Terms and Conditions

You will be booking with us when we issue our Booking Confirmation. If you cancel the booking afterward, there will be cancellation charges. Initially, this might only be a deposit, but can still rise up to 100%. You can make changes to your booking under certain circumstances. We make some charges for this. Thus, we can change and cancel your booking.

Our Details

All the bookings are made with Nepal Nomad Trekking Pvt. Ltd. Registered license Number is 42931/063/64, Address: Thamel Dabali Marg - 26, Thamel, Kathmandu, Nepal. , Post Box: 14419. and (“we”, “us”, the “Company” or “our”).

Key cancelation points

3 months before departure, 15% of the total trip cost

30 days before departure 30% of the total trip cost
Less than 5 days to 48 hours before departure 100% of the total trip cost

General Booking Conditions

01: It is a crucial condition that you agree to the terms and conditions of the adventure tour along with the requirement of a friendly gesture. Only the day-to-day itinerary is taken as a guideline. We cannot be held responsible for the weather or natural casualties, delays in international and domestic flights, Government Regulations, or strikes. And this all has to be conducted upon a mutual agreement. Nepal Nomad shall provide an alternative solution for such case scenarios. Nepal Nomad shall be liable for the refund after deducting the expenses already incurred if an agreement cannot be made.

02: Once we receive the deposit of 30% then the booking will be confirmed by email. The balance should be due no later than two months prior to the departure. You must pay full payment within 5 business days if you book a tour lasting for less than 1 month prior to the departure.

03: We will be waiting for your new expected arrival date or assume you have been delayed if you do not show up at the meeting point on the specified date and time. Within 48 hours, if you do not contact us, we will assume that you have canceled the tour and thus, no refund shall be given.

04: The tour will not be canceled except for unforeseeable and unusual circumstances such as major political unrest or war or a complicated natural disaster. We will promptly refund all the payments which comprise the deposit except for the unrecoverable cost such as the air tickets and so on in case of the tour cancellation. We shall not be responsible for supplementary expenses such as (incidental costs, vaccinations, visas, and insurance.)

05: Subject to the early tour return of the clients in accordance with the cause or their wish or in case you commit any unlawful act during your tour; Nepal Nomad will not be responsible for the day’s unutilized refund. Clients shall have to pay for the extra costs or the hotel incurred after leaving the itinerary.

06: We highly recommend you take travel insurance, before joining an adventure of this type. This should include medical expenses, helicopter evacuation, adequate coverage of baggage, and emergency repatriation. You must provide us with the entire document proof.

07: The tours, climbing, and trekking information sheets and the other dossiers give conditions and information in regards to the part of the contract. Therefore, you should be fully aware of those contents. The itinerary is not a contractual obligation, it is an indication of what the group should accomplish. Adjustments can be made in case of flight cancellations, exceptional weather conditions, unforeseeable circumstances, or other health-related complications. Unused services shall not be given a refund. All information and advice provided (vaccinations, climate, tour equipment, visas) are given in good faith but without any responsibility bestowed upon us.

08: Agreeing to abide by the leader’s authority and signing the booking, implies your acceptance of the trip leader’s decision which could affect the individuals or the group. At your arrival, the tour leader will give you a complete briefing about your holiday with Nepal Nomad

09: Please notify us in writing within 15 days of the tour completion, if you have any complaint that cannot be dealt with immediately with the tour leader or in case you are not satisfied with the response. According to the process governed by the laws of Nepal, we shall try to make adjustments in the process.

10: When booking, it is implicated and accepted that you have read and understood all the booking along with the terms and conditions and agreed to abide.

11: Minors aged under 13 can venture on tailor-made trips with the company of their guardian. For minors aged under 5-10, parents have to take full responsibility throughout the trip and bear all the possible occurrences on their behalf.

12: Our team will always strive to ensure your safety and well-being while on the tour. On particular tours, our local team will ask you to sign an ‘Acceptance of Risk’ on the day of confirmation of the tour form before accepting your participation in the tour. The case details are outlined in the Trip Notes and you can ask for a copy of the applicable form by contacting us.

13: We reserve our right to change the price under various circumstances. Though our actions will be reasonable, like in case of circumstances such as drastic changes in the exchange rate, inflations, or government actions, we are not liable to intensely clarify our actions.

14: It is mandatory to have a comprehensive travel insurance package for all our clients to join any of our adventures. The insurance must cover all medical expenses, personal accidents, emergency evacuations, trip cancellations, loss of gears and natural calamity, theft of or damage of the baggage, and personal effects.

15: Flight delays and cancellations are likely to happen often during bad weather conditions in remote areas, particularly in the Everest region, the Annapurna region, Dolpo, Simikot, and Jumla regions. Therefore, it is advisable to carry some extra money to buy food and accommodations in case of delays. We will not be responsible for any of the additional expenses. Therefore, please plan accordingly.

16: Risk and Liabilities: All Nepal, China, and Bhutan tours are conducted under the strict rules and regulations of the tourism board of the respective country. We are not liable for any changes or cancellations of the trip under unavoidable circumstances like changes in the rules and regulations of the country, any government restrictions, natural disasters, political instability, cancellations of flights, delays, sickness or accidents, breakdown of vehicles, etc. Any extra cost incurred due to such circumstances shall have to be borne by the clients themselves. Therefore, travel insurance is highly recommended.


In case you intend to cancel your trip for any reason, you need to write it to us 15 days prior to your trip departure date. We shall approve it as canceled only after receiving a valid written notice from the client.

As per our policy, the 30% deposit amount is non-refundable therefore, in case any occurrences arise that you might need to cancel the trip, we rather recommend you postpone your trip against canceling it or postponing the fee, and the remaining amount after that deduction will be transferred as your balance amount for your next trip with us.


A valid written notice of cancellation should be provided 30 days prior to your trip departure date. In case you cancel your Bhutan tour, 50% of the trip cost will be charged as a cancellation charge. The amount is non-refundable.


A valid written notice of cancellation should be provided 30 days prior to your trip departure date. In case you cancel your Tibet tour, 50% of the trip cost will be charged as a cancellation charge. The amount is non-refundable.

Important Note

Our terms and conditions are applicable only if you book your trip with us directly. If you book your trip with us through any agents or third party, you shall be liable to their terms and conditions.