“The Ultimate Shangri-La”

Throbbing and the living treasury where the tradition fuses with the modern trends is the exotic land ‘Bhutan ‘also known as the land of the thunder dragon and are named as ‘the last Shangri La’ on the earth. The kingdom of Bhutan primarily commenced its border to the travelers, back in the 1974 where today it has become one of the world’s most elite travel destinations ever formed. Situated in the majestic lands of the Himalayas between the beautiful countries like the China and the India, Bhutan covers about an area of the 18000 sq miles. Leaving the country blissfully untouched, the sovereign Kingdom has been beautifully spared from the influences of the western.

Attracting the adventure of the backpackers from all over the planet, Bhutan has become one of the sought after travel destinations for the tourist worldwide. With the natural and the untouched landscapes in the league of its own, Bhutan has become one of the natural and the pristine beauty of all the time. In order to avoid any pessimistic impact on the Bhutan’s environment and the culture, The Kingdom of Bhutan has adopted the cautious and preventive approach to the tourism. Through the registered tour operator in the Bhutan, one can travel with the individuals or the groups on a pre planned all inclusive guided tour. The fundamental rates are fixed by the government.

Around the world, Bhutan is known as one of the few ecological hotspots in the world. In the world which has been influenced by the rapid urbanization, Bhutan has set its own virtue of following as a green heaven and a country which is covered by the 72% of the natural forests. Bhutan has handled to stay shrouded deep down as the guarded isolation to maintain the beauty of its distinct culture. Bhutan is preserved the beauty and the majestic Himalayas and has been enriched by the basic nature of the Drukpa Kagyu School of the Buddhism. To all the Bhutanese, the basic and the fundamental understanding of the Bhutan’s Buddhism are essential and significant.

Each and every section of the Bhutan has its own cultural, traditional, historical, religious and cultural importance. Coupled with colorful festivals, an undiluted culture with warm & friendly people, a truly unique and charming land of ancient legends & mystic rites; Bhutan can be one of the visitor’s nirvanas. This place is truly sincere with the distinct landscapes and the beautiful fauna and flora where one can feel in the home of the nature and stay as part of relishing the vacation that happens only once in a lifetime. The Bhutanese architecture reflects its culture and tradition with the buildings; houses and the Dzongs are very striking and eloquently classic. A country where you can spend adventure and surprises cannot be found anywhere else in the world. With a strong traditional philosophy and valued based with the religion and the respect for the royal care and family. This beautiful Himalayan Kingdom is known as once in a lifetime experience.

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