• About Us

    Nepal Nomad began with the steps of an enthusiastic adventurer who took his interest and passion for traveling towards the nook and corners of the various trekking, touring, and adventuring destinations of Nepal.The man who once walked on to fulfill his individualistic adventurous dreams finally was hit with the idea of letting others fulfill similar visions of adventures with a ...

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  • Terms and Conditions

    You will be booking with us when we issue our Booking Confirmation. If you cancel the booking afterward, there will be cancellation charges. Initially, this might only be a deposit, but can still rise up to 100%. You can make changes to your booking under certain circumstances. We make some charges for this. Thus, we can change and cancel your ...

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  • Privacy Policy

    We kindly request you take some time to go through the privacy policy carefully so that you can clearly understand how your personal information and data are used, stored, and secured.Personal information that has been referred to in the privacy policy indicates such aspects which will contribute to identifying and contacting you, which may include your address, name, contact number, ...

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