Arrival of spring brings great hope for Mountaineers

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The arrival of spring brings great hope in Mountaineering adventure is overwhelmed with optimism as the friendliest of Adventuring Seasons appears adding excitement to Mountain Climbing in Nepal. The season of Spring in Nepal is all set in decorating the wondrous pathways leading to the most incredible Peaks for summiting, with lovely wildflowers, wild herbs, plants, and a divinely clear blue sky acting as a relaxing background to the glowing mountains. Spring is no wonder the best season to carry out the extreme yet the most extraordinary adventure of climbing. What can compete with spring when it comes to an expedition or Peak Climbing?

The Spring season lays out an invitation to nomads from all around the world to enjoy climbing the gorgeous peaks of Nepal in which the Himalayan destinations are decorated in their finest forms


  • Make the most out of your climbing journey by conducting the climb in the most favorable climbing season
  • Enjoy the magical and clear views of snowcapped mountains
  • Get the best of Everest expedition experience in spring
  • Carry out expeditions in the popular mountains of Annapurna
  • Enjoy discovering Langtang Himalayas in its finest form
  • Climb Mountains are over 8000 meters from Everest like the world’s tallest mountain Everest.
  • Climb peaks with less technicality ranging around 5000-7000 meters and enjoy greater rewards

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The happiest time for peaks of Nepal

The Himalayan Destinations of Nepal seem the most cheerful during this season filled with freshness as growth, beauty, and colors enter nature’s bedroom. You can see the finest and most joyous form of Nepal’s Himalayan glory in spring. No wonder why spring is most favored by tourists from all around the world for Nepal travel and thus, also called the tourist season. It is indeed a heavenly opportunity for Mountain Expedition lovers to get the most out of their climbing passion through the summiting of the Peaks of Nepal. Wouldn’t it be remarkable to have such memories which highlight more beauty than the risks?

The right time for Record-breaking mountaineers

Record-breaking mountaineers from all over the world usually maintain their patience while waiting for this gorgeous and friendly season to arrive so that they can go on making different forms of climbing records while preparing to change certain climbing facts in history through various endeavors in the Himalayas of Nepal. There are many Everest record-breakers who have chosen their climbing season in Nepal wisely and then, went on, on breaking record after record.

The delight of Climbing Everest in spring

Being one of the most sought-after destinations worldwide and also home to the tallest peak of the world Mt. Everest at 8,848.86m, summiteers from all over the world have their eyes set on Everest Expedition. However, climbing peaks in Everest is not a small deal even for experienced and professional climbers. Mountaineering in Everest is divine in one season whereas dangerous in another. But among all of the seasons, spring is the one season that brings out the best in Everest with clear views of mountains like Mt. Ama Dablam, Mt. Lhotse, Mt. Everest, Mt. Cho Oyu, and many more along with the joyfully blooming wildflowers with the soft kiss of mountain air. Spring in Everest is indeed the most relaxing time of the year which allows the growth of happy roots in your soul with all the magic surrounding it brings with it while you head for a life-changing climbing adventure.

Everest is indeed a home of diversity with the availability of various peaks with different heights for climbing. Among the peaks available for climbing which stand at a height of 6000 meters is Mera Peak Climbing as well as the amazing Lobuche East Climbing. Another popular name that can be added to the list of Climbing Peaks of 6000m in Everest is Island Peak Climbing.

It is a dream of many climbing enthusiasts to get connected to the highest point of Everest and reach the greatest glory in the mountains and what could be a more supportive season than spring? One of the gorgeous peaks that touch the height of 7000 meters in Everest is the Ama Dablam Peak which lays down the climbing adventure known as Ama Dablam Peak Expedition. Some of the highest climbing peaks above 8000 meters have made Everest their home. The world’s tallest mountain sits proudly at 8,848.86 meters in Everest. Everest South Expedition is indeed one of the most sought-after expeditions as well as the most challenging one which sits taller than all the other mountains in the world.

Nepal Mountain Expedition to mountains over 7000 and 8000 meters

The climbing expeditions to mountains ranging from over 7000 and 8000 in Nepal are indeed a great opportunity for thrill lovers. Nepal is a country rich with mountain heritage and has plenty of options for climbers to choose any form of climbing whether it is trekking peak climbing or the extraordinary expedition to greater Mountains like Mt. Everest at 8,848m. The love of such an expedition has reached its peak since the first successful attempt at summiting Mt. Everest which was carried out by Sir. Edmund Hillary and Tenzing Norgay Sherpa. Since then, Nepal Mountain Expedition has been seen as a dream that can certainly be fulfilled with dedication and effort. Nepal offers various mountains over the height of 7000 meters and 8000 meters for the expedition. Ama Dablam, Himlung, and Baruntse Expeditions are such expeditions that range around 7000 meters in height whereas Expeditions like Everest South, Manaslu, as well as Cho-Oyu, range around 8000 meters in height.

Everest Expedition in Nepal and Tibet

Every mountaineer’s deepest desire and greatest fear is accomplishing the world’s tallest glory standing proudly at an elevation of 8,848.86 meters Mt. Everest. Given its altitude and the feature of its formation, it is indeed one of the great challenging endeavors in mountaineering but equally rewarding as well. Despite its challenges, many climbers have successfully reached the summit of Everest starting from the beginning with Sir. Edmund Hillary and Tenzing Norgay Sherpa. The Everest South Expedition in Nepal has helped in attracting climbers from all around and has successfully introduced the Everest region as one of the tourist destinations. The Everest South expedition is truly remarkable and can be beautifully accomplished with enough dedication, training, and passion. On the other hand, you can climb the extraordinary Everest North from the Tibetan side by being a part of the Everest North Expedition from Tibet. There are certainly different ways to enjoy the glorious summit of Everest.

Other peaks ranging over 8000 meters

Leading to the third highest mountain in the world, Kanchenjunga Expedition is an absolute sensation that takes you to the extraordinary elevation of 8,586 meters. Kanchenjunga Expedition in Nepal is one of such extreme adventures made only for passionate and dedicated mountaineers who are deeply willing to reach the top.

Similarly, securing the status of the fourth highest mountain in the world, Lhotse stands gracefully at the height of 8,516 meters giving rise to the amazing Lhotse Expedition, offering a mountaineer the best of thrills that any mountaineering adventure could provide. Lhotse Expedition in Nepal belongs to the category of the most reputed adventurers because of its supreme glory of reaching the top.

Likewise, Cho-Oyu is a delightfully stunning mountain that exists between the borders of Nepal and Tibet. Cho-Oyu stands at an elevation of 8,201 meters which it is the sixth tallest mountain in the world. There is no doubt that it is one of the most challenging mountains in the world with exceptional rewards for its successful summiteers. Lying as a neighbor to the world’s tallest peak Mt. Everest, Cho-Oyu is truly extraordinary. Summiting Cho-Oyu is absolutely the highest level of glory for mountaineers. Cho-Oyu Expedition from Tibet makes up for one marvelous journey that remains un-erased from one's memory. Cho-Oyu Expedition is one of the most extreme adventures in mountaineering but equally glorious as well.

Then we have the seventh highest mountain in the world which stands at the gorgeous height of 8,167 meters as Dhaulagiri and gives initiation to the great adventure of the Dhaulagiri Expedition. Wouldn’t it be surreal and amazing to summit the seventh tallest mountain in the whole wide world?

Likely to that, we have the Manaslu expedition which leads to the eighth-highest mountain in the world sitting at a glorious elevation of 8,163m. Existing beautifully in the Manaslu region in which one needs a ‘restricted area’ permit for conducting trekking, Manaslu truly has a unique form of gorgeous existence. Manaslu Expedition in Nepal is an extraordinary way to accomplish the greatest glory in mountaineering by applying various training and procedures while taking time to acclimatize to minimize the risk of altitude sickness. We will begin the route leading to Manaslu from the trails of the beautiful Budigandaki valley which shall lead us to beautiful destinations like the Samagaon.

Then we have one of the most challenging peaks to attain known by the very popular name of Annapurna I which exists proudly at the height of 8,092 meters. The peaks give rise to the beautiful adventure of the Annapurna Expedition which is perfectly suited to be attained in the season of spring.

As we observe other peaks ranging over 8000 meters, we observe the Shisapangmaas well which falls in the range of 8000 meters at 8,013m and is known for being one of the friendliest peaks within the category as it is attainable and approachable even with such great height. Thus, this makes the Shisapangma Expedition even more luring for mountaineers.

Expedition to peaks around and over 7000 meters

Standing at an astounding height of 7,129 meters, Mt. Baruntse offers mountaineers from all over to world the to explore the depth of its glory through the Baruntse Expedition. Having a high level of success rates despite its challenges, Baruntse Expedition in Nepal certainly lures Expedition lovers from all around the globe. Throughout the journey to the top of Baruntse, mountain lovers shall discover the beauty of valleys like Hinku. The pure beauty of Lhotse's south face standing in front of Barunste is absolutely stunning. Expedition to Baruntse is one of the best offers laid down by the region of Everest.

Similarly, Himlung is a gorgeous Mountain falling in the 7000 meters category which offers a perfectly suiting adventure known as Himlung Expedition in Nepal for those who are aiming to have such experience which shall prepare them for higher mountain expeditions. Situated at a beautiful height of 7,126 meters, Himlung is not technically challenging, however, it still remains climbed by very few mountaineers. Existing gorgeously in the Manaslu region, Himlung Expedition is indeed a unique mountain to experience climbing. The expedition limits itself all the way to the border of Tibet which shall make the whole journey even more remarkable.

Lhakpa Ri Expedition is one of the very exciting climbing adventures that is attained from the astounding Tibetan Plateau. LhakpaRi situates itself on the north face of Everest and is well known among mountaineers as a very attainable or climbable Peak in Tibet. Lhakpa Ri stands at a height of just a little over 7000 meters and is renowned for giving the best scenic view of Everest from the Tibetan Side. Lhakpa Ri Expedition from Tibet is truly one of the very unique and adventurous forms of mountain climbing that will leave you with all the right feels of mountaineering.

Ama Dablam is absolutely one of the most gorgeous mountains to ever exist. Sitting peacefully in the Everest region, Ama Dablam invites mountaineers to taste its highest glory through the incredible Ama Dablam Expedition. Climbing Ama Dablam is certain to give you a technical experience with beautiful thrills leading you all the way to the top of 6,812 meters. You can experience the surreal views of other glorious mountains like Mt. Lhotse, Mt. Everest, Mt. Makau, and many others while you are on the journey to the top of one of the most incredible mountains in the world. Ama Dablam Expedition in Nepal is truly a treat for passionate mountaineers.

Annapurna Peak Climbing amongst the spring glory

Who among the nomads can hide away their hearts when it comes to the beauty of the magical Annapurna Peaks? But Annapurna too exists differently in different seasons which must have come to notice to those passionate climbers who observe Annapurna with care all throughout the season as they wait to conduct the glorious Annapurna Peak Climbing. Spring opens up the Peaks of Annapurna in a delicate manner whether it is the trees, the wild plants or the flowers, or the beautiful wildlife of Annapurna; spring is the best of friends to the natural world in regards to the season.

If you want to climb peaks existing with a height of above 6000 meters then the Annapurna region has the right offers for you with peaks like Chulu East Climbing, the amazing Kusum Kanguru Climbing, the underestimated yet glorious Dhampus Peak Climbing, the gorgeous Chulu Far East Climbing and some other delightful ones like the Pisang Peak Climbing. The TheThorong Peak Climbing adventure is also no less than any other climbing adventure in the Annapurna region.

Conducting Langtang Peak summit in spring

Langtang is one such destination that is dearest to Mother Nature. Langtang, with its lavishing green hills and forests, is indeed focused much by the creator when it comes to natural wonders. And the best decorator of this amazing destination is none other than the Spring Season. Spring is like a festival of nature in which trees and flowers dance while the mountains smile cheerfully. Climbers should be delighted as the Langtang Himalayas open gracefully for Langtang Peaks Summit such as the Yala Peak Climbing along with LangshisaRi Peak Climbing and the stunning adventure of Baden Powell Peak Climbing as well as the gorgeous Nayakang Peak Climbing adventure in this beautiful season of spring. Langtang Expedition is truly a magical adventure during this season.

Requirements for conducting Mountain Climbing in Nepal

For conducting different types of mountain climbing or expedition or peak climbing in Nepal, we will need to be careful in managing the requirements. There needs to be a level of research on the type of mountain you are attaining and then, train as well as accumulate the experience required accordingly. You will need to maintain your fitness as well as have sound health to climb mountains in Nepal.

Likewise, you will be requiring insurance that includes emergency evacuation, trip cancellation as well as other aspects within a certain elevation limit. Regarding the info on the gears, the team of Nepal nomads shall guide you further. So, feel free to contact us at any time.


Spring is that time of the year in which nature takes its greatest art form to stun anyone that comes across it. One simply cannot underestimate this time of the year. Existence forms its meaning during this season and it is very difficult to find a dull natural element in the wilderness as long as spring keeps them company. So aren’t you excited that spring is right at the doorsteps of adventurers aiming to conduct the Nepal Expedition? We cannot recommend a season that is more perfect than this one.

Spring has brought a very calming as well as enthusiastic energy in the Mountaineering team of Nepal nomads as we know what this season means for traveling. We hope you are excited but in case you are not, get excited! The season is a festival for the Himalayan glory and all nomads from all over the world are invited to observe and enjoy nature in its most divine form. Even if you don’t believe in magic and divine glory, you will if you choose to pack your backpacks and leave for the Nepal adventure right now. We are all set to welcome and take care of you as you enjoy your exceptional journey into the wild. However, we would like to clearly mention that there are a lot of technical and glorious mountaineering expeditions in other parts of the world apart from Tibet and Nepal but our team only operates the expeditions within the boundary of Nepal and Tibet.

Sarba -In mountain's embrace , my soul finds its grace

Sarba -In mountain's embrace , my soul finds its grace

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