Multi Destinations Highlights
  • Explore Nepal historical sites, Kathmandu Durbar Square, Patan Durbar Square, Bhaktapur Durbar square.
  • Explore the extraordinary 17th Century home of Dalai Lama, the unique 1100 room Potala Palace
  • Explore unimaginable Buddhist cloisters including Ganden Monastery, Pelkor Chode cloister, Ngor Monastery, and many more
  • Explore various lofty mountains, falling waterways, magnificent cascades, astonishing streams, astounding expressions and design, antiquated Buddhist cloisters, memorable landmarks, social and religious legacies, a particular culture, and many more in Bhutan.

The Multi-Destination Tours 2022-2023 is a total trip of different destinations in some of the culturally and naturally profound countries like Bhutan, Tibet and Nepal itself. Our multi-nation, multi-social trip presents you the wonders of spiritual Himalayas included among the most profoundly rich pieces of the world. Our suggested visits brings the universe of sacred Bhutan, tremendous Nepal, and magical Tibet together to uncover the multi-layered history, and social fortunes of these charming destinations which is likely the most fabulous mixture of holiday destinations in the world. Taking a swing through the numerous awesome sights here, you'll explore the profound shrouded universe of the Himalayas, maybe finding a completely unique world inside yourself simultaneously through this multi destination tour in Nepal, Bhutan and Tibet Itinerary.

Revive your spirit and nourish the depth of your soulthrough the encounter of different destinations in one go.

Why should one undertake a Multi Destination Tour

In this amazing Multi destination trip, you will initially have a tour in Nepal which will introduce you to the major aspects of Nepal through its trails as per your choice to a fixed destination according to your accessibility of time. You will be provided with enormous opportunities to explore the scope of mountain vistas, surreal scenarios, fascinating untamed life, unexplored remote trails or some tour around city of temples known as Kathmandu. In this wondrous Nepal tour, you will wander around the 7-world social and religious legacy locales specifically - Kathmandu Durbar Square, Patan Durbar Square, Bhaktapur Durbar Square, Swayambhunath, Bouddhanath, Pashupatinath and ChanguNarayan. You are likely to be stunned with the unique building styles and its architecture in the Multidestination Holiday.

Along these lines of Multi Destination Travel and the Multi Destination Travel Package, you will have non-stop departure from Kathmandu to Lhasa in the Nepal Tibet Tour, the capital city of Tibet, which takes you to various visits around gracious old Buddhist Monasteries that is socially rich, where you will have visits around various old Buddhist religious communities incorporating Potala Palace worked in 1640s. You will likewise have visits around different other antiquated and unimaginable Buddhist cloisters including Ganden Monastery, PelkorChode cloister, Ngor Monastery and some others, which will give you some examples of the glorious Tibetan existence. In the wake of exploring the surroundings, you will backtrack back to Kathmandu and fly straightforwardly to Bhutan.

Is there something more alluring about the different destinations of this tour

Nepal Bhutan Tour carries you to a harmonious Buddhist Kingdom, broadly known as the 'Last Shangril-la' and the 'Place where there is Thunder Dragon', where you will explore different lofty mountains, magical waterways, magnificent cascades, astonishing streams, astounding expressions and design, antiquated Buddhist cloisters, memorable landmarks, social and religious legacies, unique cultures, ceremonies and ways of life, widely varied vegetation where sky is the only limit. On the off chance that you are not willing to visit the numerous spots, you can stroll around Thimphu, the capital city of Bhutan, which is a home for various religious landmarks, Buddhist cloisters, expressions and artworks and different ancient pieces and after that, again backtrack back to Kathmandu where the outing will finally be finished. It will be perfectly planned as per the Multi Destination Tour Season.

In order to sum up what has been already mentioned about Multi Destination Tour: Get to know three different places of the world in one go

Isn’t it dreamy to set foot in three different countries within one tour package? Multi Destination Tour Package brings this dreamy feeling into actual reality by letting you explore Nepal, Bhutan and India in one go.

Nepal, Bhutan and Tibet, the Himalaya kingdoms in South Asia, are the best places to encounter the untainted glory and power altogether with the company of surreal scenarios. Since every one of them is prominent vacationer goals for explorers from all around the world, only a few consider visiting them together in one go. You are indeed to accumulate gracious memories lasting for a lifetime.

Explore the varying cultural norms and the way of local’s lifestyle

With the change in destinations, there will be change in the appearance, culture, way of life and other aspects of the people whose beliefs will also vary according to the country. So this tour is a perfect way to explore widely and curiously.

Get to see the remains of histories of three different destinations

To learn and understand the history of one place through practical approach is one thing, but to get to learn the history of three completely different destinations is indeed extraordinary and remarkable.

Enjoy the changing societal scenario

It is up to you on how you study or favor the different environments of different destinations of this multi destination tour but you will surely have enormous opportunities to study the society of Nepal, Bhutan and Tibet while enjoying their festivals as well. If any query seems to float in your mind, do contact us at Nepal Nomad through which we can even prepare a flexible Multi Destination Tour Itinerary for you.