Day Tours Highlights
  • You get to explore UNESCO world heritage sites in the Kathmandu Valley.
  • Get the insights of the locals and their lifestyle.
  • Appreciate the artistic antiques monuments build in the thousand year’s history.
  • Get the taste of what makes the place unique around the city.
  • Get a perfect day tour to the medieval place Pokhara, Kathmandu and Bhaktapur.

Enjoyed to the hilts, Day Tours builds up the warm and happy memories of holidays.

Ethnically and naturally, Kathmandu Valley reflects the complete Nepal. Inspired by the diverse culture, ethnicity and religion, Kathmandu Valley has managed to fascinate people from all around the world.It is the bundle of ancient; its artistic beauty of monumental pagodas, temples, monasteries, stupasthat spell binds everyone. Today, Kathmandu makes it to the sevengroups of UNESCO world heritage sites.

In the alley of cosmopolitan and bustling Kathmandu City, Kathmanduprospers to enhance its splendid terracotta and wood carvings. Kathmanduhas thereforeput forth a lot of exploration tours, popular sightseeing and touring activities to do on a day.Not only sightseeing but you can include your day with hiking in Nagarkot, Nagarjun, Dakshinkali, Namobudhha, Palanchowki Bhagawati temple etc. Whether you are looking for a package tour or you are an independent traveler everyone can do a day trip and enjoy strolling around Kathmandu. Day Tours can be combined as an ‘exclusive special’ if you are in capital city of the country and grasp around thousands of years culture.

Distinguished as ‘the natural capital’ of Nepal, Pokhara is a chilled version of Thamel in Kathmandubut that’s not it! You get the insight of the gorgeous view of freshwater lakes and lush hills close to the Himalayas.The perfect blend in the northern skyline with the 3 of the spectacular 8000m snow peaks makes Pokhara a perfect day tour to look out. If you are more into the adventurous activities then you need not worry everything, from paragliding which meets the sight from the lake below and sky above or the thrilling water rafting or cycling with soft breeze and hiking towards the hills, Pokhara is an amazing designation to go on a day tour.

The third of the primitive state in the Kathmandu Valley is Bhaktapur. Along the narrow passage, craftsman weaves cloth and blade timber, locals congregate in courtyards to collect water, bathe and socialize where as you can see people being focused on their art work. Inspired by the art, you can see the beauty of antique temples, durbar squares built in the ancient times by the rulers. Bhaktapur is a place where you should definitely not miss the curd “Juju Dhau” which translates to the King of Curd. Many people love to enjoy this unique curd in Bhaktapur. A day tour to seeing all this is an ideal day tour in Kathmandu.

Nepal Nomad has specifically arranged this Day tour even if you have anabbreviated time to explore around, our team is there to make you enjoy all the little things and know the locals and their culture with best effort. You will get to explore with sights and sound as our experienced city guide escort you to explore the cities’ wonder. Have sweet memories as you stroll around, exchanging smiles around the city. Don’t be as stranger! And contact us even if you have slightest inquiry or want to know details of any package, day tour activities.