Foreigners are welcome to travel to Tibet

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  • Last Updated on Aug 21, 2023

Tibet Tourism Bureau officially opened Tibet tourism activities to all foreign tourists on April 7, regardless of whether they are coming from abroad or already living in China. Tourists are required to obtain Tibet travel permits in order to visit Tibet. The mystic land is now ready for tourism after three years of restrictions imposed by Covid 19. Tibet is best visited during the summer months of June, July, and August. So, planning a trip there will still take some time. Visas and permits are likely to take time in the initial phase because of the additional health and safety protocols. Due to the fact that tours will be conducted in small groups.

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Tourists can apply through an official travel agency like Nepal Nomad, we will handle the application on your behalf Tibet travel permits can now be processed. Kathmandu does not currently offer international flights to Lhasa but tourists can opt for other tour options, such as overland or driving tours. For those interested in arranging a private tour, Simply contact us to arrange a private or join the tour with other like-minded travelers.

What is the process for obtaining a Tibet travel permit?
Tibet travel permits can be obtained from Nepal with a valid passport copy, a vaccination card, travel insurance, and a photograph. A permit can be obtained by submitting an application to the Tibet Tourist Bureau in Lhasa. This involves receiving a scanned copy of the travel permit by email. Then, it involves applying for a visa at the Chinese Embassy in Kathmandu which will take 3 working days.

Popular Tibet Tours from Nepal
Most travelers like to visit Tibet from Nepal as the two countries share the highest peaks and less discovered Himalayan valleys. Kathmandu, a Nepal-based operator organizes Tibet tours. Lhasa and Mt Kailash in Tibet are easily accessible from Nepal. The Tibet Overland tour of Lhasa and Mt Kailash is one of the most popular Tibet tours from Nepal. 

Lhasa Namtso Lake Tour- 5 Day
This is the easiest and shortest Tibet tour one can undertake while visiting Nepal. Lhasa, the spiritual capital of Tibet is the cultural and religious center of Tibet. The 3-day tour of Lhasa gives an excellent insight into Tibetan history, culture, and landscape.

Tibet Overland Tour- 8 Day
Tibet's popular cities such as Shigatse, Gyantse, and Lhasa are visited on this 8-day overland tour following the historical trans-Himalayan trade route. The tour combines Tibetan culture and history with pristine landscapes. Throughout the plateaus dotted with turquoise lakes, you can see Mt Everest, one of the world's highest mountains.

Mt Kailash Yatra- 10 DayIt is an adventurous and remote journey undertaken by nomads or spiritual seekers to reach Mt Kailash. Buddhists, Hindus, and Jains have revered several pious mountains and lakes for centuries. Mt Kailash is a holy mountain that is accessed via a short trek and a driving tour combined.

Everest Base Camp in Tibet- 7 Day
Tibet has different considerations when it comes to reaching the Everest base camp. Located on the Tibetan Plateau, this autonomous region of China is aptly nicknamed the "roof of the world." Foreigners are not allowed to travel independently in this region. Travel agencies and local guides must be registered. A private tour is also available, so joining a group is not necessary.

Nepal Nomad is one of the Kathmandu-based travel agencies licensed by the Department of Tourism, Nepal. As a recommended Tibet travel operator since 2006, we have designed and operated tours in Tibet, Nepal, Bhutan, and India. These tours range from city tours to adventurous trekking and peak climbing. They can design private and group tours for tourists!

Sarba -In mountain's embrace , my soul finds its grace

Sarba -In mountain's embrace , my soul finds its grace

Sarba is the multifaceted leader behind Nepal Nomad, a reputable travel company with an extensive 16-year history in tour operations. As the team leader, owner, tour manager, and managing director, Sarba has spearheaded the company's growth and success. With a strong emphasis on safety and enjoyment, Nepal Nomad boasts a dedicated team comprising experienced guides, potters, and mountaineers.

The team's expertise extends to various critical areas, including first-aid, map reading, and evacuation protocols, ensuring the well-being of all travelers. Notably, the team is also adept at conversing in foreign languages, facilitating seamless communication between the office and a diverse range of travelers. Nepal Nomad stands out by offering both personalized itineraries and fixed departure options, catering to the unique preferences of our clients. For those seeking information on costs and other specifics, the friendly in-office staff is readily available to assist with inquiries. If you're looking for a travel experience that blends expertise, safety, and personalized service, Nepal Nomad is the go-to choice.

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