Makalu Trekking Highlights
  • The world’s third highest mountain Kanchenjunga at 8586m.
  • Warm hospitality of the Sherpas, Lhomi, Rai and Limbu
  • Rich in biodiversity with the insects and the butterflies in the upper Arun Valley.
  • Majestic mountain peaks at the glaciers.
  • Get to taste the local drink called as Tongba.

A rarely visited gem, Makalu is one of the challenging and the toughest trek.

Makalu Trek is truly an exception and has the beauty on its own kind. Explore the company of the beautiful birds and wildlife rather than the fellow travellers. Makalu Trekking is unquestionably one of the hard routes in the Nepal. The Makalu region is highly renowned for the Great Himalayas and the as for the Makalu’s weather it is usually the rain and snow where the best hiking months in Makalu has to be the October and November in autumn and in the spring the April and May months are considered to be the best time to visit.

The premiums are just more than the mighty Himalayas and the glaciers, but Makalu region is truly gracious providing home shelter to the 440 species of the Birds, 75 species of the mammals and about 3000 species of the flowering plants. The more you ascend up to the river valleys and the immense mountain vistas the more stories gets unfold with the beauty of the majestic peaks like the Everest, Makalu and the Lhotse. More than that you will get to meet and know much more about the culture and lifestyle of the indigenous groups of the Limbu, Sherpa and the Rai where you will encounter the lower down town. The glaciers are much higher in the upper Barun Valley as this is connected to the Great Himalayan Trail.

Makalu Base Camp unquestionably offers one of the exceptional chances to discover the landscapes, terrains of the higher altitude and the ethnic Himalayan lifestyles. Our venture starts with the long striking flight to the Tumlingtar whereas the trek in actual starts with the Chichila where the trail is known for the forests of the rhododendron and the lushness of the beautiful trees. The trail in general comprises of the overflowing waterfalls and the glaciers. The Makalu Base Camp is truly an ideal adventure for the novice trekkers and the nature enthusiasts who love the calmness that can be found in the natural habitat.

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