Pokhara Day Tours Highlights
  • Experience the jaw dropping views created by the sunrise over the Himalayas and throughout the valley, from Sarangkot Viewpoint,
  • Fill your Soul with positivity through boating in the shining waters of Fewa lake,
  • Explore the religious values and beliefs that holds the city together with the visit to Bindhyabaini temple, Talbarahi temple and Gupteshwar mahadev Cave,
  • Get connected with all the missing dots and hidden wonders with the visit to International mountain museum,
  • Experience the heart pounding sound and mesmerizing view of wonderfull snow capped Himalayas.

Pokhara Day Tours takes you on an energizing break from your hectic daily life schedules and refreshes your spirit with positive energy and its enlightening environment, on the lap of Annapurna Himalayas. Your plan to holiday in Pokhara will bring you closely in touch with the essence of the nature. This joyous trip to Pokhara will welcome you with all the wonderful freshness offered by nature and the everlasting cultural beauty of the city. You will be left wanting for more after every step of Pokhara Day walks and every touch of the majestic scenarios offered by the Annapurna mountain range, Fewa lake, Sarangkot sunrise and other picture perfect scenarios brought to you by other wonders of the city.

The trip to Pokhara starts off by introducing you to the wonderful existence of the city itself. As soon as you extend your step in the city of Pokhara, you will be accompanied by the Nepal nomad’s professional guide who will make sure to escort you to the hidden wonders of Pokhara. We will be taking walks around the city as a part of Pokhara day hikes in order to closely explore the hidden gems of the city. With a lot to explore under our plan, we begin from experiencing the magnificent sunrise from the very popular view point widely known as Sarangkot. The jaw dropping view of the sunrise expanding its light over the Himalayas and throughout the city residing on its lap is certain to take your breath away.

With a beautiful and wide day ahead along with the support of the weather of Pokhara, we head to experience boating over the shining waters of Fewa Lake which sits still with grace giving us the extraordinary view of the valley. Then we will be heading towards another key destinations widely known as the Davis falls followed by a historical significance of a sad incident which we will be able to know in further details after experiencing the heart pounding sound of the falls with its mesmerizing view. Similarly, as a part of the Pokhara day activities, we expand our tour by visiting the famous World Peace Pagoda which is as graceful and calming as its name refers it to be. We further our trip by visiting the wonderful International Mountain Museum which will connect us with all the missing dots and the hidden values of Pokhara city and its outskirts. Likewise, we extend our exploration with the visit to the Gupteshwar Mahadev Cave which is well known for its unique structures and its great cultural values. After all these visits, one simply cannot avoid visiting the beautiful Tibetan Village which offers you a gentle touch of the rural essence. We will leave no beauty untouched through our senses in this glorious one day tour of Pokhara.

With Nepal nomad, you will be able to enjoy this trip with less trouble and more fun filled adventures without missing a single thing that the city and its outskirts have to offer. With us, you will surely get to encounter all the reasons for why the city is the biggest tourist’s hub in the country. So without any further delay, Contact us at Nepal nomad. We are here to clear your doubts and provide you with the best travelling experience in the country. We will certainly be reaching you within 24 hours. The Country’s wonders are waiting for you to be explored.