High Passes Trekking Highlights
  • Striking Himalayan flight from Kathmandu to Lukla
  • Voyaging across Kathmandu; Boudhanath and Pashupatinath; the holy heritages
  • Dazzling view of the Himalayas through the extreme heights of the High Passes.
  • Experience the uniquely existing local culture and tradition.
  • Highlight of the trek is the landscape hills, mixed local culture, pristine mountain views

One of the impressive but the difficult undertaking adventures of Nepal is the High Passes Trekking. The High Passes Trek adventure is the fusion of trekking to various passes like Kongma La Pass 5,171m, Cho La Pass 5,420mandRenjo La Pass 5,360m. However, to be exact and distinct, it includes treks like; Great Himalayan Trail Trekking, Lumba Sumba Pass Trekking, Sherpani Col Pass Trekking, Tashi Lapcha Pass Trekking and Dhaulagiri Circuit Trekking. One has to be physically and mentally prepared for the high passes treks as the treks keep on getting Challenging with the rise of elevation but still it’s be foolish to underestimate the enjoyment we are going to gain out of it.

“Get excited and ready for undertaking the profound form of adventurous challenges with the company of greatest of Peaks in the Himalayan land”

High Passes Trekking in its purest form of description;

High Passes trek is unquestionably an ideal trek for the strong and passionate seekers of adventure. All you need to have is adequate amount of patience and some level of physical fitness for going through the High Passes Trek Route. The responsibility of carrying a decent equipment is inevitable and the basic mountain climbing experience can be useful in this sort of trekking.Along the trail every steps curves out to bring an opportunity to be immersed in the beauty of dense forest, glacial moraines, endearing green foot hills and hospitality of lively locals. The path keeps you near the valley which is enclosed by the splendid rhododendron and the blue pine forest which is spectacular in the spring months when the flowers are in bloom which we will encounter if we keep moving with the guidance of High Passes Trek Route Map. Nepal diversifies not only with the world highest mountains but also with the variety of wildlife and the flora and fauna which will surely amaze you in every way possible. The whole mountain scope of the Nepalese Himalaya is comprehended by the high passes adventures which is brought to you by Nepal nomad in a very reasonable High Passes Trek Cost within the High Passes trek Package.For energetic adventure seekers not afraid to break a sweat, our full trekking support team will bring you upfront with local cultures before opening a door to the top of the world the colossal. The panoramas offer tan ample award for our action taken with thrilling outlooks of the highest peaks in the Himalaya as we witness the nature at its most natural and extravagance. This is the ultimate high elevation of the High Passes Hiking, in the world’s most splendid peaks terrain. It is undoubtedly very tough but the landscape offers the lifetime rewards as this is one of the greatest mountain journeys you will take for a lifetime.The highlight of the trek is landscape, hills, mixed local culture, pristine mountain views and the spectacular views.

As a whole, High passes trekking in the most favorable High Passes trek seasonis a ravishing and once in a lifetime journey to experience the glorious mountaineering and along the way to get to know the culture, place and the people. Since, peaks are difficult so will the experience be fruitful and the moment to reach summit is indescribable.

A wider and specific outlook on the amazing High Passes Trekking: Undertake the greatest of trekking adventure;

Great Himalayan Trail Trek Itinerary explains all about why it is one of the greatest trekking adventure with the longest of days to be taken into account before deciding to go for it. It is quite a combination of trekking to different aspects of Himalayas all at once.

Get mesmerized with the beauty offered by Sherpani Col Pass;

One of the most astounding High Passes Trek is the Sherpani Col Pass Trekking which will get you to the top of 6,110 meters of height and offer you with magical wonders that surround.

Face the challenge of undertaking Lumba Sumba and TashiLapcha Pass Trek;

The High Passes trek brings you the great trekking options to the amazing passes like Lumba Sumba Pass at5,160 metersand TashiLapcha Pass 5,750 meters. Different Passes offering different form of Himalayan glory that will leave you wanting for more and more.

Dhaulagiri Circuit trek falls under the High Passes Trek;

In the amazing Dhaulagiri Circuit trek, you will be faced with two passes which are the French Pass 5,360 meters and the DhampusPass 5,250 meters. While enjoying trekking around Dhaulagiri, you will find yourself in extreme heights and feel like being on top of the world through the passes. For a properly customized Itineraries, contact us at Nepal nomad.