Nepal Travel Guide

Highlights of Nepal Travel Info:

  • Nepal is a cheap country to travel to in terms of daily expenses
  • Nepal is safe for all kinds of travelers from any part of the world
  • Nepal is filled with people from different cultural backgrounds which will be fun to explore
  • Appropriate and decent clothing is requested to be considered while traveling as Nepal is a culturally very sensitive country
  • Nepalese treat guests as gods

In order to make sustainable travel plans, one must be aware of the destination they are heading for and so it applies to travel to Nepal. To be aware of oneself before an adventure is indeed a sign of a true nomad and that must be the reason why you are reading this. Nepal Travel Information will clarify the process and ways of traveling to the country along with some overall descriptions of what kind of destination it is and what it has to serve you. Likewise, Nepal Travel Budget is quite affordable and there are ways that can keep the Nepal Travel cost to its minima such as following the local’s way of life by using public transport, eating Nepali cuisine and other facilities like that. Hotels, Rents, Food costs, and Public transport are cheap in the country and that’s why very affordable.

Nepal Travel Information helps you in understanding the stay in Nepal as a tourist in a better way.

What more one should know about before traveling to Nepal

Nepal Travel Data suggests that the deeper you dive, the more treasures you are going to get in the country. Treasures as in the Historical Heritages, Natural Heritages as well as some great architectural beauties. The Best way of exploring the country would be through Trekking in Nepal, Touring in Nepal, and Climbing in Nepal which gives you time and space enough to explore the country to its full potential. Otherwise, you are free to choose among the varieties of offers Nepal has to give for travelers. However one must make sure to be updated about the Nepal Travel News as there might be the occurrence of some immediate Nepal Travel Restrictions due to unforeseen Conflictual circumstances in the country. It is better to remain prepared than to be part of any sort of surprising consequences. Likely to that, People speak different types of languages in Nepal but still, the Nepali language is spoken by the majority of the people and people are well understood Basic English. Thus, communication won’t be much big of a problem in the country if you speak English or Hindi, or Nepali. Similarly, to go into the Nepal travel norms, Nepal is a cultural country that has very deep and high cultural values that it wishes to be given respect by any individual from any part of the world. While traveling in the country, it is best to go along with its society’s norms that include one's way of presentation. As long as it’s decent and doesn’t question the culture of the country, you will be welcomed with genuine love and kindness. Apart from that, there can be many cultural shocks as Nepal has its own unique features and way of doing things, so it’s better to remain prepared and open to learning new things.

A specified outlook on Nepal Travel: What kind of society one can expect to experience in Nepal

Nepal is a country that prospers in unity in diversity among its people belonging to different ethnicities, histories, and languages which are tied by the strong and common thread of the identity of being a “Nepali”. Every home has to offer something different and something as common as good hospitality to the guests. People here are in awe of nomads that come from different parts of the world and choose to treat them with proper respect. “Namaskaar” or “Namaste” is our usual way of greeting and a form of mannerism as well which helps in sparking a delightful conversation. Nepal is religiously diverse as well and the country is referred to as a “secular state” in the supreme law of the land. From Hindu to Muslim to Christian to Buddhism as well as many other religions, people have managed to find a common ground and live as a society in peace. Traveling to Nepal will be one of the most exciting adventures because you are always kept guessing about what new thing you are about to witness next.

How safe is Nepal for every kind of traveler

Nepal can be considered a safe country gave the country's people believe in keeping their highest virtues by helping people rather than troubling them. It’s a country with a small area and even if you feel lost, you won’t actually be. People and administrations will help you find your ultimate destination for the travel group. In every place you stay, there will be an effort to create an environment of safety. You won’t need to hesitate to ask for help from Nepalese people as they are very friendly in nature and will probably want the best for you.

What can one expect as the biggest cultural shock in Nepal

In the country, we worship some animals as deities. We refrain from eating beef as it has been prohibited by law not just because of religious reasons but because Nepal’s national animal is a cow. We worship dogs once a year, even crows. From an overall point of view, we Nepalese are very chatty people and seek to have a conversation especially when we are in awe of travelers from different places. It might feel strange at first but we just are always looking for making new friends. Thus, for more travel information about Nepal, contact us at Nepal nomad through which you can even get yourself prepared customized Nepal Travel Itineraries.

  • History

    The overthrowing of various Kingdoms by anotherThe emergence of creativity and art in the Malla periodThe history of the great Changunarayan templeThe unification of smaller Kingdoms into a greater kingdom known as the Kingdom of NepalThe Overthrowing of monarchyWhere the world stands today is the result of how its history had been and the same goes for each country that ...

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  • Festivals

    Nepal celebrates more than 50 different festivals with a fixed date as marked in the Nepalese CalendarThere are Festivals of Hindu, Festivals of Muslim, and other various festivals of different religious groups in the countryDifferent ethnic communities celebrate a different kinds of festivalsPublic Holidays are given on the most important celebration days (festivals)One of the most beautiful things about this ...

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  • People and Custom

    Highlights of Custom and People of Nepal:Nepalese Custom is based on religious values which are more inclined toward peaceThe people of Nepal are welcoming and always ready to helpNepal is formed of a diverse group of people from different ethnicities and culturesNepal is rich in art, literature, music, and dance derived from various ethnical communitiesUnity in diversity is the most ...

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  • Visitors fact

    Clothing in NepalDaura Suruwal is the name for traditional garments (dress) in Nepal which is for males. Daura surreal comprises a knee-length sleeved shirt that ties shut along the edge, jeans, and shoes called docha. President, Politicians, and government authorities day by day wear the DauraSuruwal. Guniyocholo is the traditional garment for women in Nepal. Nowadays people usually wear traditional ...

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  • Weather and Climate

    Get to know about the climate and weather of Nepal.In the climate of northern Nepal, summers are cool and winters are extreme, while in the south summers are blistering while winters are gentle to cold. Nepal has five seasons: spring, summer, storm, pre-winter, and winter.While the climate of southern Nepal (Terai), summer temperatures surpass 40° C and are higher in certain ...

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  • How to Reach

    Tribhuvan International Airport is the main global air terminal of Nepal. Immigration Office, TIA (Tribhuvan International Airport) under the Department of Immigration has been encouraging vacationers traveling to Nepal by giving visas upon Arrival. 'On Arrival' visa methodology is exceptionally snappy and straightforward. You can expect a few lines during the pinnacle Tourist season. On the off chance that you ...

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