High Passes Trekking Highlights
  • Abundant acclimatization days
  • Striking Himalayan flight from Kathmandu to Lukla
  • Voyaging across Kathmandu; Bodhnath and Pashupatinath; the holy temples
  • Dazzling point view of the Himalayas of the High Passes.
  • Get to experience the local culture and tradition.
  • Highlight of the trek is the landscape hills, mixed local culture, pristine mountain views

You will become one with the Himalayas as you hike to the High Passes Trekking.

One of the impressive but the difficult undertaking adventures of Nepal is High Passes Treks. High Passes Hiking is the fusion of Kongma La, Chola and Ranjo La High Passes. One has to be physically and mentally prepared for the high passes treks as the treks keeps on getting harder. High Passes treks is unquestionably an ideal trek for the strong adventurous passionate seekers. You need to have patience and physically for these high passes trekking. Decent equipment is inevitable and the basic mountain climbing experience can be useful in this sort of treks.

Along the trail every steps curves you to bring an opportunity to be immersed in the beauty of dense forest, glacial moraines, endearing green foot hills and hospitality of lively locals. The path keeps near the valley which is enclosed by the splendid rhododendron and the blue pine forest which is spectacular in the spring months when the flowers are in bloom. Nepal diversifies not only with the world highest mountains but also with the variety of wildlife and the flora and fauna which will surely amaze you in every way possible. The whole mountain scope of the Nepalese Himalaya is comprehended by the high passes adventures.For energetic adventure seekers not afraid to break a sweat, our full trekking support team will bring you upfront with local cultures before opening a door to the top of the world the colossal. The panoramas offer tan ample award for our action taken with thrilling outlooks of the highest peaks in the Himalaya as we witness the nature at its most natural and extravagance. This is the ultimate high elevation of the High Passes Trekking route, in the world’s most splendid peaks terrain. It is undoubtedly very tough but the landscape offers the lifetime rewards as this is one of the greatest mountain journeys you will take for a lifetime.The highlight of the trek is landscape, hills, mixed local culture, pristine mountain views and the spectacular views.

As a whole, High passes trekking is a ravishing and once in a lifetime journey to experience the glorious mountaineering and along the way to get to know the culture, place and the people. Since, peaks are difficult so will the experience be fruitful and the moment to reach summit is indescribable.The High Passes region trek’s odyssey is distinct kind and never like before as we go off the beat track passing through remote valets and over the high passes with breath taking scenery all the way.This trip might seem challenging but you will enjoy and experience as you go through the jungle, the views of Himalayas with several peaks during the trek, the culture of locals are definitely worth. High passes trekking offers various range or routes and provides the potential for new ones.