Tour in Nepal Highlights
  • Explore world heritage sites in Nepal.
  • Visit the living goddess Kumari in the residence of Kathmandu.
  • Glimpse of artistic architecture built in Patan, Bhaktapur.
  • Know more about the local’s lifestyle.

When you take a tour in Nepal and go through the diversity and the beauties of nature, all your galling and gloomy thoughts are faded away. Tour in Nepal gives you the glimpse of such exploration activities, where you can enjoy all the diverse culture, religion and nature. Ancient tragedies, clanging bells and timeless traditions that look upon the gods are spelled bound in a beautiful country like Nepal. The moment the wheels of your plane touches the airstrip of the airport, within those moments you are welcomed to the country of history, spirituality, community and friendship. It is not possible to overcome the excitement of being here.

From the cosmopolitan and bustling streets of Kathmandu to the rustic village of Bandipur or the dreamy lakeside town of Pokhara, you expeditiously become a willing participant of the Local Life.

As you take time to exchange smile at the locals and say “Namaste”, share joke with the taxi driver or have chitchat with the roadside chai sellers, all are the part of Nepalese Appeal. For most who muster the energy, hiking the finest Himalayas and Tour and Trekking in Nepal is a stunning highlight. Nepal gives you a wonderful opportunity to discover a world that is beyond its country culture and traditions that defy time.

Nepal is acknowledged in the world for its contrast and color and its concealed Shangri La filled with Adventure, Culture and Nature. Undoubtedly, its trademark has to be the majestic snow that is the crowned Himalayas, home to the eight out of the fourteen world’s 8000 meter peaks. However, there is just more than the heights that includes the compelling rivers that rush out from the Mountains and gives the incredible rafting opportunities as they descend down the middle hills and plunder out the steamy flatlands if the Terai.

Undeniably, the astonishing genetic diversity of the Nepal is reflected by the equally diverse population whose rich heritage colors this nations songs and masked dances, with nation’s festivals and rituals and whose devotion is matched with the few places of earth. Many artistic temples and monument are mirrored by the culture and tradition of this. This tranquil Himalayan state is thus a naturalist’s dream, adventurer’s paradise and living archaeological museums. Nepal’s culture and history can be found in Kathmandu; narrow twisty roads with pagodas and stupas, temples as you hike through the door. The three main historical cities of Nepal include Kathmandu, Bhaktapur and Patan. These cities include the chivalric tradition and culture where grandeur, religion and intrigue embrace in the diverse characteristics leaving behind a rich legacy of impressive sights that are virtual feasts to the eyes of visitors. We devoutly follow the traditions till today the traditions created by the rulers. Out of every day tours, Nepal Nomad has arranged tour packages in Nepal that takes you into the ancient history. All tours can be personalized that you can customize according to your time. This exceptional tour will make you realize Nepal has so much to offer. Get to know more us at or click here for more information.