Mountain Biking in Nepal Highlights
  • Perfect opportunity for mountain bikers searching for the huge adventure.
  • Offers some energizing path for bikers ready to improvise out in the wild.
  • Great way to know more about the heart and soul of Nepali lifestyle.
  • Explore snow topped mountains, verdant valleys and rich green terraced slopes.

Mountain biking in Nepal is the great destination for the adventure seekers. Pushing down the dirty Streets on the trail blazing mountain bike and getting an adrenaline surge is the best thrill for the mountain bikers. Starting right here in the Kathmandu valley, there are unlimited potential outcomes for bikers. The dusty trails all over the valley's edge lead to distant where one can appreciate heavenly perspectives on snow topped mountains, verdant valleys and rich green terraced slopes. The higher you climb the better the view and the perfect mountain air revives your drained body. Once out of the valley, there are unlimited lines of slopes, waterfall and spectacular perspectives on mountains that pose a potential threat out of sight.

Mountain biking in Kathmandu, Nepal is a genuine other great option for adventure. Average trail blazing bicycles are accessible to lease in Kathmandu and Pokhara, where you'll likewise discover great route information and efficient tours. Regardless of whether you're not arranging an outrageous rough terrain Himalayan Mountain Biking experience, renting a mountain bicycle is worth considering: bicycles give a more personal encounter than a speeding jeep or transport and they get you to places at a more energizing pace than trekking. Mountain biking is getting well known among neighborhood and voyager from everywhere throughout the world. There are such a significant number of mismatched slopes, terraces and Midhills where an endless path exists from ages which are yet to be explored. We can see more local people are riding off-road bicycle in such mountain biking trails and number of biker originating from abroad to commend their mountain biking trip in Nepal are thriving. Multiday mountain biking in Nepal is adventurous but still head for the mountains brings outrageous difficulties where the territory is unpleasant and the slight mountain air expects you to be at a high wellness level. Some of the multi day biking tours are upper mustang, Annapurna round, Jomsom and Muktinath biking tours etc. There are quiet valleys to ride through, unblemished icy lakes to experience and the nearness to the Himalayan mountain leaves you stunning. The regularly grinning individuals of the mountain locale make everything worthwhile. Their warm welcome en route will make you feel comfortable, enough to make you need to stay. It's an ideal way to explore the central core of Nepal. The Himalayan slopes offer the ideal mountain biking trails for mountain bikers searching for the huge adventure.

Well known goals for mountain biking tour around the city are Bhaktapur, Sankhu, Budanilkantha, Nagarkot and the Kathmandu valley edge which incorporates Khokana, Dakshinkali, Godavari and so forth. Likewise Pokhara is interesting for bicycle rides with its unimaginable common magnificence. Yearly mountain biking titles are held in Kathmandu and Pokhara where travelers are welcome to take an interest. Ride through rich green rice fields, great little villages, here and there the slopes, along waterway banks, around temples, past stray steers, over suspension spans and along highways. Trail blazing bicycles can be effectively leased for the afternoon or significantly longer from one of the various bike rental shops in Thamel and around the city. Take a guided bicycle visit to all the local neighborhood culture, lifestyle of small towns and visit intriguing destinations which you would somehow or another miss without anyone else. Become acquainted with the genuine Nepal through one of the most charming game of biking.

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