Helicopter Tours

Nepal Helicopter Tours 2024-2025 is absolutely one of the mind-blowing adventures one could undertake in this great country of the Himalayas. Comparatively less challenging in nature than other ordinary treks and tours, the Helicopter adventure in Nepal is a phenomenal way of discovering the deeply sculpted valleys, rivers, waterfalls, peaks, forests, wildlife, and other forms of divine beauty. Helicopter Sightseeing Itinerary Nepal is a short form of traveling adventure in comparison to that of a Helicopter Trek in Nepal but both of these adventures are amazing in their own ways.

The most popular forms of Helicopter Tours in the country are Annapurna Helicopter Tour, Langtang Helicopter Tour, Everest Helicopter Tour, and Muktinath Helicopter Tour. Using the Nepal Helicopter Tour service is simply a way of making the most out of travel within a short time but with great satisfaction and thrill. In a way, it is a luxurious way of travel where you will be faced with more fun than challenges.

Helicopter Tours in Nepal gives you a wondrous chance to experience the beauty of its Himalayas through different perceptions and angles.

  • The magnificent voyage over Annapurna, Langtang Everest, and Muktinath
  • Encounter the abundance of wildlife.
  • Discover the beauty of the country’s remarkable locations from different angles.
  • Feel the thrill of an adventure in luxury
  • The adventure brings out the best aerial sights from the quaint village settlements to the feast of the incredible vistas of the mighty snow-peaked peak
    Helicopter Details:
  • Present arrival: AS 350 B3 E Airbus
  • Made: Euro copter, France
  • Date of Mfg: January 2015
  • Seat Capacity: =7 people (Including Pilot) on low land and up to 5 People on High land.
  • Fling Capacity: 1400 kg.
  • Landing Altitude: 23,000 ft. (7010m)
  • Weight: 2250 kg
  • Takeoff = Kathmandu domestic airport and Pokhara domestic airport.
  • Empty Weight: 1285 kg
  • Internal Load: 900 kg

A detailed description of the wonders of Helicopter Tours in Nepal

Likewise, Helicopter Trek in Nepal is a mixture of Helicopter rides and a certain amount of trekking on foot. It is definitely less tiring and more challenging than the simple form of treks. The Heli Treks offered to include wondrous ones like Annapurna Sanctuary Heli Trek, Langtang Heli Trek, Everest Base Camp Heli Trek, and the amazing Everest Kongde Heli Trek. Likely to that, both the Helicopter Tour and Trek Package in Nepal are mainly designated for those who have limited time and those who prefer to relish the view without much effort. One is assured of incredible sightseeing and fun adventures. You don’t have to be in the right shape and size or have sheer cliff walls with the mountain range; all you need to have is the spirit for adventure. With the breathtaking adventure in a brief period of time, explore this fantastic country with the Nepal Helicopter Tour and Trek where one can observe majestic peaks to discover the greenery, lakes, glaciers and so much more as this is a lifetime experience.

The magical journey in the air

The Nepal Helicopter Tours are definitely a time-honored selection for mountain lovers. This is truly the simplest, less time, and effort consuming to witness the entire natural wonders. The country brings out the best scenic sights and is named the “Helicopter country” where the aerial flights over the tourist spots and the various heritages are trendy. We ensure you with the best helicopters that offer an exceptional experience for satisfaction and safety. Talking about safety, one is assured that while flying across the world’s spectacular flight range, you will be under the wings of professional and greatly experienced pilots who have run thousands of flying hours.

A specified look on the Helicopter Tour and Trek in Nepal: Fly over the majestic Everest region

Through Heli Tour and Trek in Nepal, you will be faced with the least challenges that are possible in the mountain section while being provided with such facilities that other kinds of tours and treks lack. And in that way, how surreal it would be to get closer to the highest peak in the world which is Mt. Everest while relishing the beauty of many other gorgeous peaks.

Experience the thrill of soaring over the Annapurna and Langtang region

After Everest, Annapurna and Langtang are among the most sought-after traveling destinations in the country. In the Heli tour and trek, you will be able to experience the most out of the region from different angles.

Choose a combo of Himalayan Luxury and Adventures 

When it comes to adventure, we usually think of challenges and hardships. However, in terms of challenges, Nepal Heli Tour and Trek offer comparatively less hardship than any other way of traveling. It is indeed a luxurious form of adventure in the context of the Himalayas. If you want to know any further or have any doubts regarding the given information or want a Nepal Heli Tour and Trek Itinerary do contact us at Nepal Nomad without any hesitation.