Trip Highlights
  • Gain an amazing mountaineering experience through an easy climb
  • Explore the mountain lifestyle, culture, social norms, and beliefs of the folks living in the area
  • Fill your soul with pure delight with the visits to different monasteries
  • Get in touch with the rare wildlife living in a region like Ghoral
  • Get wonderstruck by the gorgeous views of snowcapped mountain peaks like Mt. Pumori, Mt. Everest, Mt. AmaDablam, and other incredible peaks

Lobuche Peak 4 Days takes you on a heart-pumping adventure of Lobuche Peak Expedition 2023-2024 in one of the most astounding peaks in the Khumbu region. Situated at the 4-day Lobuche elevation of 6,119m, Lobuche Peak has marked its name among the most remarkable and popular climbing peaks in the Solukhumbu district. Booking a Four Days Lobuche Itinerary 2023 is certain to provide you with amazing adventurous memories of a lifetime. The Lobuche climb from Lobuche Town provides you with one of the best trekking and climbing experience in a comparatively easy nature within numbered days through the four days Lobuche climb Itinerary. This amazing adventure is a short way of experiencing the extraordinary climb of Lobuche peak which could have taken a lot of time if conducted through the Lobuche Peak Climbing Journey.

Find yourself among the most mesmerizing natural environment which rewards you with all the thrills of adventure as you undertake the climb of Lobuche Peak

Lobuche Peak Four Days Journey

The 4 Days Lobuche Climb from Lobuche Town takes you through the beautiful trails of Everest with different encounters of pretty villages like the village of Pangboche. You will find yourself walking through the wondrous area of Sagarmatha national park as you extend your steps further to the amazing journey of four days. The Lobuche Peak four days Journey joins itself along with the Everest Base Camp Trekking route and takes you on a lifetime adventure through the Khumbu Valley. You will certainly be gasping with appreciation when you encounter the glorious scenarios of snowcapped mountain peaks like Mt. Everest at 8,848m, Mt. Nuptse at 7,861m, Mt. AmaDablam at 6,812m, Mt. Cho-Oyu at 8,188m, and some other incredible peaks which also lead to adventures like Ama Dablam Expedition and others. Similarly, the trekking and four Days climbs from Lobuche town introduce you to the peaceful existence of Tengboche Monastery through which the local beliefs and cultures can be explored. If our trekking days are filled with luck, we will get to see the amazing existence of rare wildlife in the region like Ghoral, Himalayan Thar, and other incredible animals. The scent of wilderness will surely revive our lost energy and wash our tiredness away.

Lobuche East Peak Summit in 4 Days

Located just above the Lobuche Village which is 4,940m, Lobuche Peak is composed of two peaks; one is Lobuche East Peak at 6,119 m which gives rise to the Adventure of Lobuche East Peak Summit in 4 Days and the other is Lobuche West Peak at 6,145m which initiates the beautiful adventure of Lobuche West Peak Climbing which are brought together by a ridge. However, our climb is to an elevation of 6,119 meters where Lobuche East Peak proudly resides. Lobuche Peak climbing doesn’t take you very far from Mt. Everest and if you have enough time and energy, a short hike can lead you to Everest Base Camp. We will be pausing our Lobuche East Peak Trek and begin Climbing Lobuche East Peak after we reach the Lobuche Peak Base Camp where the climbing experts will settle all the necessary equipment for climbing which will be undertaken very early in the morning. You will be stunned by the views you will be rewarded with which includes the gracious scenario of the Eastern Himalayas and Tibetan Himalayan Range.

Lobuche Peak Four Days Climbing Route

The Lobuche Peak Four Days Climbing Route will take you through the trails decorated with conifers and pines, magical icefalls, incredible scenarios of landscapes, and the unaltered existence of other natural glories. Through the four days, of Lobuche Peak Treks and Climb, you will get many opportunities to explore the ethnic, traditional, and social aspects of the people living in the region. The more you explore, the more you will be left wanting further after this amazing climbing experience. This Four Days Lobuche Expedition doesn’t require any previous mountaineering experience and can be an ideal choice for beginners in mountain climbing. Thus, the experience is certainly so glorious that it feels surreal. So what are you waiting for? The wonders of Lobuche Peak are waiting for you.

Lobuche East Peak Climbing Difficulty Level

The four days of Climbing Lobuche East Peak in Four days is indeed the art of professional mountaineers. The Climb in a general sense takes about ten hours to complete in which one will be faced with steep and rocky pathways. The four days of Lobuche Climb are indeed very challenging as well as demanding on a lot of ground but those aspects can be overcome with patience, dedication, and passion. The four days Lobuche East Peak Climb Difficulty Level is high and can be considered strenuous, however, it is indeed attainable by an enthusiastic mountaineer.

Lobuche Peak Climbing Season

No matter the enthusiasm, in the end, all it comes down to is the plan regarding the summit of Lobuche Peak for a successful record. So to face comparatively fewer challenges and more pleasant weather conditions on the Lobuche Peak Climbing Trip, one must be aware of the season. The best seasons for climbing the Lobuche Peak is the spring and autumn season which can also be called as Four Days Lobuche Peak Climbing Season. But still, given the conditions, the peak is open for attaining in other seasons as well like monsoon and winter.

Why Choose Nepal Nomad for Lobuche Peak in Four Days Trip

Nepal Nomad is an experienced travel company running for more than a decade in a goal-oriented manner and the only goal is to provide satisfaction as well as a soul-nourishing experience to its nomads who come seeking its service from all around the world. We have been able to beautifully turn the dreams of thousands of nomads into reality with the help of our professional, kind, experienced, and well-trained team. We are also active in tailoring Lobuche Peak in Four Days Itinerary according to your scheduled time. You can contact us anytime to know more details about the trip including other trips which might interest you. We shall be ready 24 hours in Lobuche town to help you connect any of your trips whether it is trekking or climbing with the four days Lobuche climbing trip. Even if your travel company doesn’t provide climbing services, we can assist you to the top of Lobuche in 4 days.


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On the very first day of the Lobuche Peak climbing from Lobuche town, you will be meeting with our team members at Lobuche town and then altogether head towards the Lobuche Base Camp situated at an elevation of 4,865 meters. We will be making our way towards the Lobuche Glacier along the journey as we face various steep and rocky sections in the route. But no matter the challenges, we will be mesmerized by the jaw-dropping sights of Ama Dablam, Nuptse, Pumori, Cholatse, Everest, and some other glorious snowcapped mountain peaks. We will be staying overnight at the Lobuche Base Camp.

  • Meals: Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner with tea/coffee
  • Accommodation: Tent
  • Place: Lobuche Base camp
  • Altitude: 4865m

On the second day of the adventurous climbing journey, we will be preparing ourselves for the summit through acclimatization and rest along with some training related to the use of gears and the procedures of climbing. 

  • Meals: Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner with tea/coffee
  • Accommodation: Tent
  • Place: Lobuche Base camp
  • Altitude: 4865m

Today, we will be climbing towards the High Camp after having early morning breakfast at Base Camp. We will be arriving at an elevation of 5600 meters. We will be walking through rocky paths filled with boulders and if lucky, will get there right on time to catch the beautiful sunset over the Himalayas from the high camp. 

  • Meals: Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner with tea/coffee
  • Accommodation: Tent
  • Place: High camp
  • Altitude: 5600m

On the fourth day, we will finally begin climbing in consideration with the weather. We will start to ascend at very early in the morning as we will be heading back to the Base Camp on the same day. We will be using all our fitness, training, practices, and knowledge in a practical way as per the instructions of our climbing expert. Despite of the challenges, you will greatly be rewarded with the incredible views of mountains like Mt. Everest, Mt. Pumori, Mt. cholatse, Mt. Nuptse, Mt. AmaDablam, and some other glorious peaks.

After reaching the Base Camp, we will be celebrating your great accomplishment and then part our ways the very next day with a hope to see you again.

  • Meals: Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner with tea/coffee
  • Accommodation: Tent
  • Place: Lobuche Town
  • Altitude: 4,940m

What's Included

  • Meals as specified for the trek (breakfast, lunch, dinner).
  • National Park entrance fees, climbing permit, tented accommodation on a twin sharing basis, guide and porters-salary, insurance, food, accommodations, and other allowances included in trekking arrangements.
  • Basic first aid kit carried by your guide.
  • None of the single supplements is required in Kathmandu or in the mountain.
  • Food and accommodation (Kathmandu) - lunch and dinner, International flights from your home to home.
  • Airport Taxes, car, taxi or van, Visa fees.
  • Medical examination (if required) and vaccination costs.
  • Own Expenditure(Personal), .all bar bills, laundry, telephone calls, hot shower in the mountain, mineral water, sweet deserts, we recommend bringing .water purifier and neutralizer tabulates to reduce your cost of traveling and to become a responsible traveler.
  • Drinks or meals except for 3 meals or not specified in the itinerary, Personal clothing, and equipment, Travel insurance, Optional trips. Tipping in general for trek crew (driver, Trek leader and porter-tipping is not mandatory but expected).
  • Charges were sustained as a result of delays beyond Nepal Nomad's control. Anything not specified in the Cost Includes section.


Trip DatesAvailabilityPrice  
02 Jun, 2023 - 05 Jun, 2023GuaranteedUS$1500
03 Jun, 2023 - 06 Jun, 2023GuaranteedUS$1500
04 Jun, 2023 - 07 Jun, 2023GuaranteedUS$1500
07 Jun, 2023 - 10 Jun, 2023GuaranteedUS$1500
09 Jun, 2023 - 12 Jun, 2023GuaranteedUS$1500
10 Jun, 2023 - 13 Jun, 2023GuaranteedUS$1500
11 Jun, 2023 - 14 Jun, 2023GuaranteedUS$1500


Experience required for climbing Lobuche Peak

An excellent level of physical fitness and experience in trekking, hiking, or mountain walking is required for the Lobuche Peak Climbing. As these climbing are technically challenging so climber should be ready to face every challenge that might arise during the trip.

Pre-Trip Meeting before heading to climb Lobuche and the insurance requirement

Prior to setting off on the Lobuche Peak Climbing trip, we host a Trip meeting in which you will be introduced to your professional climbing guide and other members. The main motive of this meeting is to discuss all the details about the climbing like permits, food, elevations and so on. It is also a great chance to ask any question related to the trip. Nepal Nomad's booking terms & conditions for joining Lobuche Peak Climbing include that you must be fully insured with medical, and emergency rescue evacuations including trip cancellation insurance which should cover over 3000m to 6000m.

A typical daily routine in the Lobuche Peak trip in 4 Days

You will be served warm tea or coffee at 6.30 am by your Sherpa. After breakfast, you will pack all the necessary things needed for your hike. Your porter will help you to carry excess weight. You will hike for more than three to four hours after leaving the lodge. You will stop at the point where you will be having lunch. After lunch, the hike will continue for another two to three hours and stop overnight. Your dinner will be served at the lodge where you will be staying. You can relax after dinner and can do any other activities.

Accommodation and meals in the Lobuche Peak Climbing Venture

While at the Lobuche Peak Climbing, lodging options won’t be highly luxurious, and moreover limited. Nepal Nomad usually operates packages that include simplistic family-run lodges that have a large sociable central dining area and a cozy chimney-burning fire. Accommodations in the Lobuche Peak climbing journey tend to have shared bathroom facilities and you may not always have access to a shower.

Traveling responsibly in Four days Lobuche Peak Climb and Transportation facilities

As we conduct the four days Lobuche Peak Climbing Journey, we shall be aware of our responsibility towards the surroundings as well as the environment of the region and do best from our part to not alter their natural existence. Likewise, in the four days of Lobuche Peak Climb, we shall use transportation facilities in case of emergencies like the helicopter evacuation facility.

Altitude Sickness in the four days Lobuche East Peak Climbing Journey

Altitude Sickness hovers around as a risk when aiming for higher altitudes through the adventures of climbing and trekking. It is followed by three stages which are Acute Mountain Sickness (AMS), High Altitude Pulmonary Edema (HAPE), and High Altitude Cerebral Edema (HACE). So in order to prevent the sickness from reaching its extremity while we are on the 4 days Lobuche East Climbing Journey, we shall follow necessary measures like acclimatization and several exercises. We will also be taking necessary medications if the need arises.


The Permits you will be needing to head on for the Lobuche Peak Climb in 4 days are; Sagarmatha National Park Permit, local government’s permit, Nepal Mountaineering Association Permit as well as the Trekker’s Information Management System (TIMS) card.

Nepal Nomad will constantly be active and alert to ensure your safety in any given moment. In extreme cases of emergencies, first-aid shall be given by our experienced and well-trained team member as well as evacuation arrangements shall be made to a safer area by the team of Nepal Nomad.

With the team of Nepal Nomad, the 4 days Lobuche Summit shall be the safest of all for any gender type who are looking to conduct the expedition in a solo manner.

Honestly, you will be finding basic level facilities in the 4 days journey while you stay in the hotel and the lodges, however, on the off-routes, there might be no sign of any human made toilet facility and thus, arrangements shall be made accordingly.

The professional Lobuche Peak Climbing equipment for the 4 days climbing shall be available on rent whereas the minor gears won’t be.

There are a lot of factors that affect the communication services in the higher Himalayan area, so we request you to remain flexible since regular connection with family members might not always be possible in the Lobuche Journey.