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Bhutan Travel Info

The Bhutanese pride themselves on a sustainable approach to tourism in line with the philosophy of Gross National Happiness. Firstly, to bust a myth: there is no limit to tourist visa. Making it appear as one of the world's more exclusive destinations. However, it is all inclusive, accommodation, food, transport and an official guide are all provided. You don't have to travel in a large group and you can arrange your own itinerary. What you won't find is backpacker-style travel.

Bhutan History and Geography!

Bhutan, where the time stands still, the nature and religion combines and maintain the tiny Buddhist kingdom as the last Shangri-La. Sandwiched between Tibetan platue and Indian sub-continent which is the pearl of the Himalayas. Virgin peaks rises up to 25,000 ft to the north of the kingdom ...

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Visitor's Fact Bhutan

When to Visit Bhutan Spring (March, April, and May) Autumn (September, October, and November) are best seasons to visit Bhutan. The major cultural festivals are held during these seasons and the fine weather makes it an ideal time for trekking and traveling throughout the country and ...

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People and Language of Bhutan

The people of Bhutan are classified into three main ethnic groups: Sharchops, who live in east of the country believed to be the earliest inhabitants of Bhutan. They are Indo-Mongoloid origin and appear closely related to the people of north east India and northern Burma. The Ngalongs are ...

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Bhutan Visa Procedure

Unless you are employed in Bhutan or you are a close relative of a person employed in Bhutan or you are a Royal invitee, all foreigners except Indians must process their Bhutan visa through a Tour Operator. Book a trip with Nepal Nomad Tours and supply us your ...

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Festival and Holidays

In addition to the standard Buddhist festivals, there are yearly festivals celebrated with great fanfare in each district. The most renowned of these are the Tsechu (10th day) festivals, commemorating the deeds of Padmasambhava. Locally referred to as 'Guru Rimpoche' or, simply as 'Guru,' this eighth century master introduced ...

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Bhutan Weather and Climate

The most popular time to visit Bhutan tend to be the spring  months of March, April, and May and the autumn months of September, October, and November because the weather is more mild and many of the significent festivals take place during these months. In the autumn the ...

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  • Nepal Nomad Tour

    Holidays Beyond Expectations...

    Nepal Nomad Tours is well-known and trustworthy tour operating agency in Nepal. One of the feature of winning the trust of travelers is that our utmost priority always is the customer care. Each member of the team is professional, well-experienced, highly trained, dedicated, and committed for offering utmost care during the whole trekking or tour period, so that each and every traveler will be able to enjoy his or her holiday trip with us safely and with the fullest

  • Nepal Nomad Social Foundation

    Helping People Changing Lives…

    Nepal Nomad Social Foundation is a charity organization working to educate underprivileged children, literate to illiterate women, and provide possible health and sanitation services, thereby changing the lives of the people living in Kapilakot, 2 in Sindhuli district, from the certain percentage of profit earned from operating trekking and tour package.

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