Rara Lake TrekRara Lake Trek

Rara Lake Trek

  • Duration14 Days
  • DestinationNepal
  • Difficulty Level Moderate
  • Max Altitude 3408m
  • Group Size 2-10+
  • Starts Kathmandu
  • Ends Kathmandu
  • Activity Trekking, Hiking and Day Tour
  • Best Season Apr-May and Oct-Dec

Rara Lake Trek 14 Days carries up to 3408m and introduces you to the enormous wonders laid down by nature in the form of a supernatural waterfall, an unspoiled lake, extraordinary flora and fauna, and magnificent snow-capped mountain peaks. The journey toward Rara Lake takes you to the outlying western expanse of Nepal; conveying you nearer just previous to the pure spirit of the local’s way of life and their exclusive civilization. This Rara Lake Trek Package 2024-2025 delightfully portrays the combination of temperament and human settlement. Trek en route for the Rara Lake course will be captivating you during the astonishing Rara National Park which has been home to many endangered wildlife species like Red Panda, Himalayan Ghoral, musk deer, And Himalayan Black Bear. Rara lake sanctuary is definitely overflowing with the most remarkable creation of the natural world.

Immerse yourself into the wondrous wilderness of Rara by undertaking this extraordinary trip around the sanctuary of the deepest lake in Nepal.

  • Find yourself co-existing with other one hundred and fourteen species of birds and one thousand and seventy four species of Wildflowers
  • Explore the rural trails leading to the most incredible destinations
  • Get stunned with the magical existence of the biggest lake in the country known as Rara
  • Experience jaw dropping views from Chuchemara Dada
  • Expand your experiences through the amazing encounters with endangered wildlife and medicinal plants

A deeper exploration of the Rara Lake Trek

Rara Lake Trek Itinerary carries you during the distant trail of the Karnali area, bringing you a variety of wildlife and appealing villages like Murma village. You will be surprised by the mixture of wild species that originate in the area. In this expanse only, in attendance are about hundred and fourteen species of birds and one thousand and seventy-four species of wildflowers existing with tremendous magnificence. However, the attraction is typically stolen by the pleasing freshwater of Rara Lake that proudly reflects the attractive snow-capped mountain peaks like the Murma peak that surrounds the route. This Rara lake course trek of 16 days brings you nearer in stroke with the variety of medicinal plant species like Serpentina, and Himalayan yew. Which can barely be found in different pieces of the world? Particularly, you can truly have a restful experience of trekking through this incredible excursion en route to the Rara lake circuit. You will surely be humble with the jaw-dropping beauty that Rara beholds. Walk on the way to Rara Lake Circuit and makes your way through the magnificent subsistence of a stunning forest of Pine, Juniper, and Spruce. Especially, if the trip is undertaken in the spring season, you will be speculated to be struck by the trails ornamented with diverse colors of wildflowers.

As a part of this breathtaking Rara Lake Trek Map, one can surely head for Chuchemara Dada for the best view of the spotless navy lake and the superb mountain peaks which encircle it. It is incredible, the way forests encircle the gorgeous navy lake-like protection. No matter how frequently times we look at the pristine blue Rara Lake, it never feels enough and is indeed breathtaking every single time. Rara lake trekking holds the wonderful art of nature with extreme pride and glory. You will certainly be left wanting more after undertaking this excursion to the Karnali section while exploring the beauty of the Rara lake circuit. This incredible Rara Lake circuit trip will definitely fulfill the thrust for the wilderness. As you embark on your trip to the highest lake in Nepal, you will begin to create a unique connection to a different and unaltered world of pretty villages, humble people, gorgeous natural wonders, incredible wildlife, and a wonderful co-existence among them. The accomplishment of the trek will certainly fill you with enormous pride and can indeed prove to be an experience of a lifetime. The wonders of Rara are eagerly waiting for the touch of your footsteps.

At Nepal Nomad you can get details about more amazing destinations like Rara Lake trekking. We also provide a customized Rara Lake Trek Itinerary as per your wish. Contact us to know more about the tour.


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Our team member will be there to pick you up at Tribhuvan international airport and escort you to your accommodation on the very first day. In the remaining time, you can stroll around the streets of Basantapur, Thamel, and some other places. You will be provided with the best hospitality along with a delicious Nepali cuisine dinner. You will be staying overnight in Kathmandu.

  • Max. Altitude:1300m
  • Accommodation:Hotel
  • Time:1 hour
  • Meals:Welcome Dinner
  • Walking Distance:5.5km
  • Transport:Car / Jeep

On this day, you'll take an hour's beautiful trip to Nepalgunj from Kathmandu. Today you'll have sufficient opportunity to explore Nepalgunj, a multi-ethnic city of Nepal. You'll get a nearby glimpse of the culture and way of life of Terai individuals which is very not quite the same as individuals living in the capital city. You can visit Grasscutters' Lane or entertain yourself with the street foods. You can likewise visit Royal Bardia National Park which is a couple of good ways from the primary market of Nepalgunj. Here you can do elephant safaris and get a natural life experience. We will spend the night at Nepalgunj

  • Max. Altitude:150m
  • Accommodation:Hotel
  • Meals:Breakfast, lunch and dinner with coffee/tea

Today, after having early morning breakfast, you'll take a departure from Nepalgunj to Jumla. It is a short 20 minutes flight and you'll reach Jumla at a height of 2,540 meters. Today you'll feel the extraordinary change in the scene as you'll fly from the plain place that is known for Terai to the bumpy scene of Jumla. Jumla is one of the remote and less created Karnali areas of Nepal. You'll go through an entire day exploring this unfamiliar spot for the acclimatization reason. The focal point of the town, called Khalanga Bazaar, is cleared of enormous flagstones and is a bustling exchanging post for the district. Past the numerous shops are two intriguing Hindu sanctuaries, Chandan Nath, which remembers the yogi who acquainted rice cultivating with the valley somewhere in the range of 900 years prior and is committed to Vishnu, and Bhairavnath, a fresher sanctuary devoted to Shiva. These sanctuaries were worked toward the start of the Malla Empire, a Khas line that ruled western Nepal, Tibet, Ladakh, and Kashmir for a considerable length of time, see Khas People in Ethnic Groups. A solid breeze blows through the valley in the evenings, so on the off chance that you show up before the expected time enough, it is a smart thought to finish tomorrow's trek. We will spend the night at Jumla.

  • Max. Altitude:2540m
  • Accommodation:Lodge
  • Meals:Breakfast, lunch and dinner with coffee/tea

Today is the main start day of our trek. We leave Jumla and rise to Chere Chaur along the Jugad Khola. After early morning breakfast, we'll begin your trek from Jumla to Chere Chaur (3,055 meters). Today is the first day of the trek so you have to gradually rise and drink a lot of water. While in transit to Chere Chaur, you'll pass Khalanga Bazaar, a little commercial center. In the wake of going through a few little towns and sanctuaries, you'll reach Chere Chaur and spend the night.

  • Max. Altitude:3055m
  • Accommodation:Lodge
  • Time:4.5 hours
  • Meals:Breakfast, lunch and dinner with coffee/tea

On this day, you'll pursue the western path and make a gradual climb through delightful rhododendron, birch, and pine backwoods to the spot called Jaljala Pass. A simple plunge on the north side of the pass before long carries you to an expansive verdant field, Jaljala Chaur. To arrive at a couple of structures on the most distant side of the field proceed with the northern tree line to a path that traverses a stream. On the off chance that you take any of the prior, direct courses, you should swim various little streams and cross the boggy ground. Camp on a fix of cleared ground before the structures should you need to remain here. From the buildings, the path dives quickly through woodland into the Jaljala Khola valley, where there is a decent campsite at Chalachaur.

  • Max. Altitude:2980m
  • Accommodation:Lodge
  • Time:5hrs
  • Meals:Breakfast, lunch and dinner with coffee/tea

Today, after having early morning breakfast we will be present in fine deciduous woods with the shimmering Jaljala Khola driving the way. Following 45 minutes a huge tributary valley converges from the privilege and the principal little plots of farmland show up. Strolling through the town you can see the finish of the valley ahead, and a rough projection with directing perspectives. The path twists around the southern base of the projection and afterward drops to a scaffold over the outpouring of the Jaljala Khola to a landmass with the Sinja Khola on the far side. Camp on the landmass beside the wellbeing post (2405m, 45 mins), the principal some portion of the town is on the furthest side of the valley and can become to by another extension.

  • Max. Altitude:2490m
  • Accommodation:Lodge
  • Time:4.5 hours
  • Meals:Breakfast, lunch and dinner with coffee/tea

Today we will spend our day exploring the beautiful Sinja valley and its surroundings. The projection that you spent the earlier day is a significant site in medieval Nepali history. The western slopes of Nepal were previously the focal point of the biggest realm at any point found in the Himalayas, before the unification of Nepal. The main remains are a few remnants of the regal royal residence and the antiquated Hindu Kankasundri Temple on top of the promontory, called Lamathada. From the highest point of Lamathada, you gaze down into a profound gorge toward the west, and a few give in on the far bank, where the fifth Dalai Lama is said to have ruminated. The old outskirt with Tibet isn't far away, in the Mugu Karnali Nadi valley, and nearby legends recount when Sinja was the most significant spot in the Himalaya ranges

  • Max. Altitude:2490m
  • Accommodation:Lodge
  • Meals:Breakfast, lunch and dinner with coffee/tea

From the campground, cross the suspension scaffold to Sinja town and pursue a dirt trail that climbs a little as it heads through the canyon behind Lamathada. From the crevasse, it is anything but difficult to perceive any reason why Lamathada was such a conspicuous decision for a post royal residence, any assailant from here would get no opportunity of achievement. Proceed on the north bank of the Sinja Khola along a path that keeps on climbing; don't take any littler courses that slide to the riverside. After 1½ hours you should arrive at the distant homes of Bhota at the passage of the Ghatta Khola valley, 2600m. From the town, we jump on a precarious path for some time pursued by a moderately simple path until Laha Village. From Laha, it is a precarious move up until Ghorosingha nearby Ghatte Khola.

  • Max. Altitude:3050m
  • Accommodation:Lodge
  • Time:4hrs
  • Meals:Breakfast, lunch and dinner with coffee/tea

We start our lofty rising after breakfast. Our path is close by Chuchhemara Danda from where we get the opportunity to respect the Himalayan display, the immense and peaceful Rara Lake, and the lavish vegetation of the Rara National Park. While in transit to Rara Lake, we go through Khatyar Khola Camp and a couple of towns including Murma.

  • Max. Altitude:3010m
  • Accommodation:Lodge
  • Time:6.5 hours
  • Meals:Breakfast, lunch and dinner with coffee/tea

Rara Lake is an unspoiled spot; the astoundingly clear water encompassed by secured backwoods is a nature sweethearts fantasy. A stroll around the edge of the lake is extremely worth the exertion – check whether you can detect the stele denoting the cardinal focuses, no one knows how or why they are here. On the north-eastern bank is Rara Mahadev Temple, beautified with woodcarvings of elephants, peacocks,s, and individuals. On the full moon in July/August local people assemble here to respect the god Thakur, who, legend says, made the lake by terminating a bolt at the western shore and afterward fabricated the eastern bank by stepping down the earth. Whirling rock developments at the eastern finish of the lake are said to be his impressions. There are some old kayaks close to the military camp that you may have the option to utilize. The lake water is very clear for swimming, yet cold, and Park's decision stipulates that you should utilize lightness helps.

  • Max. Altitude:3010m
  • Accommodation:Lodge
  • Meals:Breakfast, lunch and dinner with coffee/tea

On this day, abandoning delightful flawless Rara Lake you'll trek towards Pina. The present walk is around 4-5 hours and very charming until you reach Gamgadhi, headquarters of the Mugu District. Further, you'll pursue the wonderful woods trail to Jhyari Khola. What's more, after short tough strolls take you through the pine timberland to Pina (2,440 meters). Night stay at the teahouse of Pina town.

  • Max. Altitude:2440m
  • Accommodation:Lodge
  • Time:4 hours
  • Meals:Breakfast, lunch and dinner with coffee/tea

Today, after eating breakfast, you'll leave Pina for Bumra. The path is downhill and leads through Ghurchi Langna Pass at an elevation of 3,480 meters. This is the most noteworthy purpose of the trek. You can see vivid petition banners and from the highest point of the pass, you can see the wonderful Karnali waterway. In the wake of appreciating the view, you'll proceed with your trek down to Bulbule. From Bulbule, you'll move towards the south and proceed through the little settlement around Chautha. Following 5-6 hours of walk, you'll arrive at an excellent town in Burma (2,850 meters) for a medium-term remain. This town is likewise called Nauri Ghat.

  • Max. Altitude:2850m
  • Accommodation:Lodge
  • Time:7.5 hours
  • Meals:Breakfast, lunch and dinner with coffee/tea

Today we'll begin our trek promptly toward the beginning of the day from Bumra town. Getting a charge out of the last day of your Rara Lake Trekking you'll traverse the Hima River. Following a couple of long periods of the downhill walk, you'll arrive at a natural aquifer. Here you can clean up and loosen up your body. In the wake of investing some energy in the natural aquifer, you'll cross Danphe Lagna pass at 3,691 meters. You'll proceed with your trek and reach Chere Chaur. From this town, you'll stroll on a similar path you took a couple of days back. At long last, following 5-6 hours of walk, you'll reach Jumla (2,540 meters) for a night's stay

  • Max. Altitude:2540m
  • Accommodation:Lodge
  • Time:7hrs
  • Meals:Breakfast, lunch and dinner with coffee/tea

Reconfirm your flights when you land in Jumla. Contingent upon plans you ought to have the option to travel to Nepalgunj toward the beginning of the day and afterward get one of the numerous evening flights to Kathmandu that day.

  • Max. Altitude:1300m
  • Accommodation:Hotel
  • Meals:Breakfast, lunch and dinner with coffee/tea
What's Included
  • Meals as specified for trek (breakfast, lunch, dinner).
  • All internal local transport as per the itinerary.
  • Local flights from Kathmandu-Nepalgunj- Jumla- Nepalgunj- Kathmandu.
  • National Park entrance fees, trekking permits accommodation in twin sharing local basis lodges or best available places, guide and porters-salary, insurance, food, accommodations.
  • Basic first aid kit carried by your guide.
  • None of the single supplements is required in Kathmandu or in the mountain.
  • Arrival Airport picks up and departure drop.
What's not Included
  • Food and accommodation (Kathmandu) - lunch and dinner, International flights from your home to home.
  • Airport Taxes, car, taxi or van, Visa fees.
  • Medical examination (if required) and vaccination costs.
  • Own Expenditure(Personal) , .all bar bills, laundry, telephone calls, hot shower in the mountain, mineral water, sweet deserts, we recommend bringing .water purifier and neutralizer tabulates to reduce your cost of traveling and to become responsible traveler.
  • Drinks or meals except for 3 meals or not specified in the itinerary, Personal clothing and equipment, Travel insurance, Optional trips. Tipping in general for trek crew (driver, Trek leader and porter-tipping is not mandatory but expected).
  • Charges were sustained as a result of delays beyond Nepal Nomad's control. Anything not specified in the Cost Includes section.
Good to Know

Experience Required:

You don’t have to meet any specific requirement, you just have to fit and healthy and must be to walk more than five six hours per day.

Pre-Trip Meeting:

Before going to our trip, we hold a meeting where we will discuss all about the trekking requirements like permits, costs, meals and so on. You will also meet your Trekking guide and other staff members of our company.

Equipment Check List:

We have listed some equipment, while you will only need to bring that is necessary for this trip. And remember to keep your bag weight to minimum under 20 kg.


For the head protection: Sun hat or scarf - Light balaclava or warm fleece hat - Sunglasses with UV protection.

Lower Body: -

Under Garments - Hiking shorts - Lightweight cotton long pants - Light weight hiking thermal bottoms - Fleece or wool pants – Waterproof trekking trousers -

Feet: - lightweight thin inner socks - Thick, warm wool hiking socks - Hiking boots with spare laces - Camp shoes – Gaiters (optional)

Upper Body:-

As for the upper body’s shirts – Hiking and light weight thermal tops - Fleece jacket or pullover - Fleece Wind-Stopper jacket (optional) - Waterproof shell jacket - Down vest and/or jacket - Base layer shirts - Warm jacket (down)*

Hands: - gloves that are Lightweight - Heavyweight gloves or mittens with a waterproof shell outer.


Sleeping bag (comfort rated –10ºC)*- Sleeping bag liner - Head torch with spare bulbs and batteries - Small pad or combination.

Trekking Bags: - Large bag for keeping items dry inside trek bag, Daypack 250 to 30litres. - Thermarest sleeping pad - Water bottles - Water purification tablets.

Basic First Aid Kit: - Antiseptic cream, throat lozenges, diarrhoea treatment (Imodium), altitude (Diamox), painkillers, plasters and blister treatment, insect repellent, and re-hydration salts (Dioralite). Glucose tablets and multi-vitamin tablets are also a good idea.

Toiletries:- 1 medium sized quick drying towel - Tooth brush/paste - Multipurpose soap - Deodorants - Nail clippers - Face and body moisturizer - Feminine products - Small mirror - Wet wipes - toilet roll/Tissue Extras - Antibacterial hand wash

Luxuries - Binoculars - Reading book - Trip Map/Guide book - Trekking poles – Camera - Repair kit: needle, thread, duct tape.

A typical day:

You morning will start with a cup of tea or coffee as you desire and breakfast will be served at 6:30 am. You always need to wake up early in the morning and get ready for everyday mind blowing trip. You will get your lunch at another village where you will stop for a break and dinner will be served at the lodge where you will stay overnight.


Lodges and homestays will be limited during the trekking so we only arrange the limited family lodges for you which will be comfortable enough for meals and all others things.


Nepal Nomad's booking terms & conditions of joining Rara Circuit Trekking includes that you must be fully insured with medical, emergency rescue evacuations including trip cancellation insurance which should cover over 3000m to 6000m.

Altitude Sickness:

It occurs those who cannot adopt in High elevation and its symptoms are headaches, queasiness, unbalanced respiration, restlessness and the swelling of fingers and glands. Medical Treatment is to descend to a lower altitude as fast as possible.


Meals will be provided in all lodges where you will be staying throughout the trek.