Trekking in Tibet Highlights
  • One of the spectacular treks in Tibet with the world’s highest elevation.
  • Incredible hike to the SimikotGuge Kingdom KailashManasarovar Trek.
  • Get to become a part of Tibetan Culture
  • Explore around the Kharta Valley Trek
  • Relish the adventure at the KailashYatra
  • Trekking in Tibet with along the visit to the unexplored areas.

“One idea, one vision to commit, wander, thrive, explore, encounter to Trekking in Tibet”

With the passion and commitment to travel freely and wander around the Tibet actively, trekking in Tibet is the combination of all the fun places to explore around and find out more about the less trekked area. With the mantras mumbled across the country by the Tibetan Pilgrims and the prayer wheels swinging along the way with the thick aroma of the incense of juniper is just a demo of what it feels like in Tibet. There is so much more to it.Supplementing to the Rich Buddhist culture with the strong rooted history of the country will surely aspire you to know more about this place. Across the country, the monasteries have been restored and you will unquestionably get the jest of the Tibetan Culture. With the guiding principle of the Nepal Nomad Team, one will surely enjoy the journey of Trekking in Tibet.

Referred as the roof of the world, and the third pole with the few references from the Himalayan peaks and the amazing Himalayan Glaciers on the volume of the ice, Tibet is renowned for it. Different Arizona and the perspective shows the beauty of the Himalayas from the north side compared to the hikes in the India and Nepal from the South. Due to the elevation, the weather of Tibet is very much drier and colder compared to the conditions in India and Nepal.Tibet is the perfect place on Earth, with the common elevation of 4,900 meters (16,000 ft.). As you walk through the door of the foundations with the footpaths, you will encounter the beauty of the history and the culture which has so much of the history that might leave you in a great wonder. You will definitely relish the experience as you go through the jungle, the views of Himalayas with several peaks during the trek, the culture of Sherpa People, Locals and are definitely worth.

An overload to your senses, with smells, tastes and colorations you have in no way skilled previously. For top or for bad, you’ll discover the fetid scent of yak butter and incense that smacks of hashish. You’ll style rich, savoury stews of spicy yak, crisp Asian pears, and sweet local melons. You will experience one of the most adventurous, scenically stunning and bodily annoying overland trips in the world as we travel through sizeable landscapes, glittering peaks, excessive mountain passes, remote excessive altitude deserts, and densely forested precipitous gorges; all certainly unpopulated at excessive altitudes. It is a ride of scenic and non-secular discovery of the land and self. Trekking in Tibet includes trekking from the Simikot GugeKingdom Kailash Manasarovar Trek which is one of the challenging trek and takes the sacred mountain route where the pilgrimage site is more than that of thousand years, to the Kharta Valley trek where you can discover the different side of the Mt. Everest or also called as Chomolungma in Tibet. The Kharta Valley Trek has the most amazing landscapes. Other than that includes the KailashYatra where one can drive along the splendid Tibetan Plateau which is the highest plateau in the world.Trekking in Tibet is an ideal adventure voyage for experience lover and keen budget travellers.

With Nepal Nomad, you can meet our experienced climbing crew who were born and bred on rugged mountains. Our team includes all the members with the same goal to provide an amazing trekking experience. The reason why you should trust us and our trekkers is here.Join the venture now to any massive peaks and you will certainly be pleased with the journey. If you are searching for a specific or different mountain to climb, then contact us at Nepal Nomad. We can give you Trekking in Tibet itineraries that will be suitable according to your time for the listed peaks or any other peaks that may excite. We will be replying within 24 hours of your inquiry. We as a Team of Nepal Nomad promise you that you will have an amazing journey while we go through the paths and hardships.