Dolpo Trekking Highlights
  • Explore the traditional ancient monasteries of the Dolpo district.
  • Get to know the different Tibetan Buddhist Culture
  • Insights of the spectacular sights of the crystal Mountains
  • Adventurous trekking to the isolated areas.
  • Relish the beauty of the deepest lake of Nepal, Phoksundo
  • Explore the wildlife.

Founded with commencement of the zealous and passionate native of Dolpo, The Dolpo Trekking is one of the bliss expeditions of Nepal.

An incredible landscapes and the beauty that reflects the Roof of the world Tibet, Dolpo is truly bliss for the unspoilt nature. Dolpo is located in the western part of Nepal. The striking sights of the Dolpo behold the beauty of Tibet and the amazing wildlife. Gleaned from the spiritual and the artistic accounts of the frequent early visitors recently, Dolpo Trek gives more than the outside world actually knew about. Only in the 1989, the region was opened to the foreigners and received a fraction of visitors. Into the Inner Dolpo, more trekkers rambling and giving an access more than that of the Phoksundo Lake to the 800 year old ancient monastery; the Shey Gompa is sincerely impressive with the cultural experience and the nature for the taking even during the time of monsoon.

DolpoTrekkingNepal with the southern fringes is the largest district of Nepal and are uniquely Hindu. But wonders north past the ring of high passes intoarid Inner Dolpo, you will get to encounter the practitioners of the ancient Bön religion as well as the Tibetan Buddhist within the two villages. Legends says, that once Dolpa is hidden valleys created by the Guru Rinpoche who is truly known as the God for killing devils in the Buddhist as a refuge for those of the exceptionally pure mind where it shows that the spirituality of the Dolpa lies everywhere.

Currently, the northern reaches are accommodated by the Drokpa nomads and the Rokpa farmers who are cut off from the rest of the Nepal by the snowfall mostly. Nestling amongst the mountains of the stark, ascetic beauty, they live in the highest inhabited villages of the Earth. Phoksundo is beyond describable and is the beauty of the Nepal’s deepest lakes in such barren terrain. When a spiteful demonness flooded a village for revealing her whereabouts to the saint Padmasambhava, Phoksundo was formed and this till date is believed by the locals. Look out for the remains of the ill-fated village below the lakes surface, if you are planning to follow the footsteps of the generations of nomads.Dolpa region is one of the isolated areas of the Nepal and is mainly renowned for the two designations including the Upper Dolpo Trek and the Lower Dolpo Trek where the main attractions definitely has to be the Himalayan ranges of the Dhualgiri and the Churen as well as the SheyPhoksundo and the people, their lifestyle and culture, customs are unquestionably one of the attractions to see.

The remarkable hike has let to one of the masterpiece by the Peter Mathieson’s; “Snow Leopards” which is one of the bestselling novel. You will get to experience the nomadic life of the animal husbandry and the agriculture. The people here have a great spiritual wealth despite an extreme environment and lifestyles.