uniqueness. In the case of marriages, society inclines more toward arranged marriages whereas it may differ according to the different types of communities. Other kinds of marriages prevailing in Nepalese Society as a part of its customers are “VaagiBibaha” where the bride runs away with the groom, Court Marriage, Love Marriage, Ashur Marriage, and many others. Although many types of marriages are recognized by Nepalese customs, only a few are given validity by Nepal’s constitution. Likewise, the biggest highlight of Nepalese Custom would be its unique dresses contribute to the protection of cultural norms. The most common representation of such cultural dress would be “DhaakaTopi” and “Daura-Suruwal” for men and for women, it would be “Gunyo Choli”. However, you will get to see the variation in dresses which will highlight one’s belongingness towards a certain Nepalese community and culture. Similarly to that, Nepalese are highly fond of folk songs and you will be hearing a lot of them if you choose to travel on local buses. The pure folk songs are truly the representation of Nepal’s musical beauty which is different from any other. Nepalese Culture beautifully shines through its music, arts, language, literature, food, and many other aspects. “Dal-Bhat” is the core of our strength as it remains the permanent food item that we intake on a daily basis and usually prefer the use of our hands to enjoy its taste to the fullest.

Likely to that, we refrain from wearing shoes inside respected places which including even our home as well as other holy places like temples. “Namaste” is our most common way of greeting and welcoming people and is usually instigated by the juniors to the elders as a form of respect. Most customs of Nepal are led and guided by religious norms which are highly respected. Though Nepal is a secular country, with its majority of the population being Hindu, you will be seeing mostly the followers of Hindu Customs and traditions. But if you look closely, you will be able to identify the beauty of other groups of people with their own unique ethnic customs leading their life with their own values laid down by their ancestors in the form of tradition.

A little inward look at Nepalese and their Custom: The people of Nepal have more depth in their existence than it appears

People of Nepal are referred to as “Nepalese” as a whole but even within us lies variations of histories, languages, art forms, dances, culture, religions, deities, beliefs, festivals, and other many things. If one has to study the variations among the people on these bases, the unity of Nepalese would come as a shock to them but that has to be a pure sense of respect for other’s values and norms that unites them so well together.

One Single kind of Custom wouldn’t be enough to represent them

Nepalese carry Customs from their ancestors as a form of tradition and since they are a group of people belonging to different ethnicities and cultures, they derive their customs from them.

Women are regarded as “goddesses” of the family

It is regarded as a sin to hit a woman even as a mistake and to compensate when it happens, one is made to worship her foot and ask for forgiveness as women as regarded as goddesses in the Nepalese family and their happiness is believed to bring prosperity.

Even Guests are treated as Gods

Nepalese purely believe that the guest even in the form of a stranger is the arrival of god on their doorstep and thus, they act carefully in order to not make them sad or make them leave their empty stomachs.

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