Visa Procedure

The Chinese consulate in Kathmandu doesn't issue visas to singular explorers, just to those set up for a visit and afterward just paper-gathering visas (not a stamp in your international ID). In the event that you turn up with a Chinese visa in your international ID, it will be dropped.

Nepali offices at present charge around US$85 per individual for a gathering visa. US/Canadian residents pay US$177/135. Permit in any event three working days for handling; quicker administration is once in a while accessible for a premium however not at the hour of research. The international safe haven needs your genuine visa, so you have to spend four or five days in Kathmandu before your Tibet trip. You should have a visa greeting letter given from your Tibetan organization before you can apply for a Chinese visa.

Gathering visas are given for the span of your visit. On the off chance that you are proceeding to China after your visit, you can demand your very own individual 30-day gathering visa.

The visa office at Nepal's Chinese Embassy acknowledges applications from 9.45 am to 11 am Monday to Friday. Note that the fundamental international safe haven is in Baluwatar, yet the different visa office is in Hattisar. Your Nepali operator (or the specialist of your Tibet visit organization) will make the application for you.

In the event that you are flying from Kathmandu legitimately to Chinese urban communities outside Tibet (ie Chengdu or Shanghai), you can enter China on an individual visitor visa given from abroad. Consequently, on the off chance that you need to keep going in China after your Tibet trip for an outing longer than 30 days, the most effortless thing is to fly from Kathmandu to Chengdu and after that on to Lhasa with your TTB license and on your ordinary Chinese visa.

These are liable to change and rely upon whether you join the trip in Kathmandu or China. In the event that you are joining the excursion in Kathmandu, you will require a numerous passage visa for Nepal which can be gotten either from your closest Nepalese department or on appearance in Nepal. If you are remaining just 3 days in Nepal you are qualified with the expectation of a complimentary visa.

For Tibet, we sort out a gathering visa, and so as to do this we will require a duplicate of your international ID, at any rate, seven days preceding the beginning of your excursion, trailed by your genuine identification one day before the visa giving days. In the event that you are entering by means of territory China, you need to acquire a Chinese visa from your nation of origin. Visa guidelines in Tibet continue to change please approach us for the most recent Tibet visa data.